Disease Information Organizer A                                         Name: __________________________     Disease: ____________________


  • Where did this disease originate from?
  • What is the timeline of the disease over the years?
  • What regions of the world have been affected by the disease?
  • What have been the impacts of this disease on society over time?
  • What major organizations have been involved with this disease over the course of history?

              Diagnosis/Symptoms/Contagion Abilities

  • How can than this disease be contracted?
  • How is this disease transmitted?
  • What specific symptoms does this disease portray?
  • How contagious is this disease?
  • What is the mortality rate?
  • How is the disease diagnosed?  Is diagnosis credible?
  • Is your disease bacterial or viral?

                                        Treatment of Disease

  • How is the disease treated?  Successes? Failures? Eradication?
  • What types of drugs are available?  Vaccines?
  • How successful has treatment proven?
  • What types of precautions are taken in event of disease?
  • How can this disease be controlled overall?
  • What difficulties exist in controlling this disease?
  • What preventative measures can be taken to control the disease?
  • What action steps have been taken towards eradication?
  • Is there a potential cure?
  • What is the progress in finding a cure of successful treatment?

                 Impacts on Society:  Social/Political/Economic

  • What types of fears does society have in event of disease?
  • In what ways can this disease affect behaviors in society and the culture of society overall?
  • What impacts will this disease have on trade and industry?
  • What impacts will this disease have on the local business industry?
  • What psychological impacts exist with the occurrence or threat of this disease?
  • How will this disease affect decision making in a society?

                  Controversial Issues Associated with Disease

  • What controversies exist over the care given for this disease?
  • Why might there be controversy associated with this disease?
  • What are the major controversial issues in our country?  In other countries?
  • How is the public reacting to any of the news associated with this disease? (Not limited to only USA public)

                   Statements of Impact – Quotes from others and from you!

                          (Use essential concept words in your statements)

  • What are some compelling statements that have been made in any area of researching this disease?
  • What is the public’s reaction?  (Direct quotes)

  5 pictures

Map of origin of the disease where the disease spread.