Biotechnology Unit:  8.L.2

Essential Question for unit:  What are the pros and cons of biotechnology?

Essential Standard:  8.L.2.1:  Summarize aspects of biotechnology including:

Examples:  Domesticated crop plants and farm animals through selective breeding

Yeast to make bread rise and produce wine

Main Essential Question:  What are the pros and cons of biotechnology?

Essential Questions:


New Biotechnology:  

Biotechnology is not just _______ technology, but __________.

_______________  ________

____________ World

Even though biotechnology has benefitted NC in many ways, it has raised _________ issues.

How does biotechnology affect us?

New areas that are controversial:

Genetic Modification


Vocabulary:  biotechnology, organism, microorganism, genetic engineering, selective breeding, bioengineering, bioremediation, clone, ethics, genetic modification,  

Vocabulary from readings:  genes, behavioral traits, physical traits, somatic cell, herbicides, enucleate, gene gun, specialized cells, unspecialized cells, undifferentiated cells, embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells