An interview with…

Someone who prefers Twix’s over Skittles: Twix

Hey Twix!

Thanks for taking the time to do this, lets start off with the basics. Will you tell us about yourself IRL? Are you still in school? do you have a job? Location? Anything other generic information you are willing to share?

Hi! I'm Twix! I'm just your average white middle-class highschooler from New Jersey (not the shore, I don't have a Snooki accent thank god). I have a double-joined thumb so that's kinda cool I guess. I play some sports (Baseball and Basketball), and enjoy making fun of soccer and lacrosse players.

Ya us soccer players get killed :c. So what positions do you play in basketball and baseball? Are you more a high level serious player or do more for fun?

I mean, I'm 6'3, so I usually play the big man down in the paint in basketball, although I mostly play it for fun. In baseball, I usually play outfield (mostly because I hate fielding grounders), who can double as a pitcher if need be. I usually play baseball more seriously, although I'm pretty terrible at both.

Cool, what type of pitches do you usually throw? Whats your best, and can you throw knuckle balls?

I'm more of a two pitch kind of guy myself; the simple combination of 4 Seam Fastball and Change-Up is enough to fool batters. I have a pretty dirty Knuckle Ball, inherited from my father, although I rarely throw it in an actual game.

Alright then! Into Pokemon questions. How did you get into PS and why did you make monotype your home?

I don't actually recall how I got into PS!, although I do remember it had to do with the GBA emulators on the iPhone4, which got me back into the game after straying from it for a few years. Things went to other things, and eventually I found myself on PS!. I don't really remember why I got into Monotype either, I just happened to stumble upon it one day about a year ago, and started to use terrible squads until I made it to mediocre teams, such as my Granbull Fairy Trick Room. After the Mawile ban however, I took around a half a year Monotype hiatus, and only recently got back into it about a month or so ago.

What is your favorite Pokemon?

What is your favorite type?

What type do you specialize in?

My favorite Pokemon is the legend Unfezant, which actually stood out to me through the Monotype room when I used it in a Monotype PU Tour. My favorite type to use is Psychic because of the diversity that can be showcased while using it, although I've personally always had a liking to Normal-types. I specialize in Offensive Psychic teams, but lately I've been branching out into Balanced Electric and Normal.

scpinion asks what does it feel like to have NBT shut down cause some stupid tour player spammed it?

I mean, I'd prefer to stay impartial on the matter, and I'd honestly say it didn't affect me much. I was just a bit disappointed it went down that way, but what can you do?

Death on Wings asks how did you get your name?

Well, a long while back, I went by the name Ben Ohver. To cut to the chase, I ended up being banned because my name insinuated a lewd action or something, whereas a bunch of moderators stuck up for me and I got unbanned. However, the experience really stuck with me, and I decided to find a new name. I asked some of my PU buddies in the skype chat what to make it, and it ultimately came down to three choices: Unfezant, Pretzel, and Twix. Pretzel was courtesy of Dundies, and almost ended up being my new name, however after some thinking and after I changed my decision about 10 times, I finally decided on Twix, and it lives on to this day.

Stunfisk asks what is your favorite candy [^:


Do you have any favorite auth in mono?

I feel like this could really turn out bad, but I've got to pick between FreeRoamer and Dream Eater Gengar since I've probably known them the longest. Honorable mentions to scpinion, Misaka Mikoto, Bondie, and The Lord Monotyke.

If you could change literally anything about the Monotype Metagame what would it be?

If I could change anything in the Monotype metagame it would be to somehow balance the types. Ghost is pretty underused, and will be put further down the drain if Mega Sableye is banned, while Monotypes like Water and Psychic have solid matchups against a lot of types. Of course, there isn't an actual true way to balance the types, except for hoping the next generation helps out.

Whos your bae twix .3.

Snowyyy's pretty cool I guess.

Well before we end any words of wisdom or sages of advice for inspiring Monotypers?

Don't be afraid to try new things! Being original is one of the most fun things in Monotype, and can be effective if done right. Sticking to the norm can be pretty cool too, but making your own sets just makes you feel happy. On another note, the Monotype community is welcoming, and you shouldn't be afraid to pop in and become part of it. That's all I got, don't go hand to hand with a fighter noobs.