Mike Belmonte

Director of Student Affairs

North Muskegon Public Schools

1507 Mills Avenue

North Muskegon, Michigan 49445




  1. The building administrator will confer with the person (or persons) involved.
  2. The student shall be informed of the specific charge(s), which could be the basis for disciplinary action.
  3. The student will have the right to be heard and to present any relevant information to the school administrator.
  4. Once the building administrator (or designee) determines that suspension is appropriate, he/she will:

A. Notify the parent(s) or guardian(s) as soon as possible of the suspension, the reason for it, and the duration. Notification may be made by any of the following forms: use of the formal Disciplinary Notice to Parent(s) or Guardian(s) form, telephone, home visit, or a suspension letter. Suspensions extending beyond ten (10) days will be confirmed by a written statement sent through the mail.

B. Confer, at the earliest possible time, with the parent(s) or guardian(s) and the student to discuss the conditions for the return of the student to the school setting.

C. Advise the parent(s) or guardian(s) and student of their right to appeal the decision.

D. Refer to law enforcement agencies when appropriate, as in cases of arson, rape, vandalism, violence, theft, assault, weapons possession, illegal possession of drugs, etc.

E. Complete and file, in the building, Discipline Notice to Parent(s) or Guardian(s)

Students must vacate the school premises after receiving a suspension. Students who are seen on school grounds after receiving a suspension will be suspended an additional three (3) days.

Students who are suspended out of school (OSS) must leave school property and may not return without the permission of school authorities or until after the suspension time is over. Students on OSS are not to be on school property and are expected to remain home under parental supervision. Students placed on out of school suspension WILL receive credit for the work done during the time of suspension. Students will gather assignments and return them to their teachers upon request so that they will not fall behind in classes.


Procedure: Students on suspension will be given the opportunity to make up all schoolwork deemed appropriate by the school administrator and the teachers involved. The teacher may set a reasonable deadline for turning in this work. Students who receive an out of school suspension will receive a 10% grade reduction for the work assigned in all classes during the suspension period. Final exams are not considered “assigned work” and grades on exams will not be subject to reduction.

1. Students/parents will contact the office for OSS assignments for more than one (1) day and return the completed assignments the day they return to school from suspension. (Tests will need to be made up after school the day or day after his/her return.)

2. Students who have the option to attend In School Suspension (ISS), School Community Service, or Saturday School in lieu of OSS are not allowed to make up their work if parent(s)/guardian(s) choose OSS.


When a student is suspended (OSS), he or she may not attend school or activities sponsored by the school during the duration of his/her suspension.