2013 MISD Black History Month Campus Observances


J.L. Boren Elementary

Morning Announcements – Project Wisdom selections will be read to the students to highlight various significant African American individuals and the contributions they have made to society in their respective fields.

Kindergarten – During the month of February students will create books after completing research online and developing KWL charts.

They will combine art projects with writing assignments.

They will complete individual and class research on famous African Americans.

They will learn songs about Martin Luther King Jr.

They will read nonfiction books on Martin Luther King and other famous African Americans.


1st Grade – February 22, 2013 @ 2 PM – library

Students will present “A Glimpse of African American History”.


3rd Grade

As a part of their social studies TEKS, they will be learning about Dr. King and what made him a good citizen.

Students will be planning their dreams and writing them in dream bubbles.


Anna May Daulton Elementary

Students will be highlighting famous African American on our video announcements. Selected students will dress like a famous African American and read a monologue. Pre K will focus on Garrett Morgan and create a stop light. Our Kindergarten classes will recite African Americans poems on our video announcements. First graders will study biographies and create trading cards about many famous African Americans. Second grade will have a wax museum on March 1st highlighting famous African Americans along with Presidents. Third grade students will study about famous African Americans. Some 3rd grade classes will research a famous African American and present it to their class. Fourth grade will read biographies about famous African Americans.  In art classes students will be studying African American Artists and their influence on art culture. In music, students will sing songs and play games from diverse cultures. The campus will also have a Multi-Cultural event in May that will highlight African Americans along with other cultures.

Imogene Gideon Elementary

Students from each grade level will do morning announcements during the month of February. The students will prepare a short recitation that celebrates Black History month in some way. For example: reading a poem by an African American author; reading a short paragraph or statement about a famous Black American; giving a definition and example of "Civil Rights" vocabulary (segregation, boycott, equal rights, equality, etc.); or possibly singing a song composed by an African American.

The entire school will celebrate the twenty-fourth year of the National African American Read-In on Friday, February 15th, 2013 from 7:30 to 8:30 AM. This event is sponsored by the Black Caucus of the National Council of Teachers of English, and Gideon Elementary will participate by having guest readers in each of our classrooms reading literature authored by African Americans. Guests will meet in the school library for breakfast and entertainment by our students and staff. Guest readers include parents, community members, and MISD staff, School Board Members and administrators.


Glenn Harmon Elementary

They will have Dee Cee Cornish, who will impersonate and discuss with the kids George Washington Carver.   The campus received a grant from Texas Commission of Art to help with the cost.


Thelma Jones Elementary

Thelma Jones Students are excited to honor Black History Month with a program celebrating the achievements of African Americans. The program will begin with a play performed by TJE students.  Members of the Shark Scoop will be reporting the importance of Black History Month. The program will close with a special performance by the Step Team dancers.  The campus invites you to come join them in the celebration!

Friday, February 22nd

3rd and 4th grades  1:15 pm – 2:00 pm

PreK – 2nd grades 2:00 pm – 2:45 pm

D.P. Morris Elementary

1st – Black History Month Timeline Project & Biography

2nd – Heritage Dolls; Martin Luther King, Jr. Timeline & Pledges to make the world a better place.

3rd – During this month, 3rd graders will be researching and creating their own “African Americans in History” book. The book will be a biography of different African Americans and their contributions to our country. The book will include sections on Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Entertainers, Athletes, and Artists. Students will be using skills such as vocabulary and context clues, sequence of events, main idea and supporting details, inference and drawing conclusions, cause and effect, and figurative language.

4th – Fourth grade will be doing the following learning activities:

**Research project using leveled readers of several African Americans.  This will culminate with a biography composition.

**Students will be reading "My Brother Martin" from Texas Treasures

**The students will be reading and discussing two poems by Langston Hughes that relate to Martin Luther King, Jr. The students will write about a dream they have for their future.

**Students will read a drama about Martin Luther King, Jr. and perform a Readers Theater. They will discuss the elements of drama.

This timeline of events is a three week plan.


Erma Nash Elementary

The campus will be making daily announcements about famous African Americans and then students will complete an African American History scavenger hunt.  This will all take place February 1st – February 28th.

Nancy Neal Elementary

The students at every grade level will be reading biographies on famous African Americans and researching / learning the contributions that they made to society, the country, and the world.

First graders will be doing research using Pebble Go and then creating their own books about various African Americans throughout history to read and share with Kindergarten students.

The Librarian will read a short excerpt each morning during the morning announcements from the biography of a different famous African American.


Alice Ponder Elementary

Each day the campus will read information about famous African-Americans in history during the morning announcements.

Mary Jo Sheppard Elementary

Feb. 15th – all day – MJS Elementary will be hosting a Black History "Read In."

Elizabeth Smith Elementary

The campus will be having a display called “History in the Hallways” commemorating the contributions of African Americans throughout our country’s history.  “Student Tours” will be taken of all the displays on February 28th.

Della Icenhower Intermediate

Icenhower will have their first African American Extravaganza on February 26th celebrating black history month.  The event will be at Icenhower from 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.  Below is the list of participants on the program as well as those who will help the campus in their presentations.

Singing of “Lift every voice and Sing” – Icenhower 6th grade choir/Cornerstone Baptist church youth choir

Musical Selection – Cornerstone Youth Choir

Praise Dancers – Bethlehem Baptist Church

Musical Piece – Piano Solo by Damoyee Nereos

Icenhower Step performance – John Bowie

Musical Selection – Icenhower Choir

Speaker – Des Stewart

Introduction of Wax Museum – Designated students (5th grade SS teachers and Multicultural Club)

Rogene Worley Middle School

The campus will send students home to talk to older family members and friends to find stories of how things were during the “old days”, and how things have changed for the better as a result of the Civil Rights Movement.  Students will bring the stories they collect back, and in Language Arts classes they will write a paper sharing the experience they heard about.

The campus will send a flyer home with students, encouraging friends and family members to share their stories with the next generation by allowing the school to record their storytelling on video.

 Mrs. Phillips once again is producing a program, and the campus will ask volunteers to tell their stories to the audience prior to the show and record them.

Alternative Education Center

In Julie Bothun’s class, on Friday’s throughout the Month of February, students with be doing biographical profiles on prominent African Americans.  On Monday’s for the first 10 minutes of each block she will show the History Channel collection of Black History Videos, and will start with the history behind Black History Month.  When time allows Ms. Bothun will incorporate curriculum from the Teaching Tolerance website.   Her students in BIC will also be able to hear the poetry that Angela Bordonali’s students will recite each morning over the intercom.

In Raymond Cook’s Social Studies class, every Friday in February, he will review the life of a black American and their contribution to the society along with a short biographical video.  The schedule of events will be;


Feb. 1st – Maya Angelou, poet

Feb. 8th – Dr. Sylvester James Gates, Jr., physicist

Feb. 15th – Leland D. Melvin, astronaut

Feb. 22nd – Gordon Parks, artist

Feb. 28th – Kenneth Chenault, CEO American Express


Mansfield High School

Student Council will be making an announcement every day in the month of February about an important individual in African American History.

Summit High School

The campus will share Black History facts during the daily announcements throughout February.