Basic Gmail.png

Gmail: Basic

Demonstration of Learning

Gmail is ReNEW’s email app. While most of us are proficient emailers, we could all use some help managing it. Learning a few basic tricks will help you spend less time in your inbox.


  • Step 1 - Search!
  • Search for an email that has the following characteristics:
  • Hint: use the down arrow in the search box.
  • ...From a colleague (using their email address)
  • ...Includes “ReNEW” in the title
  • Note: do not send a private, personal email or an email with any student identifying information in it

  • Step 2 - Organize!
  • Create a label
  • Name it “ReNEW”
  • Change color of the label to blue
  • Assign the label to a recent email
  • Add a star to an important email in your inbox

  • Step 3 - Compose!
  • Compose an email
  • Subject: “Basic Gmail
  • To:
  • CC: your shoulder partner (if you’re doing this on your own, CC
  • Insert a Google Doc in the email (use an existing doc such as your “basic task” doc or create a blank doc)

  • Attach a file from your computer (not a Google Doc)
  • If you need a file, click here and download this Gmail guide.

  • Write “Own Your Learning!” in blue, align center, and make size “Large”
  • Optional: Add any questions you have about Google Apps thus far!
  • Send the email!

  • Step 4 - Hangouts!
  • Start a hangout with “

FINISHED?   Go to the Gmail Basic badge and click submit.