Blackboard now allows you to establish exceptions to the options you set for deployed tests, enabling you to use unique options for individual students or groups.  These include exceptions to availability options, force completion settings, and the time allowed for an attempt.  This last option is a major improvement in the online test experience for students with disabilities.  

For example, let’s say you’re deploying a 60 minute test but need to grant 15 minutes of extra time to one of your students.  In the past you either had to create two separate tests with different time limits, or inform any student given extra time that he or she must disregard the timer displayed and is allowed to go over the limit.  This was often cumbersome when calculating the final course grade, and was a potential source of distraction and stress to your student.  Using exceptions, you can now set the time limit for the class as a whole to 60 minutes, but also add an exception that allows one or more specified students to have up to 75 minutes to complete the test.  

To extend the test timer for an individual student:

1. Click the options button for the test you would like to extend, then choose Edit the Test Options on the drop-menu.

2. Scroll down to the Test Availability Exceptions heading, then click the Add User or Group button.

3. Select the student to receive extended time on the test, then click Submit.

4. Check the box under the timer column heading, then enter the minutes to be allowed for the student’s test attempt.

5. Once all options have been set, click the Submit button.

The exception will now automatically allow the selected student the designated time allowed for the test.