Canvas Parent Observer Account Setup Instructions

Last updated: February 2016

Canvas is Voyager’s Learning Management System (LMS). LMSs are used widely in high schools and colleges/universities around the world. Your student(s) use Canvas access course materials, submit assignments including homework, quizzes, tests, and projects, get grades back, communicate with teachers, and collaborate with their peers. As a parent, your account allows you to observe, but not participate in, the activity in your student(s) classes at Voyager High School.

Before beginning, please note

  1. Phones and tablets can be used to access Canvas, but may not work for account setup. A desktop or laptop is recommended for this process.
  2. Your student(s) should be sitting with you to complete the setup.
  3. If you have multiple students, start with one, then see the “Add additional students” section.
  4. If you desire separate accounts for each parent/guardian, then complete the entire process for each parent/guardian.

Creating your account and adding the first student

  1. Go to In the menus, click “Canvas”, then “Parent / Guardian Login”. The direct URL for parent Canvas access is You may bookmark this URL. Note that you will use this page for future logins.
  2. Click “Parent of a Canvas User? Click Here For an Account”.
  3. The signup form appears. The first two fields, “Your Name” and “Your Email” are parent information. Fill these out.
  4. The second two fields, “Child’s Username” and “Child’s Password” are your student’s normal Canvas username and password (NCEdCloud). Have him or her enter these here.
  5. Agree to the terms of use and privacy policy, then click “Start Participating”.
  6. Your account is now created and you are automatically logged into Canvas. However, account setup is not complete. To complete account setup, check your email and follow the instructions to finish setting up your account, including setting a password. The email may take several minutes to arrive.

Add additional students

  1. To observe additional students from your account, you must first check your email and follow the instructions to complete the account setup. The following steps will not work until you do so.
  2. Log into Canvas with your parent account.
  3. Click “Settings” in the upper right blue menu bar.
  4. In the left hand navigation bar, click “Observing”.
  5. You now see “Username” and “Password” fields. Have each additional student enter his or her normal Canvas username and password (NCEdCloud), then click “+Student”.