Resources for Nepalis to learn more about Caste-based Injustices

This is a work in progress list of resources for people interested to learn more about the history of caste-based injustices and their implications. This includes links to books that can be bought online, journal articles, opinion pieces, podcasts and videos.

If you want to be a contributor and add to the list, please email me at and I can authorize you to make changes. You can also email me the resources that you think need to be added. Feel free to post your comments on the comment section.

Videos on History of the Caste System in Nepal 


The Record

Opinion Pieces




Please contact Samata Foundation for the following books

Please contact Himal Books for the following books

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Books Available on Amazon


Additional Books on Caste in General


Journal Articles

Studies and Reports

Policy Papers

Violence Against Dalit Community in Nepal

The Case of Nabaraj BK

The Case of Angira Pasi

The Case of Ajit Mijar

The Case of Maya BK

Other Cases

COVID and Caste-based discrimination

Organizations working on rights of Dalit community

History of the Caste System, General