TinkerSoc General Meeting

4th December 2013


15 Members were in attendance, quorum was achieved.

Dan introduced the meeting.

Explained the minutes from last meeting

Berni being Co-opted as Secretary

Berni was affirmed as secretary by a unanimous vote

Constitution changes

E 2.1 was changed from

E 2.1 All Full Members shall be entitled to stand for any position.


E 2.1 All Full Members and Honorary Members of TinkerSoc shall be entitled to stand for any position in the committee.

E 2.1.1 An Honorary Member is defined as an individual who is still a member of the union and has previously been a full member of TinkerSoc.

E 2.1.2 If the candidate is successful, they must become a full member of TinkerSoc for the duration of their service.

This was agreed with a vote of 14 for the motion, and 1 against

Other business

No other business was brought up.