Learning Task


UDL Strategies

Balanced Assessment

Building a Relationship




Introductions and dialogue surrounding getting to know each other.


Partners- 1 K student with 1 HS student, in groups totaling 6(3 and 3)



All students will have the same set of guiding questions but will have choice as to representation of their final product (venn diagram, presentation to class, use of pic collage, short video, or other)



Are able to determine at least 3 things they have in common with their partner.


Observations of interactions.


Introduction to Photography





Groups of 6 will reconvene. Expectations for behavior will be discussed.


Going to Cochrane Ranche to choose location for weekly photo sessions.



Creating some way of directing  a person to the group photo location( draw a map, written directions, pictures of landmarks, short  video of 30 seconds,  or other).

Must include several picture of the ‘subject’.

Take time in their space to look, listen, smell, and feel…. quiet reflection time

Able to provide a clear way to direct another person to the chosen location.



Photography and Evaluation of Photos

Next 5 sessions

(each begin with an ‘ice breaker’ activity eg. Sharing of photo collection, game, etc)


- Groups will return to chosen location to take photographs. Begin with quiet reflection time (look, listen, smell, and feel). While taking photographs the high school students will follow guiding questions to elicit information about the K child’s motivation that day and focus for the photos.

- Evaluation of the photos based on the rubric created by the K class.  Sorting of photos to remove poor quality photos.

Keeper photos in google doc for each K student.

- Begin graphing number of photos taken and repeat each week.

K – bar graph with stickers, create with unifix blocks, paper chain, paper clips.


HS- representation of kept photos(collage, website, online visual, other)

- record data of interactions

K- observation of photos takes, interactions, and group work


HS- creating a weekly representation of photos kept for that week. Record data for total photos taken that week vs those that were kept.


-recording anecdotal observations (journaling) of the kindergarten students’ behaviours and responses to their researched problem solving solutions. In addition, we will also ask students to reflect upon their work as mentors, which can be kept in a variety of methods: blog, written, video log,

Selection of Final Photos



Based on the rubric, students will narrow down top choices from each week to a final top 8 that represent their best photos from a variety of perspectives.


-K- able to articulate good photography elements

- HS- display of work, facilitation of discussion

 Artist Statements



HS student will follow guiding questions to record an artist statement for the K student’s photo for display at  gallery

Text to speech, hand-written , typed, etc.


Final written document.



Celebration of Learning


Combined celebration of learning with K and HS.

K- gallery of photographs, sale of photo book, sale of cookies and juice (proceeds going to Seva)

HS- display of their data and weekly representations, help with sale of  items.