Competitor's Race Briefing

The committee and members of Wicklow Triathlon Club would like to welcome all competitors  and visitors to the third Junior Beast of the East Triathlon.  We have assembled a race programme for you today on a very compact and yet challenging course in the beautiful seaside town of Greystones in Co Wicklow.  

The race course today is carefully designed to ensure that you enjoy a safe and fair racing environment.  We are lucky to have the use of the facilities and roads in the town of Greystones and acknowledge the support and cooperation of Wicklow County Council and the residents of Greystones who accommodate us today.

Your safety is of paramount importance to us and we thank An Garda Siochana, Irish Coast Guard, Triathlon Ireland, The Order of Malta, Poseidon Lifesaving Club and all of our Marshal Team for their support, cooperation and expertise.   We ask you to adhere to all instructions you are given today for yours and other competitor's safety and well being.

We must also thank all of our event sponsors; Ziggurat Student Living, Daly's Supervalu Greystones, Identity Promotions, Cycle Plus, BMC Ireland and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Ireland.  Our sponsors have made sure that you the competitor enjoy a premium race experience with a low entry cost, yet provide you with race nutrition, hydration and goodie bag.

We hope that you have a fantastic day in Greystones, that you have a fantastic race in the Junior Beast of the East.  We wish you the best of luck in your races.

Wicklow Triathlon Club

Junior Committee

Please read this briefing document in detail as it contains important information.  Please pay particular attention to documents required at registration and any specific reference to Triathlon Ireland race rules.

Race Day Schedule





Course Build – Transition Build

WTC Course Crew


Car Parking DART overflow Car Park (Marine Rd/La Touche Rd)



Registration set up – Greystones Sailing Club, Greystones Harbour

WTC Reg Crew


Marshal Reg open – Greystones Sailing Club, Greystones Harbour

All Marshals


Competitor Registration Opens – Greystones Sailing Club, Harbour



Sweep swim exit

WTC Course Crew


Transition Opens – The Cove @ Marine Road


Bike Check Opens at Transition Entrance

WTC Marshals


Set up cycle course and remaining signage

WTC Course Crew


Marshal Registration Closes

WTC Marshals

Prepare Swim Buoys

WTC Course Crew


Race Registration Closes –  Sailing Club, Greystones Harbour


Launch in-shore buoys

WTC Marshals

Race Briefing for Splash and Dash

Martin Family

Race Marshal Briefing  - Finish Area, Marine Road

WTC Marshals


Transition closes

WTC Marshals


Race Briefing – Finish Area, Marine Road - COMPULSARY



Splash and Dash Start – The Cove

S&D Entrants


14-15 Age Cat -  Race 1  Final Briefing. The Cove



14-15 Age Cat – Race 1 Start – The Cove



12-13 Age Cat – Race 2  Final Briefing. The Cove



12-13 Age Cat – Race 2 Start – The Cove



10-11 Age Cat – Race 3  Final Briefing, The Cove



10-11 Age Cat – Race 3  Start – The Cove



8-9  Age Cat –  Race 4 Final Briefing, The Cove



8-9 Age Cat – Race 4 Start



Last Race Finishes (approx)

Course Break Down & Marshal/Volunteer BBQ, The Cove

Marshals & Crew


Recover Swim Buoys

WTC Course Crew


Prize presentation ceremony – Venue to be advised at briefing


Transition, bike course and run course clean & litter check

WTC Course Crew


Clear all equipment


Please pay close attention to marshal instructions as these times may be changed on race day


Even if you have entered the Junior Beast of the East Triathlon using the online entry system on the Triathlon Ireland website you must still register for the event. The registration process is important and it is where you will receive your race number, your swim cap, your wristband, an ICE tag and your goodie bag.

There are two registration facilities as follows:

  • Friday, September 22rd  from 18:00 -  20:00.  Shoreline Leisure, Mill Road, Greystones, Co Wicklow
  • Sunday, September 24th from 11:00 – 12:30.  Greystones Sailing Club, Greystones Harbour (See aerial view below)

Registration Documents:

You must present one of the following at registration:

  • A Triathlon Ireland 2016 race license with the photograph attached


  • A printed copy of a One Day License for the Junior Beast of the East triathlon purchased using the Triathlon Ireland website.


  • A valid 2016 race license from an ITU affiliated national governing body


If you do not have any of the above licenses, you may purchase a youth one day license at the time you register with our registration team.  There is a charge for this license in addition to the cost of your race entry.

If you do not have a photograph attached to your Triathlon Ireland race license you must present a photographic ID for the competitor with your race license.  If you can not provide this we suggest that you purchase a one day license to be permitted to race.


This is a youth event so additional safety procedures are in operation to protect the welfare of competitors.  It is important to understand the following:

All competitors are issued with a waterproof coloured wrist band.  This wristband identifies the race age category that you have registered for.  All competitors are counted onto and off the course so it is vital that this wristband is fitted as soon as possible after registration and this MUST NOT BE REMOVED UNTIL AFTER THE EVENT CLOSES

The parent or guardian that registers the competitor is supplied with a yellow plastic tag with the competitor's race number.  This tag is initialled by one of our registration team.  You should use the built-in ty-wrap on this tag to fix this to your key-ring or belt loop on your trousers to keep this until after the competitor's race finishes.  No competitor will be allowed to leave the finish area without the person carrying this tag with the correct competitor race number.

Please arrive early for registration.  While this process is very efficient, there may be a queue at registration and you may miss your race briefing if you leave registration too late!


The race venue

The race will take place at “The Cove” in Greystones, Co Wicklow with the bike course and run course on the surrounding roads and pedestrian promenade.  We suggest that competitors who need to register on race day travel directly to the parking area adjacent to Greystones Harbour where you can set-down for the time it takes to register.  The race day registration takes place at Greystones Sailing Club beside the South Pier of Greystones Harbour.  We suggest you use the DART car parking facility at the junction of La Touche Road/Kimberley Road/Marine Road once you complete registration.


If you have registered on Friday, September 22nd  or once you have registered on Sunday, September 24th you should then should proceed to the DART car parking facility at the junction of La Touche Road/Kimberley Road/Marine.  We can not guarantee a parking space here but there should be ample room here or in the Church carpark on Kimberley Road.  There are also 2 carparks at the south end of Greystones - South Beach carpark and the Park and Ride carpark.  

Transition Area

The transition area is clearly marked out by barriers and is located above the pedestrian access to “The Cove” swimming beach on Marine Road.  There are bicycle racks provided along the centre of the transition area which is neutralised.  There is no advantage to using any particular rack slot so please cooperate with transition marshals as age category waves will be racked together.
You will receive specific instructions regarding transition and the few rules relating to safety and fair sport during your competitor race briefing on race day.

There is a bike safety check as you enter the transition area.  You must be wearing your helmet with the chin strap properly adjusted and the clasp closed so our marshals can check this.  The marshals will check the steering and brakes on your bike and will check that the ends of your handle-bars are not open.  You may be asked to repair your bike before you are allowed into transition if it does not meet our safety standards.

Swim Course

The swim course is rectangular and marked out by large 2m diameter swim buoys which are extremely easy to sight on.  The total length of the swim course is 200m.  To achieve the race distances in some waves only a portion of the full swim course will be used.  Where the swim course distance exceeds 200m then multiple partial or full laps of the swim course will make up the distance of your swim.  You will be given clear instructions on race day and a final briefing at the swim start in the minutes before your swim wave start.

The swim safety team includes 1 coast guard RIB (motor live boat), 4 kayaks, three surf rescue boards and up to five marshals in the water to assist the swim leg of the race.  There is no need for anybody to be nervous as younger race age groups swim within their depth and have close supervision in the water.

If you become distressed at all, please roll over on to your back, relax and raise your arm in the air with your fist clenched.  You will be attended to immediately by our water safety team.  Please pay attention to the briefings you receive on race day with regard to water safety.

Bike Course

The bike course begins at the “Mount Line” outside the transition area. You must not ride your bicycle inside the transition area or before you have crossed this mount line.  There are marshals at the mount line and you should pay attention to these marshal's instructions carefully.


When you have removed your wetsuit and have put on your shoes, shirt and shorts YOU MUST PUT ON YOUR HELMET AND CLOSE THE CHIN STRAP BEFORE YOU TOUCH YOUR BIKE.

Please be aware that the entire bike course is on a public road.  While we have Gardai marshalling all access to the bike course and re-directing traffic we can not guarantee that there will be no traffic on the bike course.  There are homes and car parks on the bike course so competitors should behave as they would on a public road as cars may appear on the course.

There is a sharp corner at either end of the bike race course.  Please obey our marshal's instructions for your own safety.  The course for 15m before and after each of these corners is “neutralised” and is marked and marshalled.  This means you must slow down and MUST NOT PASS A COMPETITOR IN THE NEUTRALISED AREA.  Failure to observe the neutralised area will result in instant disqualification.

There is a bike dismount line which is marked and marshalled beside the transition area.  When you have completed your full bike leg you must slow down and dismount your bike BEFORE YOU CROSS THE DISMOUNT LINE.  You will receive a penalty or possible disqualification if you fail to observe the dismount line and marshals.

There will be specific instructions given to each race wave regarding the bike dismount line and transition area.  As the procedure is not the same for all race waves please pay close attention to the instructions you are given at the verbal race briefing on race day

Run Course

The run course is located on the pedestrian promenade on Marine Road.  Access to the run course is via the transition area where there is a specific run exit.   All race age categories will run through the finish arch and onto their race course.  Please obey marshal instructions as they guide you onto the run course.

The entire length of one “out and back” lap of the run course is 1,200m.  For age categories 10-11, 12-13 and 14-15 the run leg will be multiple laps of this out and back course.  There is a marshalled turn cone at each end of the run course.  Each time a competitor reaches the far extreme end of the course they should run around the turn cone in a clockwise direction.  Only when a competitor has completed the prerequisite number of laps will they be allowed to run past the “transition turn around cone” and on to the finish arch.

Please ensure that your number is visible to the front as you approach the finish line to allow marshals record your race number.

Finish Area

In accordance with Triathlon Ireland guidelines, all competitors will be retained in a closed area at the finish area for their safety.  Marshals are on hand in the finish area with water and snacks for the competitors and each will be checked to ensure that they are not distressed after the race.  Please be sure to collect your finisher medal at the finish line.

Competitors are not allowed to leave the finish area unless they are with the designated parent or guardian who will be carrying the yellow tag given out at registration.