Agreement on Participation
in Public Charity Development Program
Whole World

This Agreement stipulates the rules for participation and establishes relationships between the participants of the program.

This Agreement is concluded in the form of joining new participants after the signing-up procedure at (hereinafter referred to as "the Website")

The Terms and Conditions of this Agreement shall be accepted by the participants in full and without any restrictions by joining the Agreement in the form it is stated at

            General Provisions

1.1.          Whole World, LLC (Primary State Registration Number: 1127847040595, TAX ID: 7841457912, registered office address: 27A, Bolshaya Konyushennaya str., 191186 Saint Petersburg), hereinafter referred to as the "the Contractor", addresses this contractual offer (Agreement) to any individual (general public), whose will is expressed either personally or through an authorized representative (Art. 182, 185 Civil Code of the Russian Federation) and who expresses willingness to use the Contractor's services (hereinafter referred to as "the Participant").

1.2.          This Agreement is the Contractor's formal offer to enter into the contractual relationship connected with participation in the Public Charity Development Program, Whole World.

1.3.          The Agreement acceptance consists in placing the mark of acceptance of the Agreement on Participation on the Contractor's website to the left of the text "I accept the Terms and Conditions of the Participation Agreement" and (or) "I agree with the website rules".

1.4.          By accepting this Agreement, the Participant guarantees that he or she is acquainted, agrees fully and unconditionally accepts all the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement in the form they are presented in the text of the Agreement.

1.5.          When accepting the Agreement, the Participant guarantees that he or she has legal rights to enter into contractual relationships with the Contractor.

1.6.          The Agreement may not be cancelled after it has been accepted by the Participant.

1.7.          The Agreement does not require seals and/or signatures of the Participant and the Contractor (hereinafter referred to as "the Parties") while retaining full legal force.

Terms and Definitions

Participant — a person who has reached the age of 18 years, agreed with the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement and joined it, and, in witness thereof, has completed the signing-up process at the Website.

Community — a group of Participants joined by common interests, opinions, goals and principles at, and a set of relations and mutual obligations between them, as described in this Agreement.

Invitation (Passing the charity relay baton) — the process of informing a person or a group of persons about an opportunity to join the Community, carried out by an active participant of the Community, that results in signing up a new participant or participants.

A mandatory condition for recognizing the Participant, who makes an invitation, as a sponsor for a newly registered participant is the usage of a personal invitation link, the rules of work and list of which can be found in the Participant's Personal Office.

A new Participant joined the Community using the Invitation from an existing Participant is considered to be its personally invited partner and is a part of its downline partnership structure (is located on the first level of its partnership structure).

Sponsor (Inviter) — the Participant by whose personal recommendation (Invitation) a new participant has been signed up. This Participant is considered to be a Sponsor (Inviter) for the newly registered Participant and is a part of its upline partnership structure (being located one level higher than the newly registered Participant).

In its turn, the Inviter of the Participant's Sponsor is the second-level Participant's Sponsor, etc.

Partnership Structure — a group of the Community Participants who have the team relationships formed in the process of joining the Community by new participants using the invitations received from the existing Participants (passing the charity relay baton).

The Partnership Structure can be upline or downline in respect of a particular Participant.

Upline Participant's Structure — a sequence of the Participants who are Inviters relative to each other in different generations. In this case, the direct Inviter of a particular Participant is considered as its Sponsor and is the first level of the upline partnership structure of this Participant.

Downline Participant's Structure — a group of Participants created as a result of joining the Community by new Participants using the personal invitation of a particular Participant, as well as the invitations from the Participants personally invited by this particular Participant (who are on the first level of its partnership structure), and using the invitations of any other Participants for which this particular Participant is an upline Sponsor of any level.

Place in the Partnership Structure is the Participant's account (Participant’s electronic identification feature) that allows him or her to receive financial aid from other Participants according to the Community rules, in amounts and on the conditions described in Cl. 5, 5.1, 5.2 of this Agreement.  The account of a new Participant will be automatically created after its registration.

Participant's Personal Account — an internal electronic code generated and assigned to the Participant who has completed the signing-up process. After assigning the personal code, the Participant, in fact, get access to services provided by the Contractor.

The personal account is a software feature used by the Community to carry out record-keeping of the Participant’s and Contractor’s mutual rights and obligations.

Personal Office - a web interface accessible with login and password that allows to manage the Participant's personal account, get statistical information and other information about the services rendered by the Contractor.

2.            Signing up for Community

In order to sign up, Participant undertakes to provide true and full information about itself according in the registration form at

The Contractor reserves the right any time to require the Participant to verify the details provided upon signing up and request the relevant supporting documents.

Participant's personal information shall be processed and stored in the conditions ensuring its confidentiality in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation, according to the rules stipulated in Annex 1 to this Agreement.

After completing the signing up process, Participant is given the status of FREE.
At this stage, Participant gets access to the settings of its profile and the Account Activation section.

3.            Account Activation

After the successful completion of the signing up process the Participant is offered to activate its account by paying the Personal Account annual maintenance fee of $5.

The Participant shall have the right to make this payment at any convenient time or do not make the payment at all. In this case, its account will not be removed after a lapse of time.

Once the Participant has paid the annual account servicing fee, the Contractor activates the Participant's account and give him or her the status of VOLUNTEER.

Any Participant having the status of VOLUNTEER shall be provided with access to all sections of the Personal Office and a personal invitation link that can be used to invite new participants.

The account shall be valid during one year from the date of the Participant’s payment for the annual maintenance fee. After the expiration of this period, the Participant will be offered to extend the account validity for another year by paying again the annual account maintenance fee. An exception is the case when the Participant makes a regular financial aid payment until the date of expiration of the account validity. In this case the account's validity shall be extended free of charge for another year of the date of the last financial aid payment.

If the Participant has not extended the validity of its account within the established time limit, its account shall be considered INACTIVE.

4.            Provision and Receiving of Financial Aid

After the successful account activation, the Participant (Volunteer) is offered to make a charitable donation and voluntarily provide financial aid in the amount and under the conditions stated in Cl. 5 of this Agreement.

After the financial aid provision, the Participant is given the status of BUSINESS (Benefactor). 

The only Participants having the status of BUSINESS can receive financial aid from other the Community’s participants.

The amounts transferred by the Participant as voluntary financial aid and charitable donations, are non-refundable.

            Rules for Financial Aid Provision

The charitable donations and financial aid payments to other the Community’s participants shall be provided annually but are not obligatory.

All financial aid payments within the Community shall be made exclusively by submitting the transaction order using a special interface in the Participant's Personal Office.

5.1.          The First Financial Aid Payment shall be made in the amount of 100 USD.

This amount shall include the following transfers:

50 USD will be sent to the International Children Charitable Fund, Whole World in the form of a charitable donation.

10 USD will be sent to the Participant who is the direct sponsor of a particular Participant.

5 USD will be sent to the sponsors on the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth level of the upline partnership structure of this particular Participant.

15 USD will be sent to the Participant who is the 7-th-level sponsor of this particular Participant.

If the Participant to whom the transfer is sent does not have the status of BUSINESS, or its Personal Account is inactive, then the amount will be sent to the Children Charitable Fund, Whole World and accounted as a charitable donation on behalf of the initial sender.

5.2           Annual Financial Aid shall also be provided in the amount of 100 USD and according to the recipient list, in the amounts and under the conditions identical to the First Financial Aid Payment (Cl. 5.1)

The deadline for the annual financial aid provision is one year after the previous financial aid provision.

If the Participant has not provided financial aid in time, its account is considered INACTIVE. In this case, the Participant shall have the right to restore the validity of the Account at any time by providing the Annual Financial Aid.

            Rights and Duties

6.1.          Rights and Duties of the Contractor

6.1.1.   The Contractor undertakes to ensure twenty-four-hour functioning of the Website and the Participants' Personal Offices, except the time of scheduled maintenance works with total duration not more than 24 hours within a month, and the transactions implementation in proper time on behalf of the Participants from their personal accounts in payment systems to the recipients’ accounts, according to the general rules set out in this Agreement.

6.1.2.   The Contractor guarantees that any transferred amount will be delivered in its entirety to the specified account in the corresponding payment system according to Cl. 4 and 5 of this Agreement.

6.1.3.   The Contractor shall have the right at any time to require the Participant to confirm that it has reached the age of 18, confirm its personal details specified during the signing up procedure, and suspend the performance of this Agreement with respect to the Participant, which has not provided such confirmation within 5 days after sending him or her the requirement (in the form of notification in the Personal Office, by e-mail and(or) sms) from the System.

6.1.4.   The Contractor shall have the right to suspend the Participant's personal account servicing in case of non-payment of the annual subscription fee or revealing violations of this Agreement by the Participant.

          Participant's Rights and Duties

6.2.1.   The Participant undertakes:

- to sign up for the Community only after it has reached the age of eighteen years;

- to provide true contact and personal details upon signing up;

- to ensure the safety of the access login and password for the personal account in the system and not to disclose them to third parties;

- not to create more than one its own Personal Account (registration) in the Community;

- not to spread slanders and other adverse opinions about the Community (its management team, participants and the whole project);

- not to misrepresent itself as an employee, owner or an authorized representative of the Contractor's company (unless it is them), any representation should be limited by the title of "Participant";

- When creating websites and promotional materials not to use the design or design elements of the official Website except the promotional materials provided by the Contractor, the list of which can be found in the participant's Personal Office.

- independently pay taxes on income resulting from participation in the Community in accordance with the tax legislation of the country of its citizenship.

7.2.2.   The Participant is strictly prohibited from:

- using SPAM in order to attract new participants to the Community;

- motivating new participants financially (paying new participants monetary rewards for signing up for the Community);

- creating affiliation chains of two and more consequent registrations.

7.2.3.   The Participant shall have the right:

- to inform other persons in order to involve them in participation in the Community;

- to create its own websites and publish the information about the Community in order to attract new participants to the Community, and use any (without limitation) Internet resources for these purposes.

- to send its feedback and comment to the Contractor in order to improve the service.

- to discontinue the participation with the community at any time.

7.3.          Rules Applicable to Blocked Accounts

In case of blocking the Participant's Personal Account due to breach of this Agreement, the following rules shall be applied to the Participant:

- the Participant is unable to login to the personal office while the personal account is blocked;

- the Participant's invitation links are inactive;

- all money transfers sent to the Participant whose Personal Account is blocked shall be accounted as "lost profit" and redirected to the account of ICCF Whole World as charitable donations on behalf of the initial sender.

7.4. Rules Applicable to Inactive Accounts

In the event that the Participant does not extended the validity of his or her account within the established time limit, the account shall be considered INACTIVE.

The following rules will be applied in respect of inactive accounts:

- The Personal Office sections, except for the ‘Profile’ and account validity extension sections will not be available for the Participant

- The Participant's invitation links will be inactive

- All personal settings for receiving transfers will be cancelled, all accounts in payment systems linked to the Whole World account will be deleted

- All money transfers sent to the Participant whose Personal Account is inactive shall be accounted as "lost profit" and redirected to the account of ICCF Whole World as charitable donations on behalf of the initial sender

- The Participant agrees that if the account validity is not restored by him/her within 30 days from the moment of its expiration, the balance of funds kept on his/her account and not claimed by him/her until that moment will be completely written off in favour of the Contractor as a charitable donation on behalf of the Participant.

            Usage of Participants' Personal Data

8.1.          The Participant agrees that the specified personal details (login, first name, surname, country, city, phone number, e-mail address, Skype, accounts in social networks and other) will be accessible to other participants of the Community, and that the Contractor has the right to openly demonstrate any participants’ transfers, as well as the total amount of the Participants' income and the amount of funds they raised for charity purposes.

8.2.          The Contractor shall have the right to inform Participants using the specified contact details (e-mail newsletters, sms-newsletters, communication via Skype, telephone, accounts in social networks).

8.3.          The Contractor shall have the right to post the Participant's review at the Website including its name and surname, city and photo after submitting of such review to the Community.

            Contractor’s Responsibility

The Contractor shall be exclusively liable for the proper functioning of the Personal Office, exact execution of the Participants’ orders to make money transfers to the accounts of other participants according to the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, and quality of additionally provided services in compliance with the rules of a particular service provision.

The Contractor shall not be liable for any malfunction or restrictions on the payment services used to send money to the participants’ personal accounts.

          Participants’ Responsibility for Fraudulent Activities

In the case of revealing any fraudulent activities of the Participant (attempts to make fraudulent transactions with payment systems, fraudulent receiving of money transfers from users, attempts to hack the Participants' personal offices and (or) theft of passwords), the Contractor shall have the right to block access to the breaker's personal office and to discontinue servicing of its personal account.


The Contractor shall be relieved from liability for partial or complete failure to fulfill the obligations under this Agreement if it is caused by force majeure circumstances, namely: fire, earthquake, flood, embargo on exports or imports, sanctions of government and (or) administrative authorities at different levels, introduction of new legislation, malicious attacks on the Website etc., if these circumstances have directly affected the fulfilment of provisions of this Agreement.

          Rights to Amend this Agreement

The Contractor reserves the right to make changes and amendments to this Agreement unilaterally and shall be obliged to inform the Participants about them by posting the relevant information at the Website.

In case of disagreement with the changes, the Participant shall have the right to refuse execution of this Agreement and stop using the service provided by the Contractor. In this case, the amounts paid earlier by the Participant as financial aid and the amounts paid for the Contractor's services will not be returned.

Any Participant has permanent open access to this Agreement at