Dialogue Toolkit Blogging

One of the greatest challenges in sustaining valuable blog posts is creating an audience that will interact with each other in a meaningful way.  Project Zero’s Out of Eden Walk encourages us to notice more of the world around us (many of you will already be familiar with PZ’s Visible Thinking Routines).  They have come up with some useful tools that I think will be helpful to teachers and students when interacting on blog/Seesaw posts. I like the symbols as well as, for example, these can be used as a prompts/daily focus.

NOTICE: What stands out to you or catches your eye in this person’s post? In other words, what do you notice in particular? Be specific.

APPRECIATE: Share what you like, appreciate or value in the post you've read. Be specific.

PROBE: Probe for more details. Ask questions that will help give you a better sense of another person's perspective. (“Tell me more about…”; “I wonder if…”; “Help me understand…”; “I was surprised by….”; “I connected to…”; “What I found interesting was…”; “I learned from your post that…”; “One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is…”)

SNIP: Cut and paste a phrase or sentence from the original post into your comment. Ask a question about it or say what you find interesting or important about what is being said.

CONNECTION: Make a connection between something in the post and your own experiences, feelings, or interests.

EXTEND: Describe how the post extended your thoughts in new directions or gave you a new perspective.