Peace Lamp / Prayers for Peace





One: Now the light of Christ is in you.

All: Thanks be to God.


Prayers for Peace:


Sample prayers:


Holy One, Creator of Life:

Yours is the peace that passes all understanding.

Whether the war is between countries, belief systems,

varied upbringing, family members or churches...

finding common ground is one way to start.

For all who are searching, may your peace release hope.

For all who are aching, may your peace bring relief.

For all who are arguing, may your peace intercede.

For all who are hating, may your peace cast out fear.

May your love surround and envelop all who are living with war,

all who have been devastated by war,

and all who are perpetuating war.

May your transforming love pervade the darkness. Amen.


God of our lives,

We come to you, knowing that you hear our every word, sense each inner murmuring, and offer our every breath. We long to know the things that make for peace in our lives, in our world—and not just to know, but to participate with eyes and hands open, ready to receive and ready to give your gift of shalom. May it be so. Amen.


Dear God,

For all who dream of peace

For all who long for justice

Bend your ear to listen and your arm to save

For all who faint from hunger

For all who thirst for mercy

Give bread and grant freedom from all that binds and oppresses

For all whose lives are intertwined with systems that harm—

systems that violate, exploit, exclude, objectify, and dominate

Inspire a longing for justice and the courage to break free from the powers that oppress

Set our feet on the paths of peace

And move our hands to do the work of justice

May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen

Kyrie for the city (written by Celeste Groff)

At times we turn away

from the poverty we see,

from the jingle of change in cups,

God, have mercy.

At times we have no tears

when another youth is shot,

God, have mercy.

At times we long for an open field

and clear brook, instead of hard pavement

and tall buildings.

God, have mercy.

At times we long for silence,

as the sirens ring and trains clatter.

God, have mercy.

Grant us all we need

to seek the peace of this city, Oh God. Amen.

Prayer against violence, a prayer for peace (Carol Penner,

Perfect love casts out fear

and so today we pray for your spirit of love on our world.

Cast out the strapping of bombs to bodies.

Cast out the explosion of bombs in crowded places.

Cast out the tricking of children to carry bombs.

Cast out the desperation that leads people to terrorist acts.

Cast out the making of walls that divide and imprison us.

Cast out the firing of missiles and the bulldozing of homes.

Cast out the prejudice against people of a certain race or culture.

Cast out the political structures that perpetuate violence.

Cast out the hatred that produces fear.

Send down the courage to reach out in peace.

Send down the resolution to not return evil for evil.

Send down the creativity to find peaceful political solutions.

Send down the wisdom that politicians and diplomats need.

Send down the commitment to work together to end terrorism.

Send down the power of nonviolence to create change.

Send down the comfort and justice that victims need.

Send down the love that will end our fear.

We ask these things in the name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace.


Prayer for Peace (Rachelle Lyndaker Schlabach, Director, Washington Office, Mennonite Central Committee)

God, who calms the wind and seas,

whose ways are higher than our ways,

and whose thoughts are higher than our thoughts,

Only you can calm the raging of the nations,

the impulse for war,

the eagerness to destroy another

in defense of our own interests.

Only you can take hearts of stone

and turn them into hearts of flesh.

And so we beg you to thwart the ways of policymakers

who rush to war.

Replace their desire for war with a desire for justice and for peace.

Give us the courage to be messengers in word and deed of your

good news, to announce your reign to all peoples and nations,

to Congress and to our communities.

Hear the cries of those who suffer as a result of war

civilians, soldiers, veterans, family members,

those whose schools and homes have been destroyed,

those whose souls have been torn apart.

Have mercy on them, O Lord.

May all of us together go out in joy and be led forth in peace,

people hand-in-hand with people, nations together with nations.