Year 0/1 Newsletter, Term 2, 2017

We welcome everyone back from their holidays. Welcome to new students and families joining our Elm Park School community this term.

 Welcome to Mrs Kiralee Morris who will be in room 5 working with Mrs Howell.

We welcome our new 5 year olds who will be working in room 0 with Mrs Kerry Tetupu.

Important dates this term: 

  • 5 May - 50th Birthday celebrations from 11am
  • 26/30 June Museum trip - you will get notices regarding the day your child’s class is visiting
  • 5 June   - Queens Birthday (no school)
  • 13 June - School Photos
  • 19 June - 7 July - Matariki Inquiry
  • 7 July last day of term with school finishing at 3pm

Introducing our Year 0/1 Teaching Team

A special welcome to Mrs Morris who will be working in room 5 this term with Mrs Howell

Year 0

Mrs Kerry Tetupu - Room 0 - kerry@elmpark.school.nz 

Year 1

Mrs Susanne Kerr - Room 1 - susanne@elmpark.school.nz 

Miss Phoebe Lee - Room 2 - phoebe@elmpark.school.nz 

Mrs Keryn Scott - Room 3 (Mon - Wed) - keryn@elmpark.school.nz 

Mrs Roseanne Worsfold - Room 3 (Thurs/Fri) - roseanne@elmpark.school.nz                                 

Miss Aimee-Rose Donnell - Room 4 - aimee-rose@elmpark.school.nz

Mrs Anna Howell - Room 5 - (Mon - Wed) - annah@elmpark.school.nz   

Mrs Kiralee Morris - Room 5 - (Wed - Fri) - kiralee@elmpark.school.nz 

Miss Shintika Lal - Room 6 - shintika@elmpark.school.nz

Deputy Principal and Team Leader is Mrs Karen Allen. In the first instance always talk to the class teacher but feel free to contact Karen on karen@elmpark.school.nz if there are questions.  

Our learning focus for this term

This term we will be learning about the following


As this is the school’s 50th Jubilee year we will be focussing on different types of celebrations from around the world, things that happen in our lives at school and at home.  We will be starting this inquiry off with a whole school celebration on Friday 5 May.  You will have received your invitation to this.  There will be other events so watch out for a fun filled term 2.


We will spend the last 2 - 3 weeks of term 2 developing an understanding of the importance of Matariki.  As part of this we will be visiting the Auckland Museum where the staff have a programme for our students to participate in.  More information will come your way.

Teachers will continue to develop your child’s Oral Language skills. Children need to be able to talk about what they know, think and are wondering Oral language is important for reading and writing. We will also be teaching them to manage themselves in a range of situations.

Your child’s e-Portfolios, which is a blog and a google site, will be updated once a term as a means of keeping you up to date with their learning. It would be fantastic if you could log on, using your parent login, and comment on what you see.  Your child’s login is glued into their homework book.                                                                                                                           See the office personnel if you are unsure of your login details.


Being prepared for the day:

We ask for your continued support in ensuring that your child has brought their book-bag with homework book and reader to school each day. It helps the children prepare for the day if they are in school before the 8.55am bell.  We suggest that your child is at school between 8.30am and 8.40am.  If you child comes to school before 8.15am you must enrol them in Kids Korner as staff are not available to supervise them until 8.15am.  During term 2 children will wait inside the classroom of the teacher on duty if they do not have parent supervision.  If you are supervising your child we ask that you are aware of where they are and what they are doing and they wait quietly outside with you.  You are welcome to go into the classroom with them.

Settling your child:

  • Have a morning routine at home and school
  • Have an after school routine so you know what your child has eaten, check for notices
  • After homework is done put it back in the bag so it is not forgotten
  • Help them be responsible for their own things - book bag, shoes lunch box etc
  • Say your goodbye’s before the bell at 8.55am


  • Regular attendance at school is imperative to your child settling and making progress.  Disrupted attendance means your child is missing out out regular teaching, they are not familiar with expectations and what has been happening in the classroom and school.  If you have decided your child is going to start school at 5 then they need to be at school.  Teachers create programmes and irregular attendance means the teacher is not able to have flow in what your child is learning.  After your child is 6 there is a legal expectation they will attend school regularly.  Any non-attendance needs to be reported to the office, this is for the safety of your child.

Waiting after school:

Your child will wait in their classroom until 3.15pm for you to pick them up unless we know they are to go to Kids Korner.  After 3.15pm they will wait under the tree by the school office.  If you have not picked them up by 3.30pm they will be sent to Kids Korner and there will be a charge for this.  We realise there are occasions when you are going to be late but you will have to have let the office know before 2.45pm to ensure your child’s teacher gets this information.  It is vital we have your up to date details if we need to call you for clarification.  Children are not permitted to wait outside the school grounds, this is a major safety issue.


Please ensure that your child is in the correct school uniform and that all items of clothing are clearly named;  jumper, hats and shoes included.  A note must be sent with your child if they are wearing non-uniform items of clothing.

Keeping in contact and up to date:

  • There are many ways to do this - always check your child’s bag and book bag for notices
  • Read the school Facebook Page
  • The school newsletter which is sent out every second school week - it is displayed on the class window/wall and can be accessed through the school website, and the Facebook page.  We do not send home paper copies of the newsletter.
  • Look on classroom windows for notices
  • If you wish to speak with the teacher please make an appointment with them so that you can have an uninterrupted and professional discussion.  Trying to talk to the teacher at 8.30am or 8.55am when the bell goes is not helpful to you or your child.
  • Please make sure the office has your up to date details.  You can pass this information onto the class teacher or email the office secretary@elmpark.school.nz 

Eating, Food and Waste Disposal

  • Children are supervised at morning tea and lunch to ensure they do eat something
  • Please make sure your child has healthy filling food - no chocolate or sweets
  • Please cut up apples, oranges or large fruit so that your child can eat this easily
  • We do not heat food
  • Children will bring home any food scraps or wrappings we are unable to recycle - we feed the worms, make compost and recycle containers and paper.  We do not take chippy wrappers or glad wrap or other wrapping that we cannot recycle

Lunch Ordering:

This can be done on Wrap it Up but must be completed by 9.00pm the night before lunch is wanted or your child can go to the lunchroom and order with cash.


This comes to the classroom once or twice a week.  If you have indicated you would like your child to have milk we offer it to them but we do not make them drink it.

Mathletics and Reading Eggs

  • Your child has access to both these programmes at home and at school.  At school the use of the programmes is part of the teaching and learning programme, they may only use one programme on a given day.  However they are able to use these at home at your discretion.  We believe that they do need limited access to these programmes, whilst they are learning as they have fun, they also need to be learning in other ways and playing outside or with a sibling or being read to is just as important.

Boxes of tissues

  • If you would like to donate a box of homebrand tissues to your child’s class for term 2 and 3 it would be appreciated.  With runny noses it will  really assist the teachers to have these on hand.

Parent Contribution and Activity Payment:

  • The parent contribution is $160 per child
  • The activity payment is set at $100 for the year. Please contact the office for other easy payment options. This activity fee covers the cost of classroom resources, class trips and groups visiting the school and sports activities throughout the year.

You can set up automatic payments so the cost of the donation and activity fee is evenly spread over the year.  See the office personnel for the school bank account number.  You can pay directly into wrapitup.co.nz or come into the school office and use eftpos.