Burlington, New Jersey


DATE:                January 2, 2014

TIME:                7:00 PM

PLACE:        Burlington Township High School - Hopkins Building

        I.        Call to order by the Secretary

        II.        Statement of Conformance to the Open Public Meetings Act

        III.        Flag Salute

        IV.        Secretary Administers Oath to newly elected members

        V.        Roll Call

        VI.        Secretary Opens Nominations for President

        VII.        President Takes Chair

        VIII.        Open for Nominations for Vice President

        IX.        Open to the Public for comments or questions.  (Agenda items only)

X.        Superintendent’s report for Board Action



B.        STUDENTS




D.        BUSINESS

        1.        Approve the following appointments:

                a.        Legal Newspapers - Burlington County Times and The

Trenton Times;

                b.        Board Secretary - Mary Ann Bell;

c.        Custodian of Records - Mary Ann Bell;

d.        Purchasing Agent - Mary Ann Bell - Qualified Purchasing


e.        Emergency Management Coordinator - Mary Ann Bell;

f.         Hazardous Substance/Right to Know Compliance Officer

-  Mary Ann Bell;

g.        Asbestos Designated Person - Mary Ann Bell;

h.        Integrated Pest Management Officer - Mary Ann Bell;

i.        Bank Depositories - Certificates of Deposit, Sovereign

Bank, Beneficial Bank and the Bank of New York.        

j.        Bank Depositories - Bank of America and Beneficial.

                2.        Approval of the 2014 Work Sessions, Public Meetings and

Special Meetings.

3.        Re-adopt  2013-2014 Calendar.

4.        Approve Curriculum already adopted.

5.        Approve Policies already adopted.

XI.        Open to the Public for comments.

XII.        New Business

           XIII.        Executive Session - if needed.

 XV.        Adjourn Meeting

Next Board of Education Business Meeting

     January 29, 2014