Student Study Space Finder App Project Developer


Introduction to the Project:

Preliminary research conducted by Library Services has revealed that students at Worcester choose to study in a wide variety of different spaces, both inside and outside of University grounds. At Library Services we are keen to support this range of study behaviour, and, as a result, have proposed the development of an app that maps potential student study spots throughout the city and allows users to sort the results using a range of pre-defined criteria including, for example, the location’s accessibility, average noise levels, or proximity to natural light.

Role Description:

In the first instance, the placement holder will be required to research existing space finder apps and to develop a concept for a University of Worcester study space finder app using the data gathered as a result of the Study Spaces Research Project.

The placement holder will then be required to liaise closely with Library Services staff to create a prototype of the app, taking into consideration university-wide implications such as budget, branding and accessibility.

Skills and Experience Gained:

Staff Support:

Madalene George and Vee Collins, Student Engagement Co-ordinators

Student Requirements:

Given the nature of the project, the student will be required to be currently undertaking relevant computing modules or have equivalent experience and have the ability to take a professional and responsible approach to the project.