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LiveText 101 for Students

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Link to Procedures

Accessing LiveText

Accessing and Navigating in LiveText (video)

Assignments - Uploading to LiveText

Uploading work to a LiveText assignment (video)

Uploading Work to LiveText (Print)

Assignments - Feedback from Faculty

Checking your feedback on a LiveText assignment in Moodle (video - needs updating)

Checking LiveText Feedback (print)

Checking LiveText Feedback in a Previous Semester (print)

Field Experience Module (Education Students)

FEM student Instructions  (print)


Managing Your Files in LiveText (video)

Moodle and LiveText

Linking LiveText to your Moodle account (video)

Linking LiveText to Moodle (print)

Password Recovery

Recovering Your LiveText Password (print)

Registering for LiveText

Registering for LiveText (video)

Registering your LiveText ePortfolio Account (print)

Resubmitting Work to an Assignment

Resubmitting Work to an Assignment (video)


Using a LiveText Assignment Template (print)

Video Guidelines

Guidelines for creating and uploading video for LiveText  (video)

Compressing Video (Reducing Your Video’s File Size) (print)