Part I      

Meeting date | time 2/15/2017 11:00 AM | Meeting location  Barcelos, Portugal

Type of meeting

 Meeting of Teachers


Lemonia Golikidou (Greece)

Fernando Carvalho (Portugal)

Panagiotis Liakeas & Nikos Thymianidis (Greece)

Rene Leiner, Kadri Kosk & Veronika Uibo (Estonia)

Birute Druckute, Donata Vaicyte-Martinkiene

& Audrius Vilkevicius (Lituania)

Juan Casquel Del Campo,

Pedro J. Hernández Navarro &

 Francisco A. Martínez Esparza  (Spain)

Tahir Taş ,  Sevtap Kösem ( Turkey)

Agenda topics

Time allotted | 10 | Agenda topic : Selection of students coming to Portugal-

Discussion :All the partners have shared the procedure of selection of students participating to Mobility.  Estonian students have been selected through a survey, Lithuanian  students through the platform that uses the school, the Turkish school has selected students that have participate in most of the activities, Spanish school has selected 2 students that have really low standard of living and the Greek school has selected students participating in sport activities.

Conclusion: All the participants agreed that regarding the aims of the Project the chance that we give to students with fewer opportunities will be a life experience.

Time allotted | 15’ | Agenda topic l Review of the Project

Discussion:  The coordinator thanked all partners for the designing of the activities and specially the Lithuanian group for the Logo contest guide that it was so successful and had motivated our students. She presents the e-book of the activities, so everyone has a look at them once again.

Conclusion. We decide that the e – book should be enriched and illustrated with photos from the implementation of each activity.

Time allotted | 15’ | Agenda topic [Topic] | Dissemination

Discussion: Lela made a flashback to our dissemination events, like posts in local press, sites, etc. She also exposed the  extra activities that her school has implemented cause of the Project regarding the 3 axes: Art, Technology and Sport. Her illusion is several activities that could be included in the frame of the Project to be grabbed. Here was when the Spanish group mentioned their “Jagger” Activity.

Conclusion:  All partners agree that the dissemination is a very important issue for the EU and all the events we will organize should be captured in photos or videos and be shared in the world.

Time allotted | 20’ | Agenda topic [Topic] | Timeline of the Activities

Discussion:  All the activities were shared in the time regarding and according per Learning Activities’ Meetings.  

Conclusion: We fixed the dates for the next meetings, such as: Istanbul, 30/10/2017-03/11/2017. Lithuania: 10-16/12/2017, but Birute must discuss it first with the School Director before we fix them. Cartagena: 09-13/04/2018. Elefsina: May 2018, the dates will be fixed later.

Time allotted | 20’ | Agenda topic [Topic] Evaluation of Activities

Discussion: Evaluation is important because will give the feedback we need to evaluate the Project and its Activities for their efficiency, according the aims of the Project.

Conclusion:  3 Evaluation Surveys will be designed: 1) For the Learning Activity in Barcelos, for students and teachers: Fernando will be responsible to design them. 2) For each of the Activities: the one that the Turkish school has designed could be used. 3) For the whole Project: Rene will be responsible to modify the one that we have already designed. The surveys will be translated in its school’s language and there are compulsory.


Meeting date | time 2/17/2017 12:00 AM | Meeting location  Barcelos

Time allotted | 10’ | Agenda topic [Topic] Mobile App and Sumo Competition

Discussion & Conclusion: The Spanish team asked us until May 2017 to have ready the 50 simple questions, regarding the 6 participating countries and the axes of our Project ( p.e: Which is the capital of ….?). The questions must have 4 multiple choices but only one correct answer. When the platform designed by the Cartagena Polytechnic be ready they will provide us with accounts and passwords so every partner will upload its questions.

Time allotted | 20’ | Agenda topic [Topic] Jagger

Discussion A very interesting proposal came from the Spanish group. The Technology Department of the Spanish school in collaboration with the PE teacher Juan has implemented during the last 2 years an innovating Project in the frame of Gamification that simulate a popular video game in a sport. This combined technology, sport, learning and fun accomplishing motivation and collaboration among students. In the Spanish week we all have the opportunity to see the game live. The Greek school seems very interesting in implement it also.

Conclusion: Tutorial videos and instructions can be delivered to all partners in order to implement Jagger to their schools.

Time allotted | 20’ | Agenda topic [Topic] Europass Mobility Certificate

Discussion All partners except Estonia decided to issue the Mobility Cerificate.

Conclusion: In Spain will be a workshop and all certificates will be issued then. The partners should until this meeting has logged in their national platform and add the participants in the mobilities and the skills gained during these.

Time allotted | 20’ | Agenda topic [Topic] Estonian week

Discussion Regarding our next Learning-Teaching Activity in Tartu Rene has explained the costs and the program of the Activities and the Workshops. All material will be provide from the host but partners should bring the characters for the shadow play. An art teacher will be preferable to join this meeting.  


As soon as possible all partners must send to Rene the names of students and teachers that travel to Tartu, so he can procced with the organisation. Also the individual data of the students.