Complaint to the European Ombudsman about Elsevier and the Open Science Monitor


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KEY ISSUE: Why Elsevier have been subcontracted by a consortium on behalf of the European Commission for the Open Science Monitor.



We, the below signed, wish to raise a formal complaint to the European Ombudsman about the recent announcement that Elsevier, a scholarly publisher and data analytics provider, has been subcontracted to monitor the future progress of Open Science in Europe. We became aware of Elsevier’s involvement in this on March 12, 2018, when information about the Open Science Monitor was first publicised, and then again on May 30, 2018 when further details were released, including the first version of the monitor and the underlying methodologies. The original tender award notification can be found here (PDF).

The reason we are pursuing this route is due to the fact that the opportunity to raise a formal appeal was denied to us. In the tender award statement, it states that “Within 2 months of the notification of the award decision you may lodge an appeal to the body referred to in VI.4.1.”, which is the General Court in Luxembourg. The notification of the award was on January 11, 2018, and it was exactly 2 months and 1 day [a]later when the role of Elsevier as subcontracted was first publicly disclosed. Due to this timing, we were unable to lodge an appeal.

Elsevier is the single subcontractor for a consortium consisting of the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), The Lisbon Council for Economic Competitiveness and Social Renewal, and the ESADE Business & Law School. The contract was awarded to this consortium, with the consortium in charge of subcontracting part of the work and deciding who it should be awarded to. The proportion of the work to be subcontracted is estimated at 10% in the tender award notification. However, it also remains unclear whether the identity of the subcontractor played a role in the tender process, or whether the subcontractor was chosen after the contract was awarded.

The core aspects of this complaint

As such, we see a number of critical administrative issues with the process of the subcontract award that will have a detrimental impact on the future of Open Science and innovation in Europe, the livelihoods of European citizens, and the legitimacy of the European Commission (EC) as an institute.

These can be broadly separated into two main issues. First, there appears to have been a lack of sufficient care and transparency with the process of the contracting procedure. Second, and as a consequence of this, Elsevier are now in a position where they will be monitoring and evaluating the very same science communication (e.g., products, licenses, database access) that they, and their competitors, sell as their primary products, which amounts to a clear conflict of interest (COI). Furthermore, the metrics and data sources identified to be used in the evaluation are overwhelmingly biased towards those owned and operated by Elsevier, which creates an inherent bias and additional COI, to the exclusivity of their competitors and other primary data sources (e.g., Web of Science, Dimensions, Crossref, DataCite, BASE, SHARE, PubMed, and other publishing-based services).

Transparency in the awarding process

There is a general lack of transparency in many elements of the decision process leading to the award. This includes specific points regarding the award of the tender to the consortium, which remain relevant in this context:

  • How did the 3 bids received for the tender score on the specific criteria that were used to select the contractor? Why is this information not required to be made public?
  • Who evaluated the suitability of each candidate? Were independent external experts involved in the evaluation process?
  • Was there a consultation process involved?
  • Why are tenderers only required to identify subcontractors whose share of the contract is above 15%?
  • Was the identity of this subcontractor made known to the EU during the tender process[b]?
  • Was a risk analysis performed as to the ramifications of the choice of subcontractor?
  • CWTS worked for many years on the development of journal indicators based on Scopus[c][d][e]. What was the nature of putative collaboration and/or business, and how did this historical relationship (as well as with, for example, The Leiden Manifesto) factor into the decision process for the Monitor?

And specific points focussing on the subcontractor itself:

  • What was the selection method for the different tools and services to be used for the Monitor? This is essential for reliability, robustness, and reproducibility of the methods, and part of standard Data Management best practices.
  • Ironically, The Leiden Manifesto specifically recommends against such non-transparent processes and exclusive data source usage.
  • How do the consortium and the EU resolve the incredibly high profit margins (~37%) of Elsevier with the intrinsic motivations behind open science, including financing and governance?
  • How is the proportion of work in this project that is allocated to the subcontractor (10%) calculated?
  • Who is accountable for the monitoring process itself, including resolution of internal disputes during the monitoring (not just the performance of the contract as a whole)?
  • It is not clear what exactly Elsevier's role is. Who is setting the goals, deciding on the metrics and variables, on the indicators, on data sources, on data cleaning protocols, on computation/analysis methods, on presentation, and on outreach and dissemination? The consortium should make clear exactly what the role of Elsevier as subcontractor is.
  • Given the EU’s emphasis on Open Science, including Open Data, why is there (apparently) no requirement to insist that the Open Science Monitor must be based upon open data, open standards, and open source tools (with appropriate licenses for re-use accessibility) as a matter of principle? For example, elements of this could follow the EC’s own Open Source Software Strategy.
  • How will the comments on the indicators (including my own and a number of the undersigned), many of which specifically also mention the bias towards Elsevier services, be handled as part of the consultation?
  • Did[f] all persons and partners within the consortium declare their potential conflicts of interest (CWTS, Lisbon Council for Economic Competitiveness and Social Renewal, and the ESADE Business & Law School)? If so, are these public?

Consequences of Elsevier as the sole subcontractor

  • The position of power for Elsevier will have an impact on the future of a fair scholarly publishing market in the EU. From a scientific perspective, selectively choosing and restricting data sources to the exclusion of others (as clearly indicated in the methods for the Monitor), is generally considered to be bad practice.
  • By using predominantly, and for many indicators almost entirely, Elsevier-based services, such as Mendeley, Scopus, and Plum Analytics, subcontracting to Elsevier creates an inherent bias in the primary data sources. The potential direction and size of these biases are unknown at the present time.
  • This is partly a function of the products (metrics) and data themselves being proprietary, and represents an irresponsible approach towards metrics usage for evaluation.
  • The metrics proposed to be used for the monitor are not acquired by an independent body, but based on Elsevier products and services, creating an inherent bias in the data sources.
  • The fact that Elsevier is a publisher offering services that monitor scholarly publishing also presents a serious COI, and does not respect current competition laws.
  • This also actively discriminates against the competitors of Elsevier, creating unfair market conditions around academic publishing in general, and Open Science evaluation and metrics.
  • It is as yet unclear whether, as Elsevier services are featured so prominently, these services will become more of a requirement (either formal or implicit) for EU researchers and research institutions to use, since this is becoming a primary assessment tool.
  • A potential consequence of this is that researcher careers become more dependent on Elsevier’s product workflows, and ultimately are ‘locked in’.
  • A further consequence of this is that many other competitive services and workflows will be discriminated against.
  • This creates a further inherent COI in having Elsevier as the sole subcontractor.
  • Whether or not Elsevier will benefit by being able to sell more of their metrics and the underlying data sources.
  • This creates another inherent, and virtually inevitable, financial COI in having Elsevier as the sole subcontractor here.
  • They are now in a position to evaluate the very same scientific products that they and their competitors sell.
  • As these data will be used to guide public policy in the EC in the future, Elsevier clearly stand to benefit from being subcontracted.
  • Will the data sources be made openly available (including explicitly open licenses) for independent inspection and analysis? Will data gathering protocols be transparent and replicable? Without this, it is unlikely that the wider Open Science community will accept any outputs from the Monitor.
  • How will the EC ensure that the closed, profit-driven practices of Elsevier match and align with the expectations of government accountability that makes the EU so successful?
  • What ‘sanity checks’ for the data will be emplaced to compensate for the risk associated with using a single data source?

Many of these questions revolve around whether the responsibility for the Monitor lies with the consortium or the EC. It should be noted that the EC and the consortium deserve some credit in their handling of this, by making the methods and data sources transparent (in that we can see what is being done), as well as for inviting feedback to improve the indicators. However, we believe that the almost complete lack of transparency in the administration and functionality of this service, as well as the process that led to Elsevier being awarded the subcontract potentially violates the fundamental rights of European citizens. Furthermore, it is discordant with the Jussieu Call for Open Science and Bibliodiversity signed by many EU institutions. It comes at an intriguing time in Europe when many university consortia are cancelling their licensing contracts with Elsevier and their kin over disputes concerning transparency, pricing, and unfair market conditions.

Related concerns

There is also a concern that Elsevier already is very present at many places where the EC is helping to shape the future of Open Science. We know that RELX[g][h][i][j], the organisation that owns Elsevier, has 6 lobbyists within the EC, 3 of which have direct access to parliamentary premises, and which have an estimated expenditure in the EC of up to half a million euros each year. RELX also have a representative for the Horizon 2020 expert group on Future of Scholarly Publishing and Scholarly Communication. RELX is also a member of the International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers (STM) dedicated to the interests of mostly legacy publishers that have 3 lobbyists within EC and a representative in the Open Science Policy Platform. These elements indicate that Elsevier has at least some control on the future of scholarly communication in the EC, and raise the possibility that they may have influenced the decision making process behind the Open Science Monitor.

A lack of dialogue between the EC and all relevant stakeholders to the Open Science Monitor will erode trust into and legitimacy of the EC, and does not follow the principles for good administration and governance for this sort of processes.

Further Reading

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Co-signed (in an independent capacity):

Please note here that many of these signatories are from beyond the EU and associated countries, demonstrating the wider concerns with the present issue, and the far-reaching geographical impact it could potentially have.

  1. Jonathan Tennant (UK)
  2. Bianca Kramer (Netherlands)
  3. Chris Hartgerink (Netherlands)
  4. Monica Gonzalez-Marquez (Germany)
  5. Sylvie Vullioud (Switzerland)
  6. Tony Ross-Hellauer (Austria)
  7. Marius Ostrowski (UK)
  8. Anson Mackay (UK)
  9. Bryan Lougheed (Ireland)
  10. Gustav Nilsonne (Sweden)
  11. Tobias Steiner (Germany)
  12. Jonathan Dugan (USA)
  13. Dorothy Bishop (UK)
  14. David Colquhoun (UK)
  15. Christiaan Monden (UK)
  16. Benjamin Dean (UK)
  17. Jon Agirre (UK)
  18. Jennifer Beamer (USA)
  19. Marin Cvitanović (UK)
  20. Michael Ward (UK)
  21. Dasapta Erwin Irawan (Indonesia)
  22. Tristan Bekinschtein (UK)
  23. Jenny Eriksson (Sweden)
  24. David Adger (UK)
  25. Jennifer Salomonsson (Sweden)
  26. Daniel Albertsson (Sweden)
  27. Julien Colomb (Germany)
  28. André Hoffmann (Switzerland)
  29. Dirk Verdicchio (Switzerland)
  30. Miguel Moreira (Switzerland)
  31. Christian Hauschke (Germany)
  32. Natalie Bireima (Switzerland )
  33. Florian Jug (Germany)
  34. Ricardo Ramiro (Portugal)
  35. André Dazy (France)
  36. Stephen Eglen (UK)
  37. Jorge Luis Saturno (Germany)
  38. Samuel Lampa (Sweden)
  39. Lluís Revilla Sancho (Spain)
  40. Michael Schiltz (Belgium)
  41. Debora Weber-Wulff (Germany)
  42. Jason Serviss (Sweden)
  43. Laurent Gatto (UK, Belgium)
  44. Rolf A. Heckemann (Sweden)
  45. Hauke Heekeren (Germany)
  46. Simon Worthington (Germany)
  47. Michael R. Crusoe (Lithuania, USA)
  48. Miguel Maravall (UK)
  49. Shalini Kurapati (Netherlands, Italy)
  50. Jean-Sebastien Caux (Canada, Netherlands)
  51. Elena Giglia (Italy)
  52. Tina Keil (Germany)
  53. Maria Chiara Pievatolo (Italy)
  54. Plinio Cabrera Casarotto (Finland, Brazil)
  55. Thorsten Rissom (UK, Germany)
  56. Dino Buzzetti (Italy)
  57. Tom Johnstone (UK, Australia)
  58. Surya Dalimunthe (Indonesia)
  59. Afrilya (Indonesia)
  60. John Mills (UK)
  61. Justine Debelius (USA, Sweden)
  62. Céline Racine (Switzerland)
  63. Rickard Hammarén (Sweden)
  64. Dan Balica (Romania)
  65. Hammid Shahrokni (Sweden)
  66. Tessa Piazzini (Italy)
  67. Bianca Gualandi (Italy)
  68. Jean-Blaise Claivaz (Switzerland)
  69. Ben Meghreblian (UK)
  70. Ahmed Ogunlaja (Nigeria)
  71. Vinodh Ilangovan (Germany)
  72. Camille Couralet (Germany)
  73. Lisa Matthias (Germany)
  74. Patricia Herterich (UK)
  75. Jessica Torr (UK)
  76. Marc Robinson-Rechavi (Switzerland)
  77. Ahmed Khalil (Germany)
  78. Daniel Lakens (The Netherlands)
  79. Malte Elson (Germany)
  80. Lisa Hehnke (Germany)
  81. Mikio Akagi (USA)
  82. Priscilla Haring (Netherlands)
  83. Lea Hildebrandt (Germany)
  84. Brendan O’Connor (UK)
  85. Julian Keil (Germany)
  86. Stefan Herzog (Germany)
  87. Manojkumar Selvaraju (India, Saudi Arabia)
  88. Lawrence Rajendran, ScienceMatters/ University of Zurich (Switzerland)
  89. Rickard Carlsson (Sweden)
  90. Boris Almonacid (Chile)
  91. Antonio Schettino (Italy/Belgium/Netherlands)
  92. Alain Souto Rémy (Brazil/France/Portugal)
  93. Sean Froudist-Walsh (Ireland/USA)
  94. Anastasia Christakou (UK/Greece)
  95. Nicolas Rougier (France)
  96. Nicholas Coles (Netherlands/US)
  97. Roberto Toro (France, Chile)
  98. Katja Heuer (Germany, France)
  99. Óscar Perea Rodríguez (Spain)
  100. Björn Jörges (Spain, Germany)
  101. Ashley Farley (USA)
  102. Mark Summers (UK)
  103. Melanie Imming (Netherlands)
  104. Francisco Wilhelm (Germany)
  105. Laura Rooney Ferris (Ireland)
  106. Eileen A. Joy (US/Netherlands)
  107. Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei (Netherlands)
  108. David M.A. Mehler (UK/Germany)
  109. Adam L. MacLean (UK/USA)
  110. Michael M. Hoffman (Canada)
  111. Alexey V. Kolesnichenko (Russia)
  112. Naveh D. Shetrit (Israel)
  113. Konstantin Stadler (Norway)
  114. Christian Gutknecht (Switzerland)
  115. Peter Moody (UK)
  116. Enrico Glerean (Finland, Italy)
  117. Patrick Smela (Germany/Austria)
  118. Fabian Dablander (Netherlands)
  119. Ricardo Hartley (Chile)
  120. Elisa Nury (France)
  121. Cameron Brick (UK)
  122. Kim Vestö (Sweden)
  123. Jane Burns (Ireland)
  124. Dermot Lynott (UK)
  125. Bryn Bellomy (USA)
  126. Vesa Vahermaa (Finland)
  127. Marshall Dozier (UK)
  128. Victor Hugo Souza (Finland, Brazil)
  129. Brooke N. Macnamara (USA)
  130. Rasmus Zetter (Finland)
  131. Luke Johnston (Denmark)
  132. Simone Sacchi (Italy, Netherlands)
  133. Leo Lahti (Finland)
  134. Vincenzo Marra (Italy)
  135. Erzsébet Tóth-Czifra (Hungary, Germany)
  136. Ance Tetere (Latvia)
  137. Michael Notter (Switzerland)
  138. Tommi Himberg (Finland)
  139. Robert Mok (UK)
  140. Andrea Hacker (Switzerland)
  141. Niamh Brennan (Ireland)
  142. Stephan Heunis (Netherlands)
  143. Robin Kok (Denmark)
  144. Barbara Fantechi (Italy)
  145. Nicolas Schuck (Germany)
  146. Egon Willighagen (Netherlands)
  147. Anna Severin (Germany, Switzerland)
  148. Margriet Groen (Netherlands)
  149. Annette Horstmann (Germany)
  150. Tim Schoof (UK)
  151. Markus Mattsson (Finland)
  152. Tuomas Eerola (UK, Finland)
  153. Alberto Antonietti (Italy)
  154. Marco Isopi (Italy)
  155. Nicola Pagani (UK)
  156. Leslie Chan (Canada)
  157. Martin Etzrodt (Germany, Switzerland)
  158. Jeroen Bosman (Netherlands)
  159. Matilde Marcolli (Canada)
  160. Nikolaus Kriegeskorte (Germany, USA)
  161. Arend Bayer (UK)
  162. Karmen Condic-Jurkic (Croatia)
  163. Sophia Crüwell (Netherlands)
  164. Asura Enkhbayar (Canada, Austria)
  165. David Hughes (Ireland)
  166. Alessandro Sarretta (Italy)
  167. Cylcia Bolibaugh (UK)
  168. Ruud Steltenpool (Netherlands)
  169. Robert Leech (UK)
  170. Saskia Bollmann (Germany, Australia)
  171. Steffen Bollmann (Germany, Australia)
  172. Amy Buckland (Canada)
  173. Purav Patel (USA)
  174. Lilian Jans-Beken (Netherlands)
  175. Maria Hakonen (Finland)
  176. Philipp Zumstein (Germany)
  177. Maria Söderholm (Finland)
  178. Mikael Laakso (Finland)
  179. Martin Modrák (Czech Republic)
  180. Alex Lancaster (United States, Australia)
  181. Kaarlo Nieminen (Finland)
  182. Roope Kaaronen (Finland)
  183. Mikhail Yuryev (Finland)
  184. Pablo Iriarte (Switzerland, Spain)
  185. Hrvoje Stojic (UK, Croatia)
  186. Gerard JP van Westen (Netherlands)
  187. Felix Schönbrodt (Germany)
  188. Katie Drax (UK)
  189. Jesper Nørgaard Kjær (Denmark)
  190. Ignasi Labastida (Catalonia)
  191. Björn Brembs (Germany)
  192. Sascha Friesike (Netherlands / Germany)
  193. Sven Ohl (Germany)
  194. Christoph Rupprecht (Japan)
  195. Paul Bürkner (Germany)
  196. Ladislas Nalborczyk (France, Belgium)
  197. Iseult Lynch (UK)
  198. Andrew Phillips (UK)
  199. Vanessa Hannesschläger (Austria)
  200. Tristram Wyatt (UK)
  201. Jan Kujala (Finland)
  202. Antreas Afantitis (CY)
  203. Marco Tullney (Germany)
  204. André Marques-Smith (UK)
  205. Alexander Morley (UK)
  206. Mark D. Robinson (Switzerland)
  207. Bastian Greshake Tzovaras (Germany/USA)
  208. Silvia Maier (Germany/Switzerland)
  209. Anne Hauswald (Austria)
  210. Christine Blume (Austria)
  211. Farid Anvari (Netherlands)
  212. Ingo Rohlfing (Germany)
  213. Tanja Gabriele Baudson (Luxembourg)
  214. Christina Riesenweber (Germany)
  215. Stan Schymanski (Luxembourg)
  216. Alberto Casado (Spain, Finland)
  217. Michel Heeremans (Netherlands, Norway)
  218. Bjørn Sætrevik (Norway)
  219. Michael Wagner (Germany)
  220. Eric Retzlaff (Germany)
  221. Valeska Stephan (Germany)
  222. Karl Kopiske (Germany)
  223. Benjamin Micklem (UK)
  224. Richard Betts (UK)
  225. Stephen Town (UK)
  226. Beatrice Cherrier (France)
  227. Anita Eerland (Netherlands)
  228. Rolf Zwaan (Netherlands)
  229. Adrian Pohl (Germany)
  230. Dan Holden (UK)
  231. Janneke Adema (UK/Netherlands)
  232. Anja Oberländer (Germany)
  233. Margo Bargheer (Germany)
  234. Anna-Lena Schubert (Germany)
  235. Claudia Chien (Germany)
  236. Jonas Kristoffer Lindeløv, (Denmark)
  237. Amy Williams (UK)
  238. Andreas Ferus  (Austria)
  239. Yseult Héjja-Brichard (France)
  240. Peer Herholz (Germany)
  241. Roman Kessler (Germany)
  242. Kathrin Ganz (Germany)
  243. Hugo Quené (Netherlands)
  244. Oliver Barnstedt (Germany)
  245. Arnaud Saint-Martin (France)
  246. Anna-Laetitia Hikl (Austria)
  247. Brice Beffara (France)
  248. Jason Bosch (South Africa/Austria)
  249. Andrej Duh (Slovenia)
  250. Jeroen Sondervan (Netherlands)
  251. Tine Kolenik (Slovenia)
  252. Dennis Eckmeier (Portugal, Germany)
  253. Julia Rohrer (Germany)
  254. Frederik Aust (Germany)
  255. Samuel Fischer (Switzerland)
  256. Konrad Förstner (Germany)
  257. Anastasios Papadiamantis (UK)
  258. Siobhán Dunne (Ireland)
  259. Daniel Keeser (Germany)
  260. Benedikt Ehinger (Germany)
  261. Eike Mark Rinke (Germany)
  262. Bruno Amable (France)
  263. Jean-François Lutz (France)
  264. Paola Masuzzo (Belgium)
  265. Daniele Marinazzo (Belgium)
  266. Denise Slenter (The Netherlands)
  267. Steffi Schulz (Germany)
  268. Christopher Jackson (UK)
  269. Carla Uribe (Spain)
  270. Cornelia Lang (Germany)
  271. Nicolas Schmelling (Germany)
  272. Paul Walk (UK)
  273. Eric DeWitt (Portugal)
  274. Etienne Gaudrain (France)
  275. Ana Margarida nunes (Portugal)
  276. Esther Mondragón (UK)
  277. Joana Serrano (Portugal, The Netherlands)
  278. Christoph Ewertowski (Germany)
  279. Fredrik Bjarman (Sweden)
  280. Pascal Christoph (Germany)
  281. Richard A. Klein (USA, France)
  282. Abeba Birhane (Ireland, Ethiopia)  
  283. Hubertus Kohle (Germany)
  284. Nicolas Sartori (Switzerland)
  285. Patrick Hochstenbach (Belgium)
  286. Yasemin Turkyilmaz-van der Velden (Turkey, Netherlands)Cathrine Fjeldstad (Norway)
  287. Gwen Franck (Belgium)
  288. Emma A Harris (UK, Germany)
  289. Joonas Iivanainen (Finland)
  290. Ricardo Neto Silva (Portugal)
  291. Yohana Lévêque (France)
  292. Fabian Steeg (Germany)
  293. Daniel Münch (Portugal, Germany)
  294. Nicolas Grimault (France)
  295. Cléo Chassonnery-Zaïgouche (Switzerland)
  296. Arran Reader (Sweden/UK)
  297. Ray Becker (Germany)
  298. Soraia Martins (Portugal, Germany)
  299. Marek McGann (Ireland)
  300. Severin Berger (Portugal)
  301. Javier Arias (Spain, UK)
  302. Christel de Bruijn (UK, Netherlands)
  303. Saul Albert (USA, UK)
  304. Joost Dessing (UK)
  305. Irene Argudo (Spain, Portugal)
  306. Mirjam Heinemans (Portugal, Netherlands)
  307. Olivia Guest (UK)
  308. Deniz Başkent (Netherlands)
  309. Alfonso Renart (Portugal)
  310. Divya Selvaraju (India, Austria)
  311. Anne Scheel (Netherlands)
  312. Dean Korošak (Slovenia)
  313. Willem Frankenhuis (the Netherlands)
  314. Ian Clark (UK)
  315. Ivana Kurecic (Germany)
  316. Ruben Arslan (Germany)
  317. Anita Wagner (Netherlands)
  318. Federico Adolfi (Germany)
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  320. Onerva Korhonen (France, Finland)
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  322. Laura Rodriguez (Spain, UK)
  323. Kade Morton (Australia)
  324. Luca Turin (Greece)
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  326. Amy Orben (UK)
  327. Henri-Pierre Mottironi (France, Switzerland)
  328. Nezrin Samedova (Azerbaijan)
  329. Maciej Szul (UK, Poland)
  330. Ourania Semelidou (Greece)
  331. Martin Paul Eve (UK)
  332. Jean-Jacques Orban de Xivry (Belgium)
  333. Carlo Marzini (Germany)
  334. Peter Murray-Rust (UK)
  335. Mauricio Moreno-Zambrano (Germany)
  336. Johan Berlin (Sweden)
  337. Ignazio Ziano (Italy, Belgium)
  338. Denis O’Hora (Ireland)
  339. Martin Empting (Germany)
  340. Ingo Marquardt (Netherlands)
  341. Timur Usmanov (Estonia)
  342. Konrad Juszczyk (Poland)
  343. Vladislav Nachev (Germany, Bulgaria)
  344. Tom Olijhoek Netherlands
  345. Kate O’Neill (UK)
  346. Samuel Garcia (France)
  347. Thomas Pollet (UK)
  348. Yan Yan Beer (Germany)
  349. Lucy Barnes (UK)
  350. Ekaterina Damer (UK)
  351. Phelim Bradley (UK)
  352. Peder M. Isager (Norway, Netherlands)
  353. Erasmus K.H.J. zu Ermgassen (Belgium)
  354. Alvar Almstedt (Sweden)
  355. Sam Parsons (UK)
  356. Leon Fonville (UK)
  357. Sarahanne Field (Groningen, Netherlands)
  358. Nicolas ADAM (France)
  359. Silvana Beltran (Hungary)
  360. David K. Ngugi (Germany, Kenya)
  361. Jonas Dora (Netherlands)
  362. Basak Öztürk (Germany)
  363. Frederick Verbruggen (Belgium)
  364. Daniel Krug (Germany)
  365. Joachim Dagg (Germany)
  366. Rebecca Willén (Sweden/Indonesia)
  367. Constantinescu Nicolaie (Romania)
  368. Olga Vinnere Pettersson (Sweden)
  369. Luca Turin (Greece)
  370. Camilla Smith (Sweden)
  371. Shane Timmons (Ireland)
  372. Aurélien Allard (France)
  373. Rohan Kapitany (UK)
  374. Selina Reinhard (Germany)
  375. Robin Matthias Gierse (Germany)
  376. Simon Munzert (Germany)
  377. Louise Rumpf (Germany)
  378. Lisa Neffe (Germany)
  379. Katharina Brecht (Germany)
  380. Ingela Wahlgren (Sweden)
  381. Francisco Javier Pérez García (Spain, Belgium)
  382. Ben Farrar (UK)
  383. Caroline de Groot (UK)
  384. Marjan Slak Rupnik (Austria)
  385. Peter Königs (Germany)
  386. Yann Bugeaud (France)
  387. Aixa Morales (Spain)
  388. Milja Heikkinen (Finland, France)
  389. Joern Pezoldt (Switzerland)
  390. Johannes Werner (Germany)
  391. Marianne Gauffriau (Denmark)
  392. Kevin Lequette (France)
  393. Tom Buchanan (UK)
  394. Ester Muñiz (Spain)
  395. Dr. Roland Weller (Germany)
  396. Björn ‘t Hart (the Netherlands)
  397. Marijn Struiksma (the Netherlands)
  398. Herbert A. Weich (Germany)
  399. Jose L. Santacruz (The Netherlands)
  400. Bernhard Schubert (Austria)
  401. Nick Schubert (The Netherlands)
  402. Matteo De Felice (Netherlands)
  403. Francisco Santos (Portugal)
  404. Stefan Klein (Germany)
  405. Brynjar Smári Bjarnason (Sweden, Iceland)
  406. Emilie Hermans (Belgium)
  407. Maria Losada (Spain)
  408. Hans IJzerman (France)
  409. Torsten Günther (Sweden, Germany)
  410. Rui Borges (Austria)
  411. Marta Portela (Spain)
  412. Dr. Joachim Meier (Germany)
  413. Neda Barghi (Vienna, Austria)
  414. Alex Shkor (Minsk, Belarus)
  415. Julia Hosp (Austria)
  416. Alexander Wuttke (Mannheim)
  417. Tom Saunders (New Zealand)
  418. Christian Schlötterer (Vienna, Austria)
  419. Kathrin Otte (Vienna, Austria)
  420. Zoe Flack (UK)
  421. James Howie (Vienna, Austria)
  422. Anne-Wil Kruijt (Sweden)
  423. Eirini Christodoulaki (Vienna, Austria)
  424. Dr. Angie Jarrad (Braunschweig, Germany)
  425. Alfredo Sánchez-Tójar (Spain, Germany)
  426. Gary Evans (Aachen, Germany)
  427. Anna Hirsch (Saarbrücken, Germany)
  428. Denis Parfenov (Ireland)
  429. Fintan Nagle (UK)
  430. Gil Yardeni (Vienna, Austria)
  431. Wijnand A. P. van Tilburg (UK)


PLEASE NOTE: At 12.00 PM CEST, the present signatory list will be submitted. However, you may keep adding your name if desired to show your support.

  1. Iva Tatić (Croatia)
  2. Uli Siebenbach (Germany)
  3. Paula Clemente Vega (UK)
  4. Myriam Mertens (Belgium)
  5. Alexander Santel (Germany)
  6. Christoph Vogelbacher (Germany)
  7. Thomas Guignard (Canada, Switzerland)
  8. Jacobo Elosua (Spain)
  9. Klaus Gramann (Germany)
  10. Lauri Törmä (Austria)
  11. Emma Ward (Netherlands)  
  12. Eiko Fried (The Netherlands)
  13. Luc Boruta (France)
  14. Robert Guggenberger (Germany)
  15. Miro Pusnik (Slovenia)
  16. Pranesh Bhargava (India)
  17. Mark Dingemanse (Netherlands)
  18. Melina Kerou (Austria)
  19. Govind Nair (Austria)
  20. Dag Ahren
  21. Francisco F. Esteves (Portugal)
  22. Susanne Sattler (UK)
  23. Raimo Franke (Braunschweig, Germany)
  24. Thapasya Vijayan ( Austria)
  25. Benjamin Haibe-Kains (Canada)
  26. Werner Tegge (Braunschweig, Germany)
  27. Stephan Nebe (Germany)
  28. Irene Wagner-Döbler (Germany)
  29. Olivier  Crouzet (France)
  30. Inge Van NieuwerbIgor Grekov (Germany)
  31. Jorge Ramirez-Franco (Spain, France)
  32. Sanjay Narayanaswamy (India)
  33. Luiza Bengtsson (Sweden, Germany, Poland)
  34. M. Zeeshan Chaudhry (Germany)
  35. M.E. Archila (The Netherlands)
  36. Demmy Verbeke (Belgium)
  37. Raoul Huys (France)
  38. Ian Hussey (Belgium)
  39. Sandra Laurentino (Germany)
  40. Viljem Leban (Slovenia)
  41. Carina Schmühl (Germany)
  42. Tiago Quendera (Portugal)
  43. Lenandlar Singh (Guyana)
  44. George Macgregor (UK)
  45. Kelly Garner (Australia)
  46. Christopher Nolan (Australia)
  47. Priya Silverstein (UK)
  48. Silke Wenzel (Germany)
  49. Sean Hughes (Belgium)
  50. Adriana Ruiz (Germany)
  51. Ljerka Ostojic (UK)
  52. Gérard Krause (Germany)
  53. Graham Steel (UK)
  54. Thomas Wallis (Germany)
  55. Heleen Slagter (the Netherlands)
  56. Aurore Menegaux  (Germany)
  57. Tahsin Özdemir (Germany)
  58. Josipa Alilovic (The Netherlands)
  59. Lucia Sohmen (Germany)
  60. Sanjana Singh (Germany)
  61. Renato Alves (Germany)
  62. Aoife Cartwright (Ireland)
  63. Ambra Villani (Germany)
  64. Tilmann Sander-Thömmes (Germany)
  65. Silvia Savazzi (Italy)
  66. Kevin Haubrich (Germany)
  67. Rajwinder Singh (India, Germany)
  68. Tom Boissonnet (Italy)
  69. Martine Ballinger (UK, Germany)
  70. Anthony Leroy (Belgium)
  71. Luca Marnetto (Italy)
  72. Daniel Borek (Poland, Belgium)
  73. Claire Burny (Vienna, Austria)
  74. Fabian Merkel (Germany)
  75. Michaela Voigt (Germany)
  76. Alexa Morcom (UK)
  77. David Puga (Germany)
  78. Kevin Becker (Germany)
  79. Fabio Parente (UK)
  80. Tatjana Intihar (Slovenia)
  81. Philippe Joly (Germany)
  82. Nele  Merret Hollmann (Germany)
  83. Mathias Girbig (Germany)
  84. Dimitri Kromm (Germany)
  85. Gerald Langhanke (Germany)
  86. Dr. Silvio Heider (Germany)
  87. David Benoist (France)
  88. Stefano Secchia (Italy, Germany)
  89. Veronika Saharuka (Latvia, Germany)
  90. Christina Bergmann (Netherlands)
  91. Imran Khan (Pakistan, France)
  92. Benedikt Best (Germany)
  93. Quentin Delhaye (Belgium)
  94. Anna-Sophia Leone (Ireland)
  95. Roberto Dias (Portugal/Belgium)
  96. Ilja Sligte (Netherlands)
  97. Carlos Alberto Rojas Cordova (Germany)
  98. Samantha Seah (Singapore, Germany)
  99. Marco Bocchio (France)
  100. Paul Thirion (Belgium)
  101. Brenton M. Wiernik (United States)
  102. Samuel Pazicky (Slovakia, Germany)
  103. Claudia Swart (Germany)
  104. Jakob Wirbel (Germany)
  105. Chuan-Peng Hu (Germany)
  106. Stijn Nuiten (Netherlands)
  107. Ekaterina Vinnik (Portugal)
  108. Federico Leva (Italy/Finland)
  109. Esa-Pekka Keskitalo (Finland)
  110. Katharina Klausner (Germany)
  111. Andrea Zanni (Italy)
  112. Gerhard Hacker (Germany)
  113. Niklas Johannes (Germany)
  114. Paula Vieweg (Germany)
  115. Jonas Hartmann (Germany)
  116. Bill Hooker (USA)
  117. Ricardo Vieira (Portugal)
  118. Ewald Große-Wilde (Czech Republic, Germany)
  119. Rodrigo F. Dias (Portugal)
  120. Thomas Kolbe (Austria)
  121. Jose Miguel Serra Lleti (Spain)
  122. Pedro Parraguez Ruiz (Denmark)
  123. Steffi Grimm (Germany)
  124. Cristian Consonni (Italy)
  125. Lukas Snoek (Netherlands)
  126. Amie Fairs (Netherlands)
  127. Amandine Lassalle (Netherlands)
  128. Julia Dickel (Germany)
  129. Hans Eisenbrand (Germany)
  130. Enrico Schulz (Germany)
  131. Floriane Muller (Switzerland)
  132. Ute Grimmel-Holzwarth (Germany)
  133. Ana Catarina Vidinhas de Oliveira (Portugal)
  134. Alexander Botzki (Belgium)
  135. Françoise Vandooren (Belgium)
  136. Niccolò Arecco (Italy)
  137. Amber Griffiths (UK)
  138. Klaus Schughart (Germany)
  139. Simon Ciranka (Germany)
  140. David Griffiths (UK)
  141. Andre M Chagas (UK)
  142. Silke Bellanger (Switzerland)
  143. Laura de Ruiter (UK and US)
  144. Jessica Ramos Sanchez (Mexico)
  145. Berna Devezer (US)
  146. Rose Ferreira (US)
  147. Yana Weinstein (US)
  148. Stefan Frank (Netherlands)
  149. Narayankripa Sundararajan (USA)
  150. Stefanie Haustein (Canada, Germany)
  151. Marie Enora Nedelec (France)
  152. Guillaume Combot (France)
  153. Malte Gueth (Germany)
  154. Stefan Pfattheicher (Denmark)
  155. Miguel Delgado (Portugal)
  156. Iris Zezelj (Serbia)
  157. Kobe Desender (Belgium/Germany)
  158. Naomi Penfold (UK)
  159. Johannes Fahrenfort (Netherlands)
  160. Estrid Jakobsen (Canada)
  161. Nicholas Murphy (UK/USA)
  162. Lenno Ruijters (NL)
  163. Aki Nikolaidis (US)
  164. Crystal N. Steltenpohl (USA)
  165. Christian Forster (Switzerland)
  166. Susanna Bartsch (Germany, Brazil)
  167. Annika Schiefner (Netherlands)
  168. Anne Urai (Netherlands, USA)
  169. Nele Noppe (Belgium)
  170. Paula Simões (Portugal)
  171. Guillaume Noblet (France)
  172. Ursula Arning (Germany)
  173. Balint Balazs (Germany)
  174. Johannes Breuer (Germany)
  175. Stefanie Mack (USA)
  176. Eduardo Alonso (UK)
  177. David Fernig (UK)
  178. Gaelle Letort (France)
  179. Sean Nowak (Germany)
  180. Simon D’haenens (Belgium)
  181. Amel Barich (Iceland, Morocco)
  182. Lea Maria Ferguson (Netherlands)
  183. Anna Rovira (Catalunya)
  184. Stephen Curry (UK)
  185. Antonio Fontes Pereira (Switzerland)
  186. Josie Helen Siman (Brazil)
  187. Sanghyun Baek (South Korea)
  188. Dario Sarra (Portugal)
  189. SeungHyun Choi(South Korea)
  190. Lachlan Coin (Australia)
  191. Clement Levallois (France)        
  192. Valentin Fischer (Belgium)
  193. Yasmine Shaheem (Australia)
  194. Eline Schoeters (Belgium)
  195. Julia Brehm (Germany/Switzerland)
  196. Danny Garside (UK)
  197. Yvonne Höller (Akureyri, Iceland)
  198. Daniel Rudolf (Germany)
  199. Samuel Jones (UK)
  200. Camille Maumet (France)
  201. Yancho Todorov (Bulgaria)
  202. Christian Stecker (Germany)
  203. Maja Gehre (Germany)
  204. Jakub Macošek (Czech Republic)
  205. Axel Kohler (Germany)
  206. Martin Brümmer (Germany)
  207. Leo Waaijers (Netherlands)
  208. Doris Pischedda (Italy)
  209. Silvia Schinner (Germany)
  210. Amara Graps (Latvia)
  211. Sarah Pohl (Ger
  212. Matthew Grubb (UK)
  213. Krzysztof M. Maj (Poland)
  214. Branka Milivojevic (Netherlands)
  215. Dejan Draschkow (Germany)
  216. Kamel Belhamel (Algeria)
  217. Ljiljana B. Lazarevic (Serbia)
  218. Simon Tanner (UK)
  219. Antti Rantala (Finland)
  220. Martin N. Luckner (Germany)
  221. Krzysztof Uniłowski (Poland)
  222. Manisha Bolina (UK)
  223. Saskia de Vries (Netherlands)
  224. Marta Pelizzola (Austria)
  225. Florence Boots (USA)
  226. Silvana Mangiaracina (Italy)
  227. Fabienne Moreau (Belgium)
  228. Dane Mitrev (Macedonia)
  229. Vittore Casarosa (Italy)
  230. Eleftheria Koseoglou (Greece)
  231. Fabien Bertillot (France)
  232. Christiane Holtz (Germany)
  233. Rumi Graham (Canada)
  234. Marta Hensel (Poland)
  235. Benedikt Fecher (Germany)
  236. Vilim Štih (Germany)
  237. Ana Silva (Belgium)
  238. Adriaan Sticker (Belgium)
  239. George Walkden (Germany)
  240. Syksy Räsänen (Finland)
  241. Cyril Pernet (UK)
  242. Freya Moßig (Germany)
  243. Niels Hulstaert (Belgium)
  244. Madhurjya Sankar Roy (India)
  245. Jens Olf (Germany)
  246. Federico Buccellati (Germany)
  247. Marcel Knöchelmann (Germany)
  248. Eirini Zormpa (Netherlands)
  249. Christoph Marutschke (Germany)
  250. Peter Grabitz (Germany)
  251. Anjani K. Dhrangadhariya (India)
  252. Joe Rodd (Netherlands)
  253. Jacques Gouimenou(France)
  254. Barbara von Leliwa (Germany)
  255. António Correia (Belgium)
  256. Kristin Tessmar-Raible (Austria)
  257. Willem Frankenhuis (Netherlands)
  258. Sebastian Stober (Germany)
  259. Sören Auer (Germany)
  260. Nadica Miljković (Serbia)
  261. Marko Kallio (Finland)
  262. Dan Stowell (UK)
  263. Steven Russell (UK)
  264. Vincent Lostanlen (France)
  265. Guy Leonard (UK)
  266. Francesca Di Donato (Italy)
  267. Fernanda Peset (Spain)
  268. Ana Gonçalves (Portugal)
  269. Olympia Colizoli (Netherlands)
  270. Filip Gjurcheski (Macedonia)
  271. Bernd Kulawik (Germany)
  272. Gabriel Benouville (France)
  273. Jessica Rohmann (Germany)
  274. Martine Balcaen (Canada)
  275. Maria Bach (UK)
  276. Mark Wilkinson (Spain)
  277. Nawal El Boghdady (Netherlands)
  278. Katerina Zourou (Greece)
  279. Ania Skowron (Poland)
  280. Stefanos Bolomytis (Greece)
  281. Lukas Endler (Austria)
  282. Brenda Siso-Calvo (Spain)
  283. AdaGotsoulia (Greece)
  284. Timo Lüke (Germany)
  285. Noula Makrenoglou (Greece)
  286. Théodora Nikou (Grèce) 
  287. Lena Oden (Germany)
  288. Christian Fiebach (Germany)
  289. Alexander Mike Stachniewicz (Austria)
  290. Sabine Witt (Germany) 
  291. Gwendolien Sergeant (Belgium)
  292. Miriam Al Enezy-Ulbrich (Germany)
  293. Philipp Brauner (Germany)
  294. Jos van Berkum (Netherlands) 
  295. Filodora Fragkaki (Greece)
  296. Lizette Heine (Netherlands)
  297. Luísa Warchavchik Hugerth (Sweden)
  298. Penny Labropoulou (Greece)
  299. Ana Rita Fonseca (Portugal)
  300. Johannes Jaeger (Austria)
  301. Stella Markantonatou (Greece)
  302. Sotirios Diamantopoulos (Greece)
  303. Lucas Anastasiou (UK)
  304. Dimitrios Mavroeidis (Greece)
  305. Rebecca Ludwig (Germany)
  306. Kalina Bontcheva (UK)
  307. Mark A. Greenwood (UK)
  308. Claire Nédellec (France)
  309. Remedios Melero (Spain)
  310. Dillan Saunders (UK)
  311. Rachel Leproult (Belgium)
  312. Eric Laureys (Belgium)
  313. Maria Koumarianou (Greece)
  314. Liadh Timmins (UK)
  315. Franziska Schwab (Germany)
  316. Joana Pereira (Portugal)
  317. Olaf Guercke (Germany)
  318. Nikolaos Koutras (Belgium)
  319. Federico Binda (Germany)
  320. Babis Savakis (Greece)
  321. Vassilis Kourtis (Greece)
  322. Benoit Pauwels (Belgium)
  323. Mahrya Burnett (USA)
  324. Bronwen Martin (Belgium)
  325. Federico Binda (Germany)
  326. Kenneth Yuen (Germany)
  327. Clara Ginther (Austria)
  328. Anthippi Potolia (France)
  329. Irina Sens (Germany)
  330. Michaela Schmühl (Germany)
  331. Jelle Breban (Belgium)
  332. Rita Saraiva (Portugal)
  333. Virginia Pierini (Italy)
  334. Guy Geltner (The  Netherlands)
  335. James Bartlett (UK)
  336. Tim Rocktäschel (UK)
  337. Laura Knogler (Germany)
  338. Oliver Clark (UK)
  339. Timothy Gowers (UK)
  340. Frédéric Hélein (France)
  341. Viviane Baladi (France)
  342. Cécile Armana (France)
  343. Marie-france  Vigneras (France)
  344. Tomas Persson (Sweden)
  345. Jérôme Bolte (France)
  346. René Cori (France)
  347. Daniel Juteau (France)
  348. Jacques Fejoz (France)
  349. Marialaura Vignocchi (Italy)
  350. Christophe Hache (France)
  351. Julien Marché (France)
  352. Jean-Louis Krivine (France)
  353. Antonin Guilloux (France)
  354. Matthieu Romagny (France)
  355. Gilles Courtois (France)
  356. Mariam Haspekian (France)
  357. Jean-Yves Chemin (France)
  358. Albert Burroni (France)
  359. Julien Berestycki (UK)
  360. Pierre Baudot (France)
  361. Alain Chenciner (France)
  362. Pierre Charollois (France)
  363. George Holmes (UK)
  364. Dominique Prochasson (France)
  365. Mathieu Merle (France)
  366. Alain Albouy (France)
  367. Zoe Chatzidakis (France)
  368. Fabien Vignes-Tourneret (France)
  369. Alexia Jolicoeur-Martineau (Canada)
  370. Brigitte Laude (France)
  371. Erich Pinzón-Fuchs (Colombia)
  372. François Loeser (France)
  373. Bruno Klingler (Allemagne)
  374. Martina Knoop (France)
  375. Michael Gebetsroither (Austria)
  376. Fabien Besnard (France)
  377. Frédéric Nataf (France)
  378. Michel Enock (France)
  379. Jean-Pierre Marco (France)
  380. Tommi Brander (Finland, Denmark)
  381. Julia Wolf (UK)
  382. Guillaume MAlod (France)
  383. Tom Bäckström (Finland)
  384. Artemios Vogiatzis (Austria)
  385. Susanne Suvanto (Finland)
  386. Wolfgang Steiner (France)
  387. Nicolas Bergeron (France)
  388. Delia Kesner (France)
  389. Dimitri Zvonkine (France)
  390. Albert Cohen (France)
  391. Elvijs Sarkans (Latvia)
  392. Vincent Beck (France)
  393. Annick Valibouze (France)
  394. Marco Porta (Italia)
  395. Ian Schindler (USA)
  396. Huayi Chen (France)
  397. Michel Waldschmidt (France)
  398. Penny Nymark (Finland)
  399. Thomas Rauscher (Switzerland)
  400. Paul Mercat (France)
  401. Alex Fink (UK)
  402. Michael Harris (France/US)
  403. Adrien Deloro (France)
  404. Anne Trutti (Netherlands)
  405. Bernard Teissier (France)
  406. Constantin Mytaloulis (Grèce)
  407. Anja Thiede (Finland, Germany)
  408. Serge Bauin (France)
  409. Camilla Lindelöw (Sweden)
  410. Eve Leconte (France)
  411. Pascal Bégout (France)
  412. Timothy Porter (United Kingdom)
  413. Catherine Matias (France)
  414. Peter Thul (Germany)
  415. Gianluca Della Vedova (Italy)
  416. Arnaud Durand (France)
  417. Philipp Hoess (Germany)
  418. Mathieu Blom
  419. Frédéric Le Roux (France)
  420. Heliana Teixeira (Portugal)
  421. Heinrich C. Kuhn (Germany)
  422. Maris Ozols (Netherlands)
  423. Gilles Christol (France)
  424. François Jouve (France)
  425. Lars Dalby (Denmark)
  426. Yvan Martel (France)
  427. Damien Gayet (France)
  428. John Guaschi (France)
  429. Christos Konaxis (Greece)
  430. Bruno Torrésani (France)
  431. Amélie Bret (France)
  432. Julien Cassaigne (France)
  433. Benoît Kloeckner (France)
  434. Massimo Grassi (Italy)
  435. Lionel Nguyen Van Thé (France)
  436. Thierry Horsin (France)
  437. Tony Lelièvre (France)
  438. Victor Magron (France)
  439. Jean-David Benamou (France)
  440. Pierre Saramito (France)
  441. Antonio Falcó (Spain)
  442. Guillaume Garrigos (France)
  443. Bastien Mallein (France)
  444. Vincent Calvez (France)
  445. Rémi Carles (France)
  446. Raphaël Roux (France)
  447. Bernard Rousselet (France)
  448. Amic Frouvelle (France)
  449. Thomas Rey (France)
  450. Emmanuel Franck (France)
  451. Pierre Gabriel (France)
  452. Lisl Weynans (France)
  453. Emilie Miranda (France)
  454. Eric Luçon (France)
  455. Raphaël Rigal (France)
  456. Halil Sen (France)
  457. Vincent Leclère (France)
  458. Kroum Tzanev (France)
  459. Mélanie RIGAL (France)
  460. Pierre Pansu (France)
  461. Antoine Henrot (France)
  462. Martin Campos Pinto (France)
  463. Francis Comets (France)
  464. Pierre Gruet (France)
  465. Julien Salomon (France)
  466. Clément Mouhot (UK)
  467. Cyril Imbert (France)
  468. Joseph Frédéric Bonnans (France)
  469. Pierre Arnoux (France)
  470. Marcella Bonazzoli (France)
  471. Chris Lintott (UK)
  472. Martin Rubey (Austria)
  473. Michel Kern (France)
  474. Nils Berglund (France)
  475. Rémi Cornaggia (France)
  476. Mathieu Florence (France)
  477. Antonin Chambolle (France)
  478. Sandra Cortijo (UK)
  479. Arthur Talpaert (Belgium)
  480. Laurent Mascarilla (France)
  481. Jean-Luc Bouchot (Germany, France)
  482. Thibaut Deheuvels (France)
  483. Matthias Meyer (Germany, Switzerland)
  484. Olivier Ramaré (France)
  485. Marie-Line Chabanol(France)
  486. Michael Poss (France)
  487. David Lannes (France)
  488. Bill Allombert (France)
  489. Clément Frainay (UK, France)
  490. Renaud Coulangeon (France)
  491. Julieta Galante (UK)
  492. Karim Kellay (France)
  493. Athanasios Haritos (Greece)
  494. Nicola Mazzari (Italy/France)
  495. Christine Bachoc (France)
  496. Jonathan Gordon (Belgium)
  497. Pascal Autissier (France)
  498. Marie Farge (France)
  499. Mickaël Matusinski (France)
  500. Warren Kretzschmar (Sweden)
  501. Georgia Athanasiou (Greece)
  502. Alex Ing (UK)
  503. Luc Mieussens (France)
  504. Jon Aho (US)
  505. Christian Kaier (Austria)
  506. Laurent Moret-Bailly (France)
  507. Ahmed Abbes (France)
  508. Ivo Dell’Ambrogio (France)
  509. Jean-Marc Deshouillers (France)
  510. Jean-Marc Couveignes (France)
  511. Darij Grinberg (Germany/USA)
  512. Pierre Neuvial (France)
  513. Matthias Ziegler (Germany)
  514. Thierry Horsin (pour la SMAI) France
  515. Felix Voigtlaender (Germany)
  516. Axel Flinth (Germany)
  517. Koen Hufkens (Belgium)
  518. Andrei Caragea (Germany)
  519. Tuomo Valkonen (Ecuador, Finland)
  520. Jean-Pierre Escofier (France)
  521. Gábor B. Makara (Hungary)
  522. Gjalt-Jorn Peters (the Netherlands)
  523. Jamie Farquharson (UK/USA)
  524. Matthieu Haudiquet (France)
  525. Lynn Soerensen (Germany, Netherlands)
  526. Jeremy Lefort-Besnard (France, Germany)
  527. Sabine Lengger (UK)
  528. Elisabeth Gassiat (France)
  529. Yan Pautrat (France)
  530. Andrea Philipp (Germany)
  531. Remi Leclercq (France)
  532. Alex Norman (Australia)
  533. Jack Tsonis (Australia)
  534. Tom Hirschowitz (France)
  535. Milena Pabiniak (Germany)
  536. Luc Lehéricy (France)
  537. Thomas Lehéricy (France)
  538. Thibault Lefeuvre (France)
  539. Marc Vanholsbeeck (Belgium)
  540. Katerina Lenaki (Greece)
  541. Nick Bart (Scotland)
  542. Francois  Bouchut (France)
  543. Cesar Ruben Zelaya Vargas (Peru)
  544. Amandine Véber (France)
  545. Bernadeta Dadonaite (UK)
  546. Philippe Gaucher (Paris France)
  547. Sebastiano Giorgi Scalari (Spain)
  548. Thomas Pausch (Heidelberg, Germany)
  549. Michal Parzuchowski (Poland)
  550. Susanne Hakenbeck (UK)
  551. Marino van Zelst (Netherlands)
  552. Andrej Warkentin (Germany)
  553. Maia Lesosky (South Africa)
  554. Grzegorz Chrupała (Netherlands)
  555. Timo B. Roettger (Germany)
  556. Jan Kunnas (Finland)
  557. Remi Gau (France)
  558. James L. Smith (Ireland)
  559. Saskia Windhouwer (Netherlands)
  560. Bernard Faye (France)
  561. Xenia Kobeleva (Germany)
  562. Lambert Heller (Germany)
  563. Peter Shimon (Canada)
  564. Michał Białek (Poland)
  565. Flavio Azevedo (Germany)
  566. Nicky Agate (USA)
  567. Dorota Reis (Germany)
  568. Rolf Zwaan (Netherlands)
  569. Wojciech Francuzik (Germany)
  570. Martin Wegrzyn (Germany)
  571. Stephan Bartholmei (Germany)
  572. Alain Bachelot (France)
  573. Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei (Netherlands)
  574. Odile Hologne (France)
  575. Jarek Bryk (UK)
  576. Olof Sisask (Sweden)

  1. Rasmus Bruckner (Germany)
  2. Fatiha Alabau (France)
  3. Boris Apanasov (Ireland)
  4. Laure Saint-Raymond (France)
  5. Johan Engelen (Netherlands)
  6. Matej Hruška (Slovakia)
  7. Luis Miguel Montilla (Venezuela)
  8. Philipp Birken (Sweden)
  9. Valérie Masson-Delmotte (France)
  10. Anand Appalsamy (Netherlands)
  11. Kampouraki Maria (Greece)
  12. Figen Danisman (Netherlands)
  13. Vida Dujmovic (Canada)
  14. Tomáš Jakl (France/Czech Republic)
  15. Anders Holst (Sweden)
  16. Klaas van Dijk (Netherlands)
  17. Ernesto Priego (UK)
  18. Domenico Fiormonte (Italy)
  19. Carsten Fogh Nielsen (Denmark)
  20. Harriet Earle (UK)
  21. Bérénice Gagne (France)
  22. Robin Tibor Schirrmeister (Germany)
  23. Kevin Hawkins (USA)
  24. Christopher Erdmann (USA)
  25. Olga Labazova (Russia)
  26. Nuria Rodríguez-Ortega (Spain)
  27. Nicholas Wehner (USA)
  28. Juan Pablo Alperin (Canada)
  29. Paige Mann (USA)
  30. Rémi Rampin (France)
  31. Ruth Duerr (USA)
  32. Carmel Howe (UK)
  33. Luca Papini (UK)
  34. Adrian Ho (USA)
  35. Luke Kirwan (Austria)
  36. Yoonji Kim (South Korea)
  37. Charilaos Chortis (Greece)
  38. Rupert Gatti (UK)
  39. Jibé Bohuon (France)
  40. Megan Beckett (South Africa)
  41. Mike Taylor (UK)
  42. Dirk van Gorp (Netherlands)
  43. Casandra Laskowski (USA)
  44. Gary McDowell (USA, UK, Ireland)
  45. Dominique Babini (Argentina)
  46. Christine Ollendorff (France)
  47. Paul Schultze-Motel (Germany)
  48. Akachukwu Okafor (Nigeria)
  49. Paola A. Azrilevich (Argentina)
  50. Bianca Amaro (Brazil)
  51. Jonathan Klawitter (Germany, New Zealand)
  52. Adam Wasążnik (Poland)
  53. Marijke van der Ploeg (Netherlands)
  54. Johanna Reichen (Switzerland)
  55. Sanne Both (Netherlands)
  56. Sakari Lukkarinen (Finland)
  57. Cooper Smout (Australia)
  58. Thees Spreckelsen (UK)
  59. Miguel Said Vieira (Brazil)
  60. Alberto Pascual-García (Spain, Switzerland)
  61. Alex Henderson (UK)
  62. Urša Klinc (Slovenia)
  63. Matej Zima (Slovenia)
  64. Sondre S. Arnesen (Norway)
  65. Matthieu Boisgontier (Belgium, Canada)
  66. Andrej. Bekeš (Slovenia)
  67. Astrid van Wesenbeeck (Netherlands)
  68. Ingrid Heggland (Norway)
  69. Almuth Gastinger (Norway)
  70. Jan Erik Frantsvåg (Norway)
  71. Maja Sørnes (Norway)
  72. Philipp Conzett (Norway)
  73. Anna Løken (Norway)        
  74. Per S. Refseth (Norway)
  75. Arild Skalmeraas (Norway)
  76. Stein Høydalsvik (Norway)
  77. Nadja Gmelch (Catalonia)
  78. Javiera Atenas (UK)
  79. John Kirwan (Ireland)
  80. Sam Klein (USA)

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[a]Do we know which is the legislation behind this? Is it any obligation to make public the subcontractors before the deadline? I guess that when the consortium prepared the proposal there was a breakdown of how the funding would be allocated and to whom

[b]As I said above this is critical, because then it could be intentional omission of information

[c]That is true, but CWTS' main product the Leiden Ranking (any many other of their products and reports) are based on Clarivate's (former Thomson Reuters) Web of Science:

[d]IMHO it is much more interesting why they switched from WoS in the first to Scopus in the second version of the monitor:

Our initial developments were based on the Web of Science, but for the OS Monitor the exact same method will be based on Elsevier's Scopus data.

[e]Yes, good point. They mention this in the methodology note. I'll leave this comment here for now.

[f]I would move this point above, as it concerns to the whole consortium, not only the subcontractor

[g]Available on Lobbyfacts

RELX is also affiliated to

European Publishers Council (EPC)


European Internet Foundation (EIF)

American Chamber of Commerce to the EU (Amcham EU)

Creative and Media Business Alliance (CMBA)

[h]This does not surprise me at all..

[i]Is it possible to see what sort of people they are meeting with over which matters, or does that need an FOIA request..?

[j]meetings identified on lobbyfacts comes from European Commission web pages. Every record of registered lobbyis has an icon for the meeting.

It is possible that meetings on lobbyfacts are only part of total meetings, so FOI may be still useful?