Gartman Customer for 15 years

““We moved to the Gartman application in 1999, nearly 15 years ago.  We have found the application to be very robust in so many ways.  The program is flexible, very user friendly, pretty intuitive.  I don’t think most users actually take advantage of the many, many features offered.  After 15 years we still find menu options we haven’t taken advantage of.   A few tweaks in system controls to customize the application and we are off and running.  The financial reporting package and formats are easy to use, very customizable.  After we were acquired by a European company, we built new financial formats that mapped to consolidated view and again, we were ready.


This package is complete, it’s integrated, it has everything and then some.   The features afforded in this package are astounding.  We easily access or extract the information from standard report options.  Little of what we do monthly requires customized data extraction through queries, although the files are laid out in a logical manner, making query development efficient.


There are a lot of ERP choices out there but the Gartman program has to be one of the best, if not the best.  I would encourage anyone contemplating a conversion to consider the application as a highly viable option.  I can’t think of many things I would need from my ERP that we don’t already have.  This application is the product of the user’s.  Each user contributes to the development, enhancement, and efficiency of the programs.  This is not a canned application that forces you to take what they offer:  You benefit from the contribution each and every user has made to the program.  You literally get what everyone else had determined they needed.  You don’t have to invent this yourself.  Most of it has already been developed.  I challenge anyone to find a need that cannot be met by this application.”


Dan Erickson - CFO- Diamond W Flooring

Gartman Customer for over 30 years


“The Gartman DMS package has brought tremendous distribution efficiencies to BPI.  Thanks to your RF scanning functions, we have increased our picking accuracy to 99.6%.  With your Pallet Label programs, we have reduced the labor necessary for cross docking transfers by 66%.  Directly impacting customers, your Will Call Console has allowed us to reduce our customer’s wait time by almost 50%.  Yet our largest gain in accuracy has come from your driver Proof of Delivery programs, which allow our drivers to make any necessary changes to orders out on delivery, print an accurate packing slip at time of delivery, and electronically capture retrievable signatures that are uploaded with 100% accuracy.  Our drivers leave with no tickets and come back with no tickets.


In the competitive environment in which we operate today, BPI seeks to continually improve our operations.  Through reduced labor, increased performance metrics, and improved service to our customers, Gartman Systems has given us ideal tools to ensure market success.


Jeff S. Roberts – Project Manager - BPI 

Gartman Customer for 18 years

“Elias Wilf has been involved with Gartman from their early days back in the late 80’s. Without a doubt they have been instrumental in helping navigate the difficult  terrain for flooring distribution during this time. Their

software and ongoing support structure allows distribution to focus on doing business, not the running of their business, especially in the pillars of inventory management, credit collections, and overall order-processing. The system offers smooth & efficient order processing from the entry, to the bar-coding processing of order fulfillment, to the logistics of delivery. It also offers a robust online sales rep program

for review and analysis.

Overall, the Gartman system has made a significant contribution in lowering operational cost, improving our overall operational efficiencies, and most important of all enhancing our bottom line. Gartman has been an integral part of our success.”

Jeff Striegel – President - Elias Wilf

Gartman Customer for 18 years

“Elias Wilf has had a relationship/partnership with Gartman Systems going back to 1987. Since that time we feel we have helped each other grow and prepare for the ever changing world of technology.  Gartman's vast knowledge of the floor covering business gives them an advantage over just any software company that just knows their business.

Julian Cohen - Vice President - Elias Wilf

Gartman Customer for 15 years

Gartman Systems became a partner with Johnson Wholesale Floors, Inc. for our software needs as a floor covering distributor fifteen years ago.  As we grew and added branches in the southeast, Gartman assisted in providing solutions for our computer efficiency needs.  We benefited from Gartman’s partnering with other flooring distributors as we all seek the best solutions for customer service, warehousing, purchasing, and financial efficiencies in one integrated computer system.  The latest package Net Express is an example of Gartman’s innovation for the distributor’s customer as well as for the retailers that the distributor services.  Salesmen have access to the system on their i-pads as well as phones.  Gartman is part of our company’s synergy as we move forward to meet the challenges of the future.”


Melinda J. McChesney - President - Johnson Wholesale Floors

Gartman Customer for 15 years

"We had the Warehouse Automation System installed 5 years ago and the payback started immediately. The system eliminated receiving and shipping errors. We were able to reduce the time spent on cycle counting and improved the accuracy of the count at the same time. The Gartman Warehouse Automation System allows us to have instantaneous communication from our branches regarding shipping and receiving which improved our cash flow.

Bob Link - President - Herregan

Gartman Customer for 15 years


“Back in 1998, we were looking for a computer software company that specialized in floor covering distribution.  We chose Gartman because of their experience in floor covering distribution and Gartman appeared to be flexible and reasonably priced.  Over the last 15 years, Gartman has consistently met our needs with software upgrades and requested programming at a reasonable price.  We feel we made the right decision in choosing Gartman in 1998 and I feel confident Gartman will fulfill our computer software needs in the future.”


Robert Smith – Controller – T&L Distributing, LP

Gartman Customer for 13 years


“In 1999-2000, we did a great deal of research to seek out a Computer/Software supplier to match our needs.  We planned for a great deal of growth in our business and needed a Partner we could count on to assist us with Information Systems.  Gartman has fulfilled our needs and we have been very happy with their service to us.


Hoy Lanning – President & CEO – CMH Space Flooring Products, Inc.

Gartman Customer for 12 years


“Thank you for your recent upgrade to the Gartman System.  Although the current program is robust and stable, I appreciate your company’s pledge to constant improvement.  I believe today, as I have since we launched several years ago, that Gartman Systems provides us a competitive edge so critical in today’s extremely competitive market.  Gartman has allowed us to maximize inventory efficiency, customer service interaction and logistical excellence; all contributing to our bottom line and enhancing our customer relationships.  The new upgrade improvements are icing on the cake.  We look forward to implementing the new upgrade.”


Greg Szalay – T&A Supply Company