“Life’s a gamble.”

Name: Iizuka

Age: 30s-40s

Weapons: Katana

Allies: Katsura, Katagai, Battousai (or so it seems)

Enemies: The Bakufu (maybe?)

First Appearance: Revenge Arc (Tsuiokuhen flashback)

Biography: Iizuka functions as the direct overseer of Hitokiri Battousai, cleaning up after the assassin’s bloody assignments and leaving the zankanjou note with the kanji Tenchuu or Divine Justice as a message to the Bakufu that the Patriots were there.

After Battousai and Tomoe flee to Otsu, Iizuka acts as the gobetween for them and Katsura. He regularly visits the farmhouse with money and supplies for Kenshin and Tomoe.

Later on, however, it is revealed that Iizuka is actually a double agent for the Bakufu and has been relaying Ishin Shishi secrets, including about Battousai to a group of Bakufu ninja known as the Yaminobu.

Personality: Iizuka has a laid back personality. However, upon closer examination, we that he is very slimy and cares about only one thing: making money. He is willing to wager his life on his ability to play both sides against each other if it lines his pockets with gold.

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