Bridal Party Contract

Wedding Date: __________________

Dear Bride,

Congratulations on your engagement! We are honored that you have chosen Salon Soleil to be a part of your special day. We require a few things in order to confirm your appointment date and time. Please be aware that this is a contract that requires a valid credit card to reserve your appointment. A $100.00 fee is required to “Save the date” This will not be applied to any services and nonrefundable. “On the day of” If one of your party members cancels you will be charged the full amount of services. If cancellation is made within (5) days or less, your credit card will be charged for 50% of the cost of services. “Destination weddings” Mileage will be added to and from; $0.50 per mile.

Bride Information

Name: ___________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________

Home Phone:_____________________________________

Cell Phone: _______________________________________

E-Mail Address: ___________________________________

Preferred method/time to contact: _______________________________________

Wedding Information

Wedding Date: ____________ Time: _________________

Wedding Location: ________________________________

Photo Time: _______________________________________

Wedding Up-do

Date of practice Up-do: _____________ Time: _________

Date of practice Make-up: ___________ Time: _________

Date of Wedding Up-do: _____________ Time: __________

Members of Wedding Party  & Exact Services Needed:

First and last name/ Position in Party/Services needed:

1. ______________________________________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________________________________

4. ______________________________________________________________________

5. ______________________________________________________________________

6. ______________________________________________________________________

7. ______________________________________________________________________

8. ______________________________________________________________________

9. ______________________________________________________________________

10. _____________________________________________________________________

Credit card information: ____Visa ____ MasterCard ____Discover

Name on card: _____________________________________________

Address associated with card: _____________________________


Card #: _____________________________________________________

Ex. Date: _____________________________

3-digit security #:___________________________________________


• Be sure all members of the bridal party have clean and dry hair with gel and/or styling product in their hair upon arrival.

• Please remember all accessories (veils,flowers,etc.)

• Please wear button down shirt on the day of the up-dos.

• Please make sure everyone has an idea of how they would like their hair. Pictures are very helpful.

• Please arrive for your services with your entire party on time;

I have read, understand and agree to the terms of this contract. $100.00 fee payment by credit card is due upon booking salon services for wedding day.

 ________________________________________________ Signature         ________________ Date

In order to expedite your booking, please complete the following form. Don’t hesitate to contact your Wedding Coordinator (Terri) at 715-558- 2776 if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you!

Please send completed and signed agreement to