Sure, you're the average kid in town. You and your best friend (girl) have been friends for years.  Your friend has some ridiculously awesome and unique ability that would be of use to anyone (NEEDS REVISION).Because of this unique ability, a strange group kidnaps him/her while you two are playing a simple game of Hide and Seek. In an attempt to rescue him/her, you run over to the nearby Pokemon Lab or wherever you can pick up a Pokemon. You grab the one of your choice and chase after your friend. You battle the group's members, but they escape with your best friend. The police can do nothing to help because they are busy with a crime spree that's building throughout the region.

Your main goal is to get your friend back. You will do whatever it takes to get them.

When you are approached by the Team Rocket member at Nugget Bridge (example only), you have no choice to join. In this game, you have the choice to join the evil team or police.

In the next city over, you realize the police are fighting against the same group that kidnapped your friend. You arrive at a critical point in the battle and have the option to "join" the police and reach your friend using justice and order. You can also join the evil team and try to reach your friend from the inside and ultimately try to free him/her from the inside. Your rival becomes a member of the faction opposite to the one you chose. If you chose evil, your rival becomes a police cadet and if you chose good, your rival becomes a member of the Evil Team.

You fight through the cities and towns clearing them of crime or crime-fighters with the help of your Pokemon. In each city, the choices you make become grayer and grayer as the plans of the police and evil team become increasingly desperate. Perhaps in some cities, your team fails to conquer the other. In place of Gym Leaders could be Police Captains/Chiefs and Gang Heads or whatnot.

Finally, you fight your way to the final city where you reach your friend, who you've seen glimpses of throughout the game but have never made contact with. There's an M. Night Shyamalan plot twist where you realize/have it revealed to you that your friend actually is the head of the evil organization. However, you have always been good at heart, even if you have joined the evil team. You've had enough and battle your friend, who dies out of their own stubbornness after you defeat them. Perhaps something falls on them and crushes them or a legendary Pokemon destroys them.

You go back to your hometown, where you expect a hero's welcome. However, you are treated with a cold shoulder by all the residents, especially the parents of your dear friend. You try to explain what happened, but they never believe you. Only your mother (because tradition) believes you but you're forced out of your hometown to wander the region eternally.

This is probably cliche by now, but what if the evil team is once again trying to harness the power of a legendary for whatever reason?


  1. figure out how it relates to karma
  1. it’s a working title as far as i can think of
  1. team leader/police chief history and name and shit
  1. no batman
  2. no kakunaman
  3. no (insert pokemon here)man
  4. something somewhat somewhat related to genetics/science
  1. the person who did the pea plant genetics? what was his name
  1. Team Leader Mendel
  2. Neil DeGrasse Nye
  1. plot specifics
  2. team motivations
  1. some sort of ethnic cleansing of lesser pokemon
  1. anything with legendaries?
  1. maybe deoxys for space virus and shit
  2. mew for basic DNA and shit
  3. mewtwo for cloning and shit

Potential Names

  1. Mendel
  2. Newton
  3. Bohr
  4. Mensa
  5. Watson/Crick
  1. one for good and one for bad
  1. come as a pair
  1. discovered double helix model of DNA
  1. Chase/Spade?
  1. has a series of partners too? like club, diamond, and heart?
  1. Is this happening?
  1. Bruce willis in die hard?
  1. Dr Luigi Bio
  1. what why
  2. bioluigi
  3. It says my Chat is Unavailable =S
  1. have you tried restarting the computer?

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your friend is the son/daughter of a former team scientist

that scientist was on a breakthrough for simplifying plasmid genetics to transfer genes to pokemon

had figured it out but had a change of heart last minute

took the last bit of information needed to complete the procedure and put it on a device that your friend has (USB drive or something)

the father died as a result of betraying the team

the team kidnaps your friend to get the information back

you stumble into a meeting that makes your friend look like the leader

get all vengeance-y and betrayed-y and go on rampage

go through each town, only to just miss her; fight gyms to improve your rank so you can confront her

Gym leaders are trials to help you gain a rank in your organization of choice

about to bring down friend

find out the friend isn’t the leader

Find out everything about her father, as well as the reason she didn’t try to run away: They knew about you and said they’d kill you-MAYBE

attempt to escape with friend

friend dies in the crossfire

go back home

everyone is all like “FOR SHAME”

shunned from home

pokemon league post-game

production team post-game

Mel’s thoughts:

I still don't like the automatic 'bad ending', I think if we're allowing progression through two more or less completely different plots, one as a good guy, and one as an ostensible 'bad guy' we might as well go all the way. If we're going to have a thing somehow where it looks like your friend is the leader, we can make the choice to join the bad organization sincere. The choices you make in the game will then impact your 'karmic balance' which when it's all said and done will mean either good or bad things in the endgame. We could pepper small good/bad decisions through the plot too, one which makes it like you're infiltrating the bad team and one that makes it seem like you're in it sincerely, one that makes it seem like you're genuinely fighting with cops and one where you're participating in police corruption. Those decisions will add up and if you've been bad, your friend dies in the mess. If you've been good, they survive (or they still die, but you've done enough things for everyone else that your town doesn't shun you for failing to save them). It ties it directly to the theme without actually changing the general structure of the plot

What is Team Helix’s Role?

What do they wish to achieve?

  1. Use Deoxys to create the ultimate Pokémon.
  2. Revive Fossils to … I have no idea.
  3. Create a master race of Pokémon in order to take over the region.
  4. Take over the world using bioengineered Pokémon.

Team Helix’s ultimate goal is to take over the world using bio-engineered Pokémon. In order to engineer these Pokémon, they are stealing Pokémon to experiment on them to help create stronger Pokémon.

Start of the game:

Intro Sequence

You meet with your friend

You go with your friend to go get your first Pokémon.

Your friend leaves before you leave and gets kidnapped

Your friend was taken to the next town over where you try and rescue.

You fail to save your friend.

You go back to your home which is when you get the pokédex.

Next you go to the third town which is when you stumble upon your friend in a ‘meeting’ with Team Helix

After this point you have the choice to take the good route or bad route. Good route will have you leaving and going to the police in the town, bad route will have you joining Team Helix

Good Route


Bad Route


Normal Route


Colour Code

Can now do gym

Return to normal plot (Happens both Good and Bad routes)