Discussion Questions for:

Beauty Unveiled

by Rachel Skatvold



Chapters 1 & 2

  1. How has Sarah’s outlook on life changed since the end of Beauty Within? What prompted these changes and what new challenges is she facing now?
  2. How does Shawn react to the news of Katherine’s engagement? Discuss your predictions of how Shawn’s return will affect Katherine and Ryan.
  3. When Shawn goes to visit his mother in the hospital, she reminds him of a verse displayed in the farmhouse from Proverbs 16:9. What special meaning does this verse hold for his life? What does it mean to you?
  4. Why is Ryan distressed during his dinner conversation with Katherine? How does she react? What qualities do you think make someone a good listener?


Chapters 3 &4

  1. What makes Sarah so restless to move away from her hometown? Do you believe leaving Brimsfield will have a positive or negative effect on her?
  2. How do Shawn and William react differently after tragedy strikes their family? Why does Shawn harbor so much guilt after their loss?
  3. At first, Sarah feels ill-equipped to help Shawn when he is grieving. Who does she draw strength from?
  4. List examples of times when you supported a friend or loved one—or when someone was supportive for you. What is most important when providing comfort for someone who has endured a loss?


Chapters 5 and 6

  1. Why does Stacy’s funeral feel like a double blow for Katherine? Do you believe her heart has fully healed after losing her first husband?
  2. How does Shawn’s mistake after the funeral affect Katherine’s relationship with Ryan?
  3. Discuss the shocking news Ryan learns when he visits his family in Wichita. Do you believe Drew is overstepping the boundaries to ask Ryan to forgive?
  4. Ryan’s troubled relationship with his father causes him to doubt his own ability to be a good dad for Lillian and JJ. Who reassures him? List some qualities that make someone a good parent, guardian or role model. Does it include more than just being related by blood?


Chapters 7 - 9

  1. When Sarah runs into her old friend, Nikki, she is tempted to revert back to her old destructive habits. Have you ever struggled with temptation? How did you handle it? Check out 1 Corinthians 10:13 for further discussion.
  2. What advice does Ryan give Sarah when she is discouraged? Describe a time where God has used your past experiences to encourage someone else, or the other way around.
  3. Discuss some of the reasons that Shawn decides to leave Brimsfield before Katherine’s wedding rehearsal.
  4. Why is Sarah so reluctant to reveal her true feelings for Shawn?
  5. Discuss your predictions for the next few chapters, now that Shawn’s trip home has been delayed and Katherine’s wedding is quickly approaching.


Chapters 10 & 11

  1. Katherine is discouraged when the wedding rehearsal doesn’t go as planned. What does Ryan say to encourage her? What quality do you enjoy the most about Katherine and Ryan’s relationship?
  2. Leaving the rehearsal to help Nikki turns out to be more trouble than Sarah bargained for. Should she have left? What would you do in a similar situation?
  3. Discuss the escalating events in these chapters. What surprised you the most?


Chapters 12 - 14

  1. Describe how Sarah’s accident affects her and the other characters in the story.
  2. Have you ever experienced a tragedy that shook your faith? Why is it so important to draw close to God even during the hard times? Read Psalm 34:17-19 for further insight.
  3. Why is Ryan so torn about seeing his father again? What would you do in his situation?
  4. Describe the difference between Ryan and Drew’s reaction to their father’s return and imprisonment. Why is Drew more willing to forgive than his brother?

Chapters 15 & 16

  1. How does Shawn’s life change after moving back to Kansas City? Why is the parable of the prodigal son so life-changing for him? Check out Luke 15:20-24 for further discussion.
  2. When Shawn comes to visit, Sarah continues to try to push him away. How does he get through to her? What warms your heart the most about their relationship?
  3. Discuss the emotional scene when Sarah walks for the first time. What does Shawn begin to realize? Do you believe that God can bring beauty out of any situation … even tragedy?
  4. Ryan finds out distressing news while meeting with his father. Does he have a good reason to be angry with him? Do you believe God can heal their relationship?

Chapters 17 & 18

  1. After the mouse incident, what does Shawn reveal about his misguided feelings for Katherine? How did he come to realize his mistake?
  2. What does Hebrews 12:1-2 inspire Sarah to do? Can you think of an area in your own life where God is calling you to run with endurance?
  3. Shawn’s return put strain on Katherine and Ryan’s relationship but is he the main reason they drift apart? What are the underlying problems between them? What steps could they take to repair their relationship?


Chapters 19 & 20

  1. Shawn is terrified of heights but rides a rollercoaster with Sarah anyway. Have you ever done anything you were afraid of? Where did you draw courage from?
  2. Discuss the romantic scene on the rollercoaster. Why did Sarah wait so long to reveal her true feelings for Shawn? Why does he struggle with knowing how to respond?
  3. Why is Clint reluctant about Sarah staying in Kansas City? Did Shawn make the right decision to hide his true feelings so she would go home?
  4. When Kristy surprises Sarah with the t-shirts and news of the TV interview, what does it help Sarah come to realize? List some qualities that make someone an inspiration for others.
  5. What events cause Shawn to recognize his true feelings for Sarah? List some qualities, besides physical beauty that make him fall in love with her.

Chapter 21 & 22

  1. What does Luke teach Ryan about forgiveness? Describe the impact Ryan’s decision to forgive has on him, his father and siblings. For further discussion, check out Mathew 18:21-22
  2. Why does Ryan overreact when he hears Shawn talking to Clint? Did his emotions cloud his judgment?
  3. How does God provide healing for Ryan and Katherine’s relationship?


Chapter 23 & 24 

  1. What did you enjoy the most about Sarah and Shawn’s reunion?
  2. Describe Sarah’s transformation during this book. How has her outlook on life and faith matured? What events prompted these changes?
  3. Why does Ryan want to pray with Katherine before their wedding? Describe some ways that a Christian couple can create a legacy of faith for their children.
  4. Discuss the significance of the title, Beauty Unveiled. Can you think of a time when God unveiled beauty in your own life?
  5. What did you enjoy most about this two for one love story? Describe your favorite character, scene or theme and why you liked it.

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