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Digital Citizenship Workshop 2: Protecting ourselves online
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Workshop 2: Protecting ourselves online

Time Frame:

Learning Experience:


10 - 20 minutes

Re-cap from previous session


How are we going to be digital mannered citizens?

Students to work in their hubs to negotiate over 8 guidelines for their hubs.

Guidelines to be recorded on brown paper, a google doc, or something that can be visible or accessed by all students in the hub.

Share back - students create their own community digital manner sheet.

Brown Paper


30 - 45 minutes

Who can access your online data?

Purpose: students contemplate and are made aware of who and what they are accessing online.


Watch Pablo Holman’s TEDX talk about hacking - start from 1min 45s in as there is some inappropriate content prior to this.


What did he use to access your data or device?

What could he find out about you?

Who could be affected by Hackers?

Why could this be a problem?

How could you prevent this happening? - Pablo Holman, Hacker

20 minutes

Let’s get controversial!

Eleven Students in a Newport school were expelled for Hacking their teachers’ laptop.


Students read the article about the students and work in teams to complete a Pros and Cons sheet about the hacking.

Each team chooses a side, to hack or not to hack and comes up with a small and convincing paragraph or list as to why it is/is not ok to hack.

Share back with another team who had a different viewpoint.

BBC News Article: 

20 - 30 minutes

My Digital Survival Kit:

Care of 

This part of the session is about establishing how to keep ourselves safe and secure online.


Teacher introduces survival kit - explains the items inside it.

So what?

Students choose an item in the digital survival kit and write/draw/act (choice of any of these in teams of 2 - 3 how they could make their item positive.

Digital Survival Kit

Students will need a device or pad of refill to create their own digital survival kit.

5 - 10 mins


With a partner or on a piece of refill,

What is one interesting thing you have learnt today?

What is one thing you didn’t know that you know now?

Extra for Experts

Create their own digital survival kit:

Introduce students to how to check for third party malware on Google Chrome or other browsers.

Add Ad-Block Plus to Google Chrome and talk about the benefits of Last Pass or another password Manager. - Perspectives on Social Media - pros and cons online