You will have a class spreadsheet with a sheet for each student identified by the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

And each student will have an additional individual spreadsheet.

1. Create a Class spreadsheet with sheets for all students. Name the tabs with student’s names.

Keep the A1 cell clear.

2. Create Individual Spreadsheet docs for each student.

Go to the Individual Spreadsheet (the one where the information will be pulled to.)

Click in the cell A1 and type in this formula

=importrange(”spreadsheet URL of tabbed sheet”,”Sheetname!Range”)

so in this example

  • I have clicked on Alice’s page tab in the Class spreadsheet and I have copied the URL (Internet address) at the top of the page
  • I have then gone to Alice’s Individual sheet and clicked in the first cell A1 and typed in =IMPORTRANGE(“  and then pasted in the Spreadsheet URL and then added “,” then I typed in the name of the tab from the Class spreadsheet Alice! then I typed in the range of the cells from the Class spreadsheet A1:U20”)
  • Each speech mark, comma, bracket, exclamation mark and colon is important, miss them out and it will not work.

When you press Enter at the end of the formula you will see this

Click in the #REF! cell and click Allow access. The Data will appear

It brings over the data immediately, but if you have coloured some of your cells that does not seem to pull over. There might be a solution to this but I haven’t found it yet. You will need to add the colours to each individual sheet.

Share the Individual Spreadsheets with your students in the usual way but now when you make a change in the Class Spreadsheet, it will appear automatically on the student Individual one.