EdTech 505 Week 3

Karrie Cox

September 15, 2013

Evaluation Scenarios Two-part assignment

A. “Rich Kids, Poor Kids”

All stakeholders involved in “Rich Kids, Poor Kids” will benefit from an evaluation.  

Cashflow Technologies will receive valuable information on how well standards and objectives are being addressed.  A positive evaluation review could improve their marketing prospects and improve credibility.  Any negative evaluation reviews can provide guidance for product improvement(s).

Maricopa Community College District (MCCD) also benefits with an evaluation of the financial program in knowing how well standards and objectives are being made.  In addition, as improvements are made the course design will benefit future students and even attract more students into the program; possibly improving cost effectiveness.  

Boise State University receives the $6,000 budget which will cover the costs associated with department expense(s).  Students at Boise State educational technology and instructional design program will get experience in evaluation processes.  The success of the evaluation project completed will reflect well for Boise State University.  

Limitations of the evaluation is the fact the course has only been offered once, so there is only data from the one class and one instructor.  In addition the staff training sessions and seminars have not taken place which leaves no data to review.   Lastly, there is only the short-term data available as this is the first run.

Factors to ensure the evaluation will be successful will depend upon the design and implementation.  Boise State University, and the students enrolled in education technology program, are going to be overseen by staff should ensure a successful evaluation process with the data given.   Good communication is critical during the evaluation process along with support by Boise State Educational Technology Department.  

Evaluation results can help guide in decision-making for Cashflow Technology, Inc.  Decisions of how to improve the program or whether the product is ready to go. Maricopa Community College District can use results to improve course content and delivery of program.  Boise’s Educational Technology department can use the results as well to determine strengths and weakness in their own program.

B.  Edmodo Project

  1. Would the program you detailed in Chapter One benefit from an evaluation? If so, how?

All programs would benefit from an evaluation.   The Edmodo training/implementation project definitely needs an evaluation to see how attendees are able to progress through the process, see where they are and what limitations are rearing-up.  This could involve restructuring items in the overall lesson(s).

  1. What are the inherent limitations in the evaluation of the program? Note: We're talking about potential limitations of the evaluation, not the program itself.

Some factors that could limit the evaluation of this implementation of the program would be: 1) experience level of the evaluator (I am still a novice in my mind).  2) Limited data sources to use as examples as there will be a wide range of instructors who teach in different grade levels and subjects so there won’t be a one-size fits all example. 3) Amount of time and effort a teacher(s) put into creation and implementation. Some will put more effort into this than others. 4) Skill level of users.

  1. How might you use the evaluation results to benefit the organization, community, schools, or yourself?

Benefits of this evaluation will help all stakeholders to see value of creating an environment where instructors will be able to communicate with their students in an efficient and orderly manner.  Teacher’s will also be implementing 21st century skills discretely in to the context of subjects being taught.  This enables innovative learning methods that will integrate the use of supporting technology, inquiry and problem based approaches to higher order thinking skills (this would happen as teachers implement core subject assignments, group assignments, etc.)

As for myself, I am sure that I will be learning all through each step of the phases of creating and implementation, to evaluation.  I will also get some experience in evaluating an actual program as it proresses.