General Body Meeting


9:00PM, Benjamin Franklin Room, Houston Hall

  1. Roll Call
  2. Open Forum
  3. Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. EVP Craig Carnaroli
  2. Upcoming: OFSL, CUD
  3. Next Semester
  1. Philly 5 Meeting and Statement
  2. PSG Steering
  3. Penn Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment Focus Group
  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. Past University Council
  2. Open Forum at Next University Council
  3. Next UA Steering
  1. UA Report
  1. Member of the Week
  2. Thanksgiving Schedule
  3. Holiday Party and Gift Exchange
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  2. Secretary’s Report
  1. Airport Shuttles
  1. Academic Initiatives
  1. Project Updates
  1. Crisis Text Line at Penn Old Business
  1. Completion Report
  1. Huntsman Program Transfer
  1. Dining, Sustainability and Facilities
  1. Project Update
  1. Women’s Only Hours at the Gym Old Business
  1. Completion Report
  1. Refillable Water Stations Initiative
  1. Student Life
  1. Project Updates
  1. Student Wellness Ambassadors
  2. 360-Degree View of Rooms Old Business
  1. Discussion Papers
  1. Office of Student Disability Services Old Business
  1. Completion Reports
  1. Purell for Penn
  1. Social Justice
  1. Project Updates
  1. Even at Penn Video Series Old Business
  1. Discussion Papers
  1. Amending the University’s Religious Observance Policy Old Business
  1. External Seats
  1. PVP Advisory Board
  2. Student Financial Services Advisory Board Meeting
  3. Residential Services Advisory Board Meeting
  4. UC Academics & Committee on Academic and Related Affairs
  1. Communications


President’s Report

  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. Executive Vice President Craig Carnaroli
  1. Cabinet met with EVP Craig Carnaroli and Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs Karu Kozuma this week. We discussed off-campus housing lease deadlines, student group recruitment and membership competition, controlling tuition and other costs, and making Penn a sanctuary “city” for undocumented students. Let me know if you have questions related to any of these topics.
  1. Upcoming
  1. Cabinet is meeting with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life on Friday, 12/2.
  2. The Council of Undergraduate Deans is meeting on Wednesday, 11/30.
  1. Next semester
  1. Next semester I plan to set up meetings with the following administrative offices. Let me know if you have any suggestions.
  1. President Gutmann
  2. EVP Craig Carnaroli
  3. Provost Price and Associate Provost Beth Winkelstein
  4. VPUL Val Cade
  5. Undergraduate Admissions
  6. Chaplain’s Office
  7. Business Services
  8. DPS
  9. Penn Athletics
  10. AOD
  11. SRFS
  1. Philly 5 Meeting and Statement
  1. Jay and I went to a conference on Saturday, 11/12 for student government representatives from the “Philly 5”: Penn, La Salle, Drexel, St. Joe’s, and Temple. We discussed the recent racist and hateful events that have occurred across Philadelphia and created a joint statement of support for the city’s student community (included below). Other topics we discussed included the potential student SEPTA discount program, campus safety, university smoking policies, community engagement, and creating a formal set of Philly 5 bylaws to regulate these meetings. Penn is slated to host the Fall 2017 meeting.

                                   A Statement from Philadelphia Student Governments

We, the student representatives from Drexel University, La Salle University, Saint Joseph's University, Temple University, and the University of Pennsylvania met on Saturday, November 12, 2016 to discuss issues in wake of recent events impacting our campuses. As representatives of 50,000 undergraduate students, we are committed to values of diversity, inclusion, safety, and respect.

Regardless of what campus you are on in the city of Philadelphia, you are valued. We believe in the dignity of every person on campus and in our communities. Our student governments are there to direct you to campus resources that foster safety and inclusion.

  1. PSG Steering
  1. Riad and I met with PSG Steering on Sunday, 11/20. I asked that we create an inter-branch committee to discuss how students abroad can participate in elections for the next academic year. The committee should include members of the NEC, Class Boards, and UA, so if you are interested in participating in this please let me know. They will create a proposal for each affected branch to review.
  1. Penn Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment Focus Group
  1. Facilities and Real Estate Services is hosting a focus group to discuss shopping, dining, and entertainment options in University City. The student session will take place on Tuesday, November 29 from 5:00-6:00pm in Starbucks Under Commons. Dinner is provided. FRES wants UA members to be the group’s main participants, so if you are interested please let me know!

Vice-President’s Report

  1. Past University Council
  1. University Council took place this past Wednesday at Bodek Lounge. During the Follow Up Comments on Status Reports part of meeting, President Gutmann read a statement regarding the results of the presidential election. Representatives from PRISM, MSA, LC, APSC, UMOJA, Penn First, and College Republicans made statements on the same matter. There were administration presentations from Admissions, CAPS, and Wellness Ambassadors. Meeting minutes will be made public on the website after approval at UC Steering.
  1. Open Forum at Next University Council
  1. Every semester, the University Council holds an Open Forum annually to which all members of the University community are invited and during which any member of the University community can direct questions to the Council. Individuals who want to speak at the council must inform the Office of the University Secretary at by 5pm on Monday, November 21. Speakers' statements should be framed in terms so as to present policy issues and be directed to University Council as a body through the Moderator.
  1. Next UA Steering
  1. UA Steering will take place on November 29th in JMHH 350 at 7:30pm. We will be meeting with the Office of the Ombudsman, the office that offers an accessible and safe place to resolve differences, explore matters of concern, get information, improve communication, or generate and evaluate options. 

UA Report

  1. Member of the Week. This week’s member of the week is…
  2. Thanksgiving Schedule
  1. The UA will have committee meetings this week but no GBM next Sunday, 11/27. Enjoy Thanksgiving Break!
  1. Holiday Party and Gift Exchange
  1. The UA will have its annual holiday party and gift exchange before the GBM on 12/4. More details to come soon!

Treasurer’s Report

Secretary’s Report

  1. Airport Shuttles
  1. Airport Shuttles will be leaving this Tuesday and Wednesday so make sure you are signed up for a shift. Check the sheet to double check your shift time, and please let us know if there are any concerns.

Academic Initiatives

Project Updates

Crisis Text Line at Penn

Authored by: Eric Tepper

On Thursday, I attended a presentation  Liz Eddy, the Director of Communications and head of partnerships for CTL, to a Faculty Senate Committee. She described how CTL works, how counselors are trained, CTL data, and what CTL partnerships look like. Bill Alexander and Max King were present at the meeting as well. Penn is currently working on finalizing additional support from a company with trained counselors and has raised liability and integration concerns regarding CTL at Penn. I followed up with Liz after the meeting and we are going to explore the best options for Penn.

Completion Report

Huntsman Program Transfers

Authored by: William Kwok

Generally, students are allowed to transfer into coordinated dual-degree programs (e.g. M&T) in their freshman/sophomore year if they find out that the programs suit their interests after being accepted by Penn. However, the Huntsman program has always barred students from entry. This projects sought to open the Huntsman program to transfers. After consultation with the Huntsman Program Front desk, the Director of the Huntsman Program, and several current students in the program, it was determined that the program would remained closed because of 1) strict curriculum that includes a Study Abroad module and a language requirement 2) a very close community based in King’s Court that cannot be replicated if a student joins after his or her Freshman year. As a result, this project is closed.

Dining, Sustainability, and Facilities

Project Updates

Women’s Only Gym Hours

Authored by: Aliya Farmanali

On Wednesday, I met with Katie Gold, Assistant Director for Aquatics and Risk Management for Penn Rec, to discuss the possibility of having women-only hours a couple of times a week for a section of one of the gyms on campus, an option which some Muslim and Orthodox Jewish women have expressed interest in. Ms. Gold was initially against this idea, and by the end of our meeting, she still was not optimistic about the possibility of creating a space just for women. She emphasized that she did not want to restrict other people from using the limited space in Pottruck and said that other groups might also demand their own spaces if women’s hours were established, which would be problematic. Additionally, Ms. Gold said that if women’s hours were established, she would not have the resources to police who is allowed into the space for women during those times. She was also concerned about how this policing might affect non-cisgender individuals. However, Ms. Gold said that there might be a slight possibility that the fourth floor of Pottruck could be made into a rental space for any group on campus on weekdays from 10:30 PM to 11:30 PM. She suggested that perhaps the UA would have the resources to figure out this issue of policing or that perhaps groups would have to police this space themselves. Ms. Gold asked to be contacted before the end of this semester with more details on how the policing would work out, if this project is to have any chance of going forward.


        Completion Report

Refillable Water Stations Initiative

Authored by: Dan Hayes and Michelle Lu

We worked with Dan Garofalo, the Director of Environmental Sustainability, and John Eckman, the Director of Residential Services, to install refillable water stations in residential buildings. A few years ago they worked to put more stations in the academic buildings; when approached this year about the lack of stations in residential buildings, they asked us for a list of potential locations for addition stations. Earlier this week, they replied with a preliminary estimate for the purchase and installation of five Elkay-H2O bottle filling stations. The five locations are in Riepe (Thomas Penn), Fisher (Craig), Du Bois (Lobby), Harnwell (Lobby), and Robin (Lobby). The Elkay-H2O bottle filling stations will cost $2,000-$3,300 per unit, totaling $10,000-$16,000 for five units.

The new stations will replace the older water fountains in an effort to end plastic water bottle usage on campus and address the lack sufficient plumbing in older buildings.

Student Life

Project Updates

360-Degree View of Rooms

Authored by: Michael Krone


On November 10, Sam Shea and I spoke with Lucas Quagliata, Craig Kampes (Assistant Vice President Communications and Marketing Enrollment Management & Student Success), and Rose Thomas from Drexel University’s administration to discuss their process for going about getting 360-degree interior room views. They used a service known called 360 Panotour, which is a third-party contractor that does many real estate projects.


They also informed us of a new tool that they offer that utilizes 360-degree video (by way of a 360-degree camera mount) for other campus locations not featured on tours. I hope to bring this project back to RSAB to see if they have made progress with J2 to get the photos done, and then to Business Services to market it. They suggested talking to RAs/GAs because they might have the most nicely decorated rooms for view, but that might pose an issue because sometimes RA/GA rooms are not equipped in the same way as the freshman rooms.

Student Wellness Ambassadors

Authored by: Simon Miller and Jason Kim

Jason and I have been working on a project to allow Penn Benjamins to live in or work in the college dorms on campus, allowing easier access to students as well as expanding the reach of the mental health organization. We met with Roy Lan, the president of Penn Benjamins, on Wednesday on the suggestion of Ben Bolnick, a member of VPUL. At the meeting, we discussed an action plan of how we thought we could help the 1 year old organization expand and get a place in the Quad. We are being put in contact with the Penn Benjamins marketing team, and we hope to start a marketing campaign to increase the organization’s recognition on campus. By increasing recognition, we plan to create a strong foundation to send to House Deans in the college houses, giving the organization a much better chance of getting a room in these buildings.

Discussion Paper

Office of Student Disability Services

Authored by: Gabrielle Jackson


The Office of Student Disability Services (SDS) is a department at Penn that offers resources to students with disabilities. Most people’s connection with SDS is through the Weingarden Center. However, SDS also offers services to students with physical disabilities and temporary injuries.

I am interested in establishing a connection between the UA and SDS, because one does not currently exist, which means an important population of Penn’s physically and learning disabled community is not represented. Thus, earlier this week, I emailed an assistant director of SDS Grace Conte, asking her on what she thought of establishing such a connection. She seemed excited about the project and then passed me on to the SDS Director, Dr. Susan Shapiro. After meeting with Dr. Shapiro, we discussed getting SDS resources more public attention, and we agreed to meet again after the break to discuss more concrete objectives.

The aspect of SDS that I have been focusing on has been on accommodation for students with temporary injuries. My reasoning is twofold: The Americans with Disabilities Act does not recognize temporary injuries, like broken bones, therefore Penn is not legally obligated to provide services to people with these injuries, and these injuries are handled on a case-by-case basis. Also, since temporary injuries are usually unplanned, I feel like people who get them are rarely aware of how to determine what services Penn does have to offer in this department and become overwhelmed by the burden of having an injury.

My plan was to first, get a better idea of what SDS has to offer, because their website is pretty uninformative and to go from there, finding a way to consolidate the information I acquired and finding a way to make it more accessible to students.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you think focusing on temporary injuries, for now, is the correct route to go, or should the focus be more on Weingarten services?
  2. Have you, or any of your friends had a temporary injury, and if so what problems have you/they encountered that should get addressed?
  3. By what means should we increase SDS visibility?
  1. Infographic
  2. Media Campaign

Completion Reports

Purell for Penn

Authored by: Brian Goldstein


After observing the dining halls, I became aware that both New College House and Houston Hall did not have Purell dispensers. Given that flu season is approaching, I decided to reach out to SHAB and DAB to search for pathways to add more Purell dispensers. With help from Lawrence Perry, in the UA and DAB, I have ensured that Purell dispensers will now be added to New College House and Houston Hall. Stay healthy everyone!

Social Justice

Project Updates

“Even At Penn” Video Series

Authored by: Jordan Andrews and Natasha Menon

After meeting with interim UA advisor Rodney Robinson, we realized that a similar idea was discussed at a meeting between VPUL and cultural umbrella organizations on campus. They want to create a video series similar to the TAP modules to make incoming freshmen aware of resources on campus. Additionally, two years ago a video series was released called “My Safe Space at Penn” that highlighted the cultural houses on campus that are available to students. We discussed potentially working with VPUL and the 5B organizations to create a unique video series that is more inclusive of intersectional identities than “My Safe Space at Penn” was. Rodney is going to contact VPUL and those who worked on “My Safe Space at Penn” and get back to us with how we should proceed.

Discussion Paper

Amending the University’s Religious Observance Policy

Authored by:  Samara Wyant



Last November, the Daily Pennsylvanian published an article titled “Religious students made to choose between holidays and grades.” It highlighted the dilemma faced by many students at Penn who are forced to choose between their religious practice and their academic commitments. I have decided to look into ways that the University could better shape its religious practice policy to accommodate the needs of more students of more religions.


After talking to many students, I have found that there are a few issues with the current policy on religious observance. Most students that I consulted with said that if the academic policies were different, they would observe the holidays differently. In other words, students’ religious experience/observance is impeded by university policies. I also found that there are some professors and departments that do not comply with the current religious observance policy. For example, a computer science course held one of its exams directly after Yom Kippur ended. Other students have reported that professors who drop one exam score have said that if they must miss a test for religious purposes, that is the score that will be dropped. Other students who are willing/would prefer to miss class and make up the work on holidays have in practice not had the option due to labs or short quizzes.


These examples are only a few instances in which students have had to choose between religious observance and academics. The current policies put students who choose to celebrate religious holidays at a disadvantage, so it is time to revise the current policy to better accommodate all students. Students at a university level should not feel as though their school is impeding on their religious practices. As of right now, “no examinations may be given and no assigned work may be required” on “Christmas, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, the first two days of Passover, and Good Friday.” For the holidays of “Sukkot, the last two days of Passover, Shavuot, Shemini Atzerat and Simchat Torah, as well as Chinese New Year, the Muslim New Year, Diwali, and the Islamic holidays Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha, … alternative arrangements convenient to both students and faculty can be made at the earliest opportunity” (From the Provost’s Policy on Secular and Religious holidays). More specific guidelines must be laid out regarding these other holidays in order to protect the religious freedoms of students.


To determine what the needs of the students are, I would like to release a survey that asks the following questions:


1.        With what religion do you identify?

2.        Do you feel as if your religious practice has been negatively affected by academics? (Yes/No)

3.        Have you ever had to take a test, quiz, turn in an assignment, or complete a lab on a day in which you would otherwise not attend class due to religious practice? (Yes/No) Please specify.

4.        Do you feel as if your professors are accommodating and understanding of your religious needs?

5.        How could the university better serve the needs of your religious community, in terms of academic policies?


The UA has, in the past, tried to amend the University Policy on Secular and Religious Holidays, so the best way to move forward from here is by taking this task on in baby steps. (You can find a report on a past attempt here:


Discussion Questions:

1.     How can we change the above survey to make it more effective in determining the needs of students?

2.     How can we best inform faculty about the current policy and make it work to accommodate the students?

3.     Is there a viable course of action with this project? What is the best way to move forward and create meaningful change?

External Seats

PVP Advisory Group

Authored by: Jordan Andrews

On Wednesday, I attended the second meeting of the semester, at which the PVP Student Advisory Group discussed the Task Force that was announced by President Gutmann and Provost Price. Members voiced that the term "Task Force" is off-putting and ambiguous in its aims, if the purpose of the group is to protect victims. The desire for more input from student organizations on campus was also brought up, as some members feel that a new Task Force is unnecessary, given the many groups like MARS, PAVE, ASAP, etc. that could be redirected to work closer with each other and the University. After speaking with the Director of Sexual Violence Prevention and Education, Jessica Mertz, I received meeting notes from the first meeting, in which the group discussed PVP's semester-long goals.

Student Financial Services Advisory Board Meeting

Authored by: Michael Krone


On November 9, I sat in the SFSAB meeting for Sam, and we discussed a number of issues relating to SFS. We discussed a calendar feature that would be added to their website with a comprehensive list of registration and financial aid deadlines, and how to improve this calendar to be synced with Google calendar or iCal. We briefly touched on the Swipe Out Hunger meal swipe donation plan for the end of the semester, and clarified some inconsistencies about the meal swipe donation issue. There will be a more standardized program for high need students to receive meal vouchers over the Thanksgiving Break, and students will still have the opportunity to donate swipes to Philabundance via Swipe Out Hunger.

Residential Services Advisory Board Meeting

Authored by: Elena Hoffman, Lawrence Perry, and Maria Curry

Items discussed at this week’s RSAB meeting were the lockout key/PennCard system, air conditioning in student dorms, retention in college houses, and on-campus storage spaces for Penn residents during the school year. On the topic of the lockout key system, we discussed the new Salto system, which will completely eliminate the need for keys to unlock dorm rooms. In this new system, if a student loses their PennCard, they will be issued a temporary card to access their dorm, but no other building on campus. We debated over the fees that a student will face if this situation occurs, and it will be an item on our agenda moving forward. Additionally, we spoke about adding air conditioning to all college houses (particularly KCECH, Gregory, and DuBois), and although the logistics of actually making this a reality are very, difficult, it isn’t being written off just yet. In regards to college house retention, we spoke about making it possible for residents of high rises and college houses to keep their room for all 2-4 years, and the administrators appeared to be on board for the most part. Finally, we were informed that all Penn storage is run by an off-campus organization, and for this reason, it would be difficult to open up the possibility of storing unwanted dorm room furniture there. However, the administrators present appeared to be open-minded about the possibility of looking into making furniture storage something residents of tiny Quad dorms can take advantage of to free up space.

UC Academics & Committee on Academic and Related Affairs

Authored by: Riad Hamade and Max Grove

This Tuesday, we represented the Undergraduate Assembly at a joint UC Academics - Committee on Academic and Related Affairs. Grace Calhoun, Director of Penn Athletics, gave a presentation on the current status of her division.

Calhoun started by highlighting important facts:

First, Calhoun highlighted the challenges in funding. In the past year, the Division received $46.6M in revenue, and spent $47.7M.  The revenues include $20M from the University subvention, $10M in gifts and $7.7M from recreation. Gifts and endowment has been increasingly more important. Calhoun highlighted that Penn Athletics is going through “tight times” and that she “feels pinched”. The expenses for Div-1, insurance costs, coach salaries, tournaments are increasing. The Recreation department has had more financial difficulties, the issue being that this department is not receiving gifts.

Second, Calhoun is working with Karu, the Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs, on lifting the moratorium on sports clubs. The Division is looking to reduce expenses while painting operations and staying competitive. Penn has not been as competitive recently, and that’s a concern that Calhoun highlighted. She wants to avoid (1) lash-back from dropping programs and (2) becoming less competitive. There is a big focus on fundraising and reaching out to donors.


  1. Roll Call
  2. Open Forum
  1. Naomi-SSAP
  1. They had a sit in after the election. They are meeting with Amy Gutmann in December. Please let me know if you have any questions and I can let them know.
  1. Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. EVP Craig Carnaroli
  1. Please let me know if you have any questions. The topics are listed
  1. Taylor- Can you talk about tuition? About the Sanctuary?
  1. Eric It was brought up with Amy Gutmann as well. We are analyzing tuition and how its increasing with financial aid. We want to see whether they are increasing together and at the same rate. We are looking at how we can slow the rate of tuition growth and looking at areas we can cut costs.
  2. Sola- The EVP said he was aware of the petition regarding make Penn a sanctuary space. He said it was a very difficult issue. He does not have anything right now and he said that he would look at other Ivies.
  1. Upcoming: OFSL, CUD
  1. If you have questions about upcoming meetings please let me know
  1. Next Semester
  1. I wrote down the admins that we are meeting with next semester.
  1. Philly 5 Meeting and Statement
  1. Jay and I went to the conference. One of the things that came out was a statement, which is written on the report. This was the day after the groupme incident. You can read the statement in the report. We also talked about safety, community engagement, and septa discount. It was productive and we are set to hold the conference in Fall 2017
  1. PSG Steering
  1. Riad and I just had steering. I thought they were going to create an ad hoc committee for elections for people who are going abroad. If you are going abroad, then you will be able to run for election starting from the next academic year. The President and VP will not be allowed to run from abroad. For internal elections, we are leaning towards a no. if you have any questions, you can ask me or Allie Rubin from NEC
  1. Penn Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment Focus Group
  1. They are having a focus group regarding this. They want UA members to comprise the bulk of this group and get their input. What vendors do we want to see fill the places? That is one of the questions the group will be answering.  DSF in particular could have a lot of influence.
  1. Kat-Who is interested?
  1. Simon, elena, samra, lawrence, michelle, brian, jordan, krone, natasha, maria
  1. Elena-when would this be?
  1. November 29 from 5-6PM  
  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. Past University Council
  1. Took place 2 weeks ago. There were statement from student groups. Administrations had presentation: CAPS, Admissions, and Wellness Ambassadors. Minutes will be available online
  1. Open Forum at Next University Council
  1. It will be on November 30 and it will be an open forum meeting. Email them by tomorrow if you have anything that you want on the agenda.
  1. Krone-Do you know why it's like that?
  1. They minutes are taken and they want to be mindful of what they say.
  2. Eric- Sometimes things don't have to go through UC
  1. Next UA Steering
  1. Office of the Ombudsman will be here.
  1. UA Report
  1. Member of the Week
  1. Member of the week is Jason!!!
  1. Thanksgiving Schedule
  1. We will have our next GBM in 2 weeks, not next week. However, we will be having committee meetings this week.
  1. Holiday Party and Gift Exchange
  1. We will have our annual holiday and gift exchange before the GBM on 12/4
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  2. Secretary’s Report
  1. Airport Shuttles
  1. Jordan, Elena, Simon- Sign up for Wednesday shifts if you are signed up for Tuesday shift that is doubled. If you know you are going to be here on Wednesday, please sign up for a shift. We have sold 403 tickets so far. Please make sure you are hanging up your posters. They shifts do count for attendance so not going to them will impact attendance.
  1. Eric- When do we show up?
  1. 15 min before
  1. Samara-when can we leave our shift?
  1. As soon as the shuttle leaves
  1. Taylor- Last time, I think people were not sure who to go to? Can we make it more visible?
  1. Maybe we can have a poster. Wear UA gear.
  1. Tunmise- Where is the sign up sheet?
  1. We sent it out, there was an email
  1. Michelle- If I bought a ticket, when do I show up?
  1. We are asking people to come, please come 10-15 min before.
  2. Where will you put supplies
  1. Kat- the upper quad office
  1. Naomi- Many members of my committee did not get a poster
  1. Can you guys raise your hand
  1. Samara- I think we should have a sign as well. If you can send an reminder email out detailing everything. The last thing is that people are supposed to show up and leave early, will they mess up shift time.
  2. Tunmise- promotional sign up
  3. Lawrence- Poster sign up?
  1. On the excel sheet
  1. Maria- I will do 7 on Wednesday
  1. Yay!
  1. Nile- Attendance policy
  1. You have to do everything to get credit

  1. Academic Initiatives
  1. Project Updates
  1. Crisis Text Line at Penn Old Business
  1. Eric- It is a text based service for people to express their concerns. Trained to answer. The main reason why Penn doesn’t want to use outside company is liability and integration concerns.
  2. Jay- Do you know where CAPS is with their progress? They said last time that they were working on something.
  1. Rapline has something like that right now. Penn is partnering with clinicians from outside who will be taking calls. Hope that works out.
  1. Completion Report
  1. Huntsman Program Transfer
  1. Naomi- It is not possible with transfer into the program
  1. Dining, Sustainability and Facilities
  1. Project Update
  1. Women’s Only Hours at the Gym Old Business
  1. Aliya- Penn Rec said that there were not willing to do this because there would be too many issues. There is a section that is open on the 4th floor of Pottruck that closes early so they said that if someone wants they can reserve that space.
  1. Jay- Have you looked into our peer schools and if they have them?
  1. If Harvard still has but I am not sure
  1. Lawrence- You could look to other places like the gym in Mayer or Quad
  2. Ian- I know that students have to pay for the space so will it be free?
  1. She said that you can get the place for a specific number of times for free.
  1. Completion Report
  1. Refillable Water Stations Initiative
  1. Dan and Michelle- So I emailed Ms. Johnson for FRES. We also worked with Jon Eckman to install more stations. We noticed that there was a lack in other places like the quad. They will purchase 5 more stations. (The locations and tentative costs are in the project update) These stations will replace the old ones. It seemed as if they were already starting this process.
  1. Naomi- Have you talked to them about finishing putting them into academic buildings?
  1. I can take a look at that. They have an idea where they want them
  1. Tunmise- Is the water going to be cold?
  1. Yes
  1. Student Life
  1. Project Updates
  1. Student Wellness Ambassadors
  1. Jason and Simon- We wanted to have a more middle man. We want to expand Penn Benjamins. We reached out to the president of Penn Benjamins. We are looking to expand it. Maybe looking into the quad where most freshman are located. It would be helpful to have them located there, closer to the students. We will try to publicize as much as possible so we will try to get their name out there. We will also need the help of our UA communications team.
  1. 360-Degree View of Rooms Old Business
  1. Drexel had a really good model and Sam and I talked to people from Drexel. When is the next RSAB meeing? We are trying to get this rolled out as soon as possible.
  1. Lawrence- RSAB is the 29th after thanksgiving
  1. Discussion Papers
  1. Office of Student Disability Services Old Business (Tabled)
  1. Completion Reports
  1. Purell for Penn
  1. Brian- We got purell dispensers. They will be in Houston hall and New college house.
  1. Ian- Why not kings court?
  1. It's already there.
  1. Social Justice
  1. Project Updates
  1. Even at Penn Video Series Old Business
  1. Jordan and Natasha- They biggest issues were legality issues. Rodney said that he might try to look at current projects and get back to us. With the events in the past week, we will be looking to restructuring the project.
  1. Tunmise- He said that he is going to reach out to us right?
  1. I think he said he was going to reach out to VPUL right now.
  1. Tunmise-Who in VPUL?
  1. We will follow up this this week
  1. Discussion Papers
  1. Amending the University’s Religious Observance Policy Old Business
  1.  Samara- I either want to change the current policy or changing how the current one is enforced. There have been a lot of discussions on this and a lot of changes have been made. Its an ongoing discussion. It important to keep going with this. I would like to put out a survey. Students have not been asked before about the problems they have had. Let me know if there should be changes to the survey. Faculty have to be held to this standard. If you have had problems with classes, please submit it here.
  1. Kat- I think it's impossible to deal with it everyday. The bigger question is are professors accommodating. Maybe creating a pipeline for students facing a timeline. Many times students feel as if they have no power, maybe the Chaplain can help them out. I think it would have to be case by case basis.
  1. I think that is a really good point. Accommodations can be made. I had a midterm. Another is like cases of SAIL classes where attendance and participation counts. Another thing is that there currently is no set form that a student can fill out.
  1. Kat-Yes that is a problem with athletes as well.
  1. Ian- If you could had, maybe add “have you faced resistance what classes?” This might help you differentiate between schools
  2. Eric- I think this is a very good project.
  3. Kevin- Maybe make the first question, “do you identify with a religion?”
  4. Naomi- Have the professors know about the ramifications about religions? Maybe include an educational part that is optional and they should read
  5. Max- I don't know if the University is allowed, maybe go into common app?
  1. Maybe you can do that.
  1. Elena-
  2. Eric- Admissions sometimes shares data
  1. Kat- I got an email from the Newman center.
  1. Jay- With the educational part, you have to be very careful. I don’t its really feasible to educate professors about all the religions, so I think it would be better to urge them to be accommodating. It’s also important to keep in mind that no groups are marginalized in the process of advocating for such a policy.
  1. Yes maybe we can include other religions as well
  1. Eric-PRISM is also working with CUD to incorporate other religions?
  2. Krone-Can we take a look at problem departments?
  1. Eric- It comes up everywhere. There are some ones that are more problematic.
  1. Krone-I would try to make sure you reach out to cultural centers to get better information.

  1. External Seats
  1. PVP Advisory Board
  1. Jordan- Couple of weeks ago I went to the meeting. Before they started talking about the election, they talked about the task force. Task force is off putting as a term. New group has the potential to be not effective and get in the way of other clubs. Director said that they would be in touch. They are also trying to partner with new groups.
  1. Kat- Thank you so much for coming to this. EVP wanted me to send some representations- the details of this are still to come. It is also important to have representation of off campus groups. What does a task force imply? But for now it seems like that is what we have.
  2. Tunmise- I wanted to clarify that when they say staff tripled, it went from 1 to 3
  3. Ian- Changing the name?
  1. They felt like it would off putting to victims and wanted it to avoid victims feeling uncomfortable.
  1. Ian- A lot of time task forces do their own thing,
  1. Jay- Maybe it would be a good idea to have them work more with the student groups that are taking the lead on this issue.
  2. Eric- A lot of time these groups are doing research, and not doing things out there. We are trying to have more transparency. It is not an advisory board, but rather a research engine.
  1. Student Financial Services Advisory Board Meeting
  1. Krone- FSAB was a very brief meeting talking about a calendar that they will put up on the website with all the information. We also talked about swipe out hunger there. There is a program where students high need, students can request meal vouchers. They still want to partner with Philabundance
  1. Sam- It is some kind of boxed meals
  2. Kyle- i asked my friend about change and he said it was more of an administrative change
  3. Eric- The new First Gen center in greenfield will have a food pantry. Maybe the food will go to there.
  4. Lawrence- The swipe of hunger event was the first and it seemed to be successful. Met with admins to get a debrief
  5. Ian- what will they do with leftover meal swipes for need students? Can you ask?
  6. Sam- The event last week raised around 16k. I am still
  7. Max- For your next meeting, a lot of freshman swipe before donations. Maybe have that earlier before the donation
  1. You will have a lot of leftover swipes.
  2. Sam- It's mainly driven by swipe out hunger
  1. Residential Services Advisory Board Meeting
  1. From few weeks ago. We discussed lockout key, air conditioning, spaces during the school year. College houses now have a SALTO system, but will be implemented after winter break. We talked about the pricing of the keys. We talked about installing AC in college houses as well. Retention is DuBois- If a student is living in a place for 4 years, they can leave their stuff for 4 years. Mainly for 4 year houses. If so, then they won’t clean the floor. Some residents in the quad want to move their furniture and store it in a place. The current storage system is one that Penn endorsed- we don't own.
  1. Krone- Was the SALTO lock communicated?
  1. Yes it was. Now we have to get a new penncard, which you can get for free
  1. Tunmise- I dont know how the card works
  1. You put the pin and then the card
  1. Kyle- I think the communication about this has been poor
  1. They never stated which Penn cards had to be changed. Only the seniors have to be changed.
  1. UC Academics & Committee on Academic and Related Affairs
  1. It was all about Penn athletics. Grace Calhoun gave a presentations. People are not giving to division as much and they want to change that. She focused on the fact that cost as been increasing and the donations are not matching that. Division 1 costs are the most. The recreations dept is receiving the least gifst. They are looking to cut expenses
  1. Krone- Shoutout to Penn Football
  2. Jason- Does she collaborate with Penn Recreation? Will they get additional funding?
  1. Riad- no
  2. Kat- She is above all of them
  1. Sam S- Can the title be amended? I have had discussions with sports professors and its not a huge deal that our peers are losing money because our peers are losing too. Its been more liek 5 years since we have prob made profit
  1. Riad- she said that it is hard to compare with other schools bc 3 of the other schools have sport endowment 3x ours. Sometimes gifts go into the gernal endowment. She said that penn was the 2nd worst in terms of financials.
  1. Sam I- I want to echo Sam’s point. Only 26 D1 teams make profit. The conference tournament for basketball could be a way for profit.
  2. Kyle- I am meeting with GRace Calhousn so if you ahve any questions please let me know
  3. Eric- Provost Price also menttioned
  1. Communications