Independent Alliance status cheat sheet




Guardian of the Sacred Spaces




Abiding Status Traits


You enjoy complete control over your jurisdiction. You may issue praise and respect, or command punishment – corporal or capital – to all those within.


You hold a prestigious position among the Sect and are tasked with providing leadership through gentle persuasion and mild condemnation.


You are a protector of one of the most important customs of the Independent Alliance: either the physical champion of the Sacred Spaces or the social conscience of the IA court. Your power within that specific arena is formidable.


You are a sword of your sect, empowered by the highest leadership to enforce justice anywhere within the sect’s dominion. You can administer punishments, both corporal and social, as you see fit.


You are granted the solemn duty to render punishment to those of the Sect who break the law of the territory or who violate Treaty.


You are authority’s right hand. You have the power to enforce society’s laws and to ensure punishment for those who break the codes of your sect or defy the will of the local authority.


You are a voice of a faction within the sect, possibly the leader of a clan, pack, or gang. Your words are respected, and others seek your advice in difficult decisions.


To be Hallowed makes one an ultimate authority within the IA. Those with this status have the power to alter the Sect’s future.


You are society’s voice, and others listen to you on matters of propriety. You can determine which actions are proper social behavior and which actions are against the customs of your sect.


You are a venerated member of your Sect, and vampires give your opinion great weight. The Sect owes you respect.

Fleeting Status Traits

Adept (fleeting)

You have entered a conflict on behalf of the Sect (a siege, pitched battle, or similar major undertaking, not just a raid or a minor brawl), and comported yourself well on behalf of the Alliance.

Courageous (fleeting)

You have often thrown yourself into battle or controversy, and the tales of your exploits have spread through the sect. You are known for your courage and competitive prowess.

Courteous (fleeting)

Your words and actions are always the height of Kindred courtesy. You are known to adhere the customs of your sect and provide a genteel role-model for others.

Defender (fleeting)

You have been chosen to protect the citizens of your sect, in part or in whole, and as such, you are allowed to carry weapons into peaceful gatherings.

Favored (fleeting)

You have been lauded by a patron within your clan or sect. This patron supports your advancement and shields you from harm.

Honorable (fleeting)

In a world of lies, deception, and subterfuge, you are known for your sterling reputation. Your word is solid enough that it can even protect others; all you need do is give your oath on their behalf.

Hood (fleeting)

You are known for being a strong-arm for the Sect. Your area of expertise may be physical, or it may be a less tangible form of expression.

Loyal (fleeting)

You have proven your loyalty to your sect. Other individuals do not question your allegiance to sect law and custom.

Praised (fleeting)

You have rightfully obeyed the custom of status, enforcing peer pressure on an individual who has been socially incompetent, or otherwise upholding the social norm. Your presence is welcomed in the territories of your patron.

Reverent (fleeting)

On occasion, those who are elevated among the IA will recognize another vampire’s intelligence and ambition.

Tenacious (fleeting)

Your bravery and endurance in combat have gained the approval of important members in the Sect, and they have rewarded you for those outstanding efforts.

Triumphant (fleeting)

You have publically defeated an impressive enemy of the sect without aid or otherwise performed a critical and life-risking service to your sect. When this event occurs, you gain the status trait of Triumphant. The status trait Triumphant can only be given by NPCs. For more information on gaining this status, check the setting guide for your chronicle or speak with your Storyteller.

Victorious (fleeting)

You have participated in a symbel, whether a duel or an ordeal, and emerged victorious. The sect lauds your prowess.

Negative Status Traits

Each negative status trait has a censure, a prohibition placed upon the holder’s activities. These prohibitions are not magical or supernaturally enforced; they are social restrictions that the character is expected to obey for the period she holds this negative status. If a sect officer discovers that a character is in violation of a censure, the censured character suffers the penalties assigned by the trait’s mechanical systems.

Aberrant (negative)

The IA considers you a failure, someone who cannot be trusted to live up to her word and cannot be relied upon.

Ribald (negative)

You’ve committed a minor offense against the Sect, enough to be scolded, but not so much as to be severely censured. Regardless of the severity, this has been seen as a hindrance to the Alliance. You should learn from your mistakes, or you will be punished more harshly.

Warned (negative)

You have been warned to cease your poor behavior. Should you continue acting in this manner, you will be severely punished for your continued malfeasance.

Disgraced (negative)

Your activities have placed a stain on your reputation; you are distinctly out-of-favor among your sect mates.

Forsaken (negative)

You have broken society’s boundaries so often that the sect has ceased to grant you its protection. Although you may or may not be actively hunted, your death would not count as a breach of sect law.