Lesson One: Digital Footprints

What is your sentence?

Image by Common Sense Media


-Students and teachers can explain digital citizenship and the concept of a digital footprint.

-Students and teachers evaluate their own digital footprints. Positive, neutral, negative?

Students and teachers create a representation of what it means to be a positive digital citizen, citing specific examples.

-Students and teachers start to think about “their sentence”.

-Students and teachers begin to create positive digital footprints in and out of school.

1-Brainstorm definitions and examples of digital citizenship and digital footprints.

2-Show Digital Footprint Intro

Image source

3-How to start building your digital footprint?

Which of these are you doing? Which do you need to add or subtract to your digital life?

4-Don’t forget to THINK when posting online.


image source by TeachThouht

5-What is your sentence?    

Show this video which asks 2 simple questions.  Share yours and/or ask teachers what is their sentence.

6-Last step (please jump to this if you are running short of time)

Take a selfie w/ your class.  

Open this site.

Find your name

Post your selfie

Brainstorm ways (text or photos) in which students and teachers can improve their digital footprints

7-Exit Ticket

What is a digital footprint or digital citizenship?

Share answers with a friend before leaving Advisory.

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