Franklin Academy English Department

10 Honors Selection Process

In order for a student to be considered for entrance into the 10 Honors program, he or she must achieve a score of 85 or above in the following review process.

Teacher Recommendation        10 Points

STAR                                15 Points

4-Quarter Average                35 Points

Entrance Exam Score                40 Points


Total                                100 Points

Teacher Recommendation

A teacher recommendation will automatically award the prospective Honors student a score of 10 points based on student initiative.  Student initiative is defined as the student seeking help, being motivated, participating, accepting responsibility, behaving in class, being prepared, and displaying an appropriate level of maturity.  A weakness in one of these areas will not constitute a loss of all points.


STAR reading scores will be awarded points based on the following scale.

        200 – 962                  0 Points

        963 – 1092                10 Points        

        1093 – Above                15 Points

4-Quarter Average

The prospective student’s 4-quarter average will garner points based on the following scale.

 0 – 79                  0 Points

80 – 84                20 Points

85 – 89                25 Points

90 – 95                30 Points

96 – 100        35 Points

Entrance Exam Score

In order for a prospective student to earn entrance exam points, he must complete the entrance exam.  The exam score will correlate to a point scale TBD.  Entrance exam will be embedded within the final exam.  40 points here