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Marine Science


Students will investigate characteristics of various populations, patterns of distribution of life in our aquatic systems, and ongoing changes occurring every day in our ecosystems.  They will discover how much our oceans and lakes affect climate, weather, and the seasons; and have the opportunity to explore the relationships among living organisms.

Iowa Core Skills and Standards

Life and Earth Sciences, including weather, cycles, populations, and ecosystems

Why It Matters

Marine science offers students an opportunity to go beyond the local grasslands ecosystem and look at connections to other communities and populations across the world.  Since three quarters of our planet is water, understanding how water affects climate and the seasons helps us to better understand world challenges.

Required Materials

Kitchen materials, measuring utensils, general school supplies will be required.

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Additional Notes

Iowa Learning Online operates on a semester model, offering enrollments for Fall, Spring, and Summer. Students must be enrolled each semester for the appropriate segment of the course they wish to take.

General Course Outline

Segment 1

Module 01

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Segment 2

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Module 07

Module 08