Lisa’s Webtools



How you see their usefulness in differentiating for student learning and communicating styles


No signup required

Simple to use

If students are not auditory learners, this tool may not be the best for them.

Need computer with audio recording capabilities.

I love this tool for having students record their own voices as a review or summary of what they read instead of writing it down.

Very useful tool for those students who have trouble writing and spelling.


There is a bank of premade videos to choose from and use.

The ability to copy and paste the link of the video into an email, webpage, or Twitter.

Can create a series of lessons for the students to work through and you can see what concepts they are or are not grasping.

If using a pre-made video it might not have the exact specifics I want in it to share with my students.

Some pre-made videos were not the highest quality and might need hold the students’ interest.

I see myself using this webtool for putting extra practice online for kids to use at home so they have something else to rely on if they get stuck.

I like how you can customize assignments for each student.  Definitely makes it easier to differentiate between your students learning abilities without each student knowing.

Scherry’s Webtools



How you see their usefulness in differentiating for student learning and communicating styles

TEDEd Lessons worth sharing

Videos are engaging

The ability to enter questions after students watch a short video is a simple and quick way to check for comprehension.

Able to use video’s others have created online or video’s that you have created.

Ability to record a time code for each question asked.

Able to search for videos for all grade levels.

If this is used in a flipped classroom style, students without internet access would not have the required information before class and other arrangements would need to be made.

Students can watch the video multiple times to assist them in answering the questions.

Higher level students and those with a passion for that particular topic would look forward to the “Dig Deeper” section which differentiates for the different types of learners in our classrooms.

Creating a question for discussion allows for collaboration between all students.


Great way to add explanations to a visual you are studying or going to study in class.

Free to use

Must sign up for an account

Can be used as a screencast using your promethean board or students can view on their own technological device.

If students don’t have enough background information, a visual may be difficult for them to understand

Further explanations may be needed.

This tool would be great to differentiate for those visual learners! I think it would be helpful to add extra information on a sheet handed out in class. We all give kids papers with additional verbal instructions. Those could be added on here and put online to view later.

I believe it would help the visual learner to understand the concept.