Baine Bloodhoof


Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Son of Cairne and current High Chieftain of the tauren, Baine Bloodhoof did not stumble upon this prestige. It was a title that took years to achieve and much sacrifice. After his father was slain during a duel with Garrosh Hellscream, Magatha Grimtotem immediately marched on Thunder Bluff to claim the title as leader. This sent Baine into hiding until he was able to organize a counterattack and banish the matriarch once and for all, finally staking claim to his rightful place as leader of the tauren.

Jeff’s Choices



Trait- “Ish-ne-alo por-ah”

“May the days ahead be guided by the elders of long ago”

Baine is patient, calm, wise beyond his years, and looks to spill as little blood as he possibly can by looking at every possible alternative that could avoid a battle. When activated this trait, Ish-ne-alo por-ah would allow Baine to select a target in range and mark them with a debuff that shows their pre determined pathing on the mini map. (you know… that dotted line that shows up on the map when you select a location that is far away?) The marked player would not know that they were marked and this would last for a short amount of time for all of their move commands.

Mount-  Alpha Kodo

Q- “Safeguard”

Baine drops down one shoulder and takes three large steps forward at a medium pace taking only 50% damage from incoming attacks while this is active. During this motion any damage that Baine takes will feed his alt bar entitled “Protection.” The Protection meter will be what he uses for his other abilities.

W- “Inspiring Presence”

Baine blows his war horn and inspires his team members within range, causing them to be healed for a percentage of all damage they deal for the duration of this ability.

E- “Ignore Pain”

When activated Baine is able to ignore all damage that is being done to him. The amount of damage that is able to be ignored is based on how much “Protection” Baine has saved from his “Q.” When used his “Protection” bar will start to glow and all damage that is done to him will take away his “Protection” not his health. Reminder: Protection maxes out at the same amount of health Baine has.

Heroic 1- “In Need of Peace”

Baine selects an area on the battlefield that becomes a “Peace Zone” or an area that neither team can do any damage in while inside the circle. This circle would be about the size of a Chrome Slowing Sands circle. Not enough to just say that damage cannot be done in the circle… it's better to say that all players that are in the circle cannot deal damage or take damage while inside.

Heroic 2- “Makuna Hatada” 

"Without Worry"

Baine calls forth for help from the powers of the Earth Mother again with this heroic… This time when Baine selects this heroic he will have a 2 second window to click as many friendly heros in range. After this 2 second timer is complete all of the selected heroes will be swept to behind Baine in a straight line and also given the “Inspiring Presence” buff as long as they stay behind Baine. This will allow for the Baine player to soak any damage that was possibly incoming as well as possibly gain the upper hand with positioning.

Specialty Skin: Botany Baine (With a bug sprayer)

Dance: “Dancing Cow”

Kristen’s Choices

A Moo-ving Tribute


        Baine Bloodhoof




Cursings Upon You

If Baine knocks an enemy, they are marked to receive less healing for a few seconds.


        Animal Spirit

Depending on the season, Bloodhoof summons either a bear, a lion, a fox, or a caribou.



Taking his weapon and swiping it upward, the target enemy is briefly stunned and knocked away.


Bull’s Rush In

Giving the charge with his horn, all friendly Heroes nearby receive movement speed and Bloodhoof charges in a direction controlled by the player, knocking enemies out of the way. If he connects with an enemy at the end of the charge, they are briefly stunned.



Imagining the enemies’ faces are all now Garrosh, Bloodhoof sends himself into a frenzy, dealing extra damage while attacking a lot faster. This works as a cleave and any enemies that are struck in three attacks are knocked away.


The Spirit of my Ancestors

Calling out to the spirits, Bloodhoof’s deceased relatives materialize on the field of battle, one for each nearby enemy Hero. Enemies with this are considered haunted and suffer an attack damage debuff, being made passive by the spirits. The longer they are haunted, the slower they move, falling further under the effects.


        Totemic Sacrifice

Bloodhoof throws down three totems in a triangle, three totems that demand one thing - blood. Any enemy Hero caught inside will be trapped there due to spirit walls connecting the totems and subsequently drained of blood. If this kills them, Bloodhoof delivers the final blow, a la Kali Ma and the second Indiana Jones.


        Baine Freedomhoof

Donning an eagle’s costume, Baine represents all things America. His weapon is a giant sparkler, his ancestors are the founding tauren fathers, and his stuns let loose the cry of a bald eagle.


        Native American War Dance

Performed to increase the likelihood of victory.