Ideas: Non-Narrative Text

(See next page for the rubric for IDEAS in a narrative text)


Clear, focused, and compelling--holds reader's attention

Striking insight; impressive knowledge of topic

Takes reader on a journey of understanding

Clear main idea and significant, intriguing details


Clear and focused

Reflects in-depth knowledge of topic

Authentic, convincing info from experience, research

Clear main idea well supported by details


Clear and focused more often than not

Writer knows topic well enough to write in broad terms

Some new info, some common knowledge

Main idea can be easily inferred; more quality details than generalities


Clear, focused moments are overshadowed by underdeveloped,

     rambling text

Writer needs greater knowledge of topic--gaps are apparent

Mostly common knowledge and best guesses

Generalities dominate; writer has a weak grip on the main idea


Writer is still defining the topic/key question

Writing is strained because of insufficient knowledge of topic

Broad unsupported observations; invented details

Filler dominates--main idea wanders in and out of focus


Very foggy--no "land in sight" yet

Main idea never emerges due to writer's lack of knowledge

Hastily assembled notes; random thoughts

Bits of info wander in search of a main idea

Ideas: Narrative Text


An unforgettable experience is shared

Rich, apropos, and engrossing details that make the narrative truly memorable

"Show, not tell" strategies are used to excellent effect


An interesting experience is shared

Details that help create interest

Examples of "show, not tell" strategies are present and effective


This interesting experience...

     ...needs more details  -or-

     ...needs different details that help engage the reader more

"Show not tell" strategies have been attempted throughout and are sometimes effective


The narrative needs to focus on one interesting experience -- it may currently lack conflict or focus, and/or may feel somewhat incomplete

Some details may not fit the narrative

One or two attempts at using "show not tell" strategies are evident and are partially effective


The narrative does not focus on one experience, or feels incomplete

There are too few details to engage the reader  

One or two attempts at using "show not tell" strategies are evident, but are not yet effective


The narrative does not focus on one experience, or is incomplete

There are few or no details

No "show not tell" strategies are present