PreAP English II

Ms. Kelle Spinn - Rm. 128




Dear Students and Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to the 2017 - 2018 school year and PreAP English II! I am looking forward to an exciting year as we work to become more effective communicators.We will read and write every day to achieve several goals:


Communication between teachers, parents and students is vital for student success. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.  In addition, please visit my website to complete the Student/Parent Form as soon as possible. The information will help me to support your student throughout the year.

I will be using Remind to send updates to students and parents via text message about information occurring in class. I will use Google Classroom for most class assignments.  Information for both is included on the next page and can be found on my website.

I’m looking forward to a great year!


Ms. Kelle Spinn


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Period 2                                      7g68g4

​Period 3                                       kfcddk       

Google Classroom


 Period 1 - PreAp Eng. II           vnq3f5                    

 Period 2 - PreAP Eng. II           gt9c7y                

 Period 3 - PreAP Eng. II           dm13lwe 


Students may use tutorial time to have a quiet, comfortable place to study, request clarification on lessons or assignment, and/or discuss any concerns about the course. Students who need extra support mastering the skills to pass the course and the EOC exam will be asked to attend mandatory reteach sessions on Saturdays and/or before or after school. My goal is that all students are successful.

My Tutorials:

Mornings          8:15 - 9:00         Wednesday and Friday  

Afternoons         4:20 - 5:00    Monday and Tuesday

Grading Scale

                       Major Grades      40%                           Daily Grades     60%

Make-Up Policy

If students earn a score below a 70 on any assignment, they may elect to redo the assignment or an equivalent assessment provided by me one time. This retake must be completed within 5 calendar days unless otherwise specified by me. The maximum score that can be earned for a retake is a 70.

Missing/Late Work Policy

Daily Grades - Students have 5 calendar days to submit late assignments. Thirty points will be deducted.

If students are absent, daily grades are due the class period immediately following the absence. Points are not deducted for absences.

Major Grades - With few exceptions, major assignments are due on time whether a student is present in class or not.


1 day late                loss of 10 points

2 days late                loss of 20 points

3-5 days late                loss of 30 points

More than 5 days         maximum score of 50 if submitted by

                                     end of grading period



  1. Be courteous and positive.
  2. Be on time.
  3. Be honest.


  1. Know when assignments are due.
  2. Cell phones and other electronic devices should not be a distraction for you or for others. You are responsible for your own learning.
  3. Be prepared for class every day.


  1. Help each other succeed.
  2. Do your best.
  3. Have fun!