196. Words don't go through

 When Bunmi-san heard that Mai-san is the grandchild of the previous Demon Lord-sama and was surprised―

 Mai-san tugged at my sleeves with *kui kui*.

「What is it, Mai-san?」

「Although you're talking in a language I don't understand since a little while ago, can't you interpret?」

「Opps, I forgot.」

 I took out a【magic stone of temporary language acquisition】from the inventory and gave it to Mai-san.

 This is not the copied『+2』but the original one.

 Mai-san who received the magic stone without knowing the reason has been wrapped in the light of the magic stone.

「W-, What on earth is this!?」

「You should now understand the language with this.」

「Is it something like a『konyakku[1]』of a certain robotic cat?」

「Something like that.」

 I ignored Mai-san who was scrutinizing the magic stone intently―

 and continued my conversation with Bunmi-san.

「That's why I'd like to meet the previous Demon Lord-sama―

 Where can I meet him?」

「I see, understood.」

 After hearing the whereabouts of the previous Demon Lord-sama from Bunmi-san―

 we decided to head there.


 The house of the previous Demon Lord-sama―

 It was ominous but was a huge house with a slight Japanese feeling.

「So it's here~.

 Somehow, it's an unexpectedly an ordinary house.」

「Does ojii-san lives here?」

「Yes, that's right.」

「I-, Is that so...」

 When we stared at the house of the previous Demon Lord-sama―

「Uh, how may I help you?」

 A young demonkind housekeeper called out to us.

 It's not maid-san but housekeeper-san.

「Umm, we'd like to meet the previous Demon Lord-sama.」

「It's an official business for danna-sama, isn't it?

 Since I'll inform him, may I ask your name?」

「Yes, I am Seiji.

 Please inform him that『I have come regarding the matter of the human woman』.」

「I understand, please wait a moment.」

 When we were waiting in front of the door for a while―

 footsteps producing *dota dota* sound can be heard from inside and the previous Demon Lord-sama jumped out.


 Where's that human girl!?」

 The previous Demon Lord-sama looked around restlessly.

「She's not here!

 You, Seiji!!」

 The previous Demon Lord-sama was too excited and grabbed me by my collar.

「Previous Demon Lord-sama was too agitated, please calm down a little.」

「Oops, sorry, I lost self-control.

 But, what is the meaning of this?

 You didn't bring her?」

「Yes, she said she doesn't want to meet with you.」


 The previous Demon Lord started to become agitated again.

 Is this person has such a character?

「She said that she doesn't want to show her old appearance to you.」

「I-, Is that so...... the humans......

 get old in just 40 years, huh......」

 The image of obaa-san in the previous Demon Lord-sama was surely young.......

「That's why I brought this person instead.」

「N?  Who is this person?」

「This person is......」

「That person is......?」

「It's your grandchild!」


 N!? M-, My grandchild!?」

「That's right!

 It's the daughter of the child born between you and that woman.」

「No, wait a moment!

 Still, only 40 years......

 That's right!

 A human can already bear a child at 15 years old!!」

 I left the previous Demon Lord-sama alone to put the situation in order and―

 pushed Mai-san's back, letting her moved a step forward.

「Please introduce yourself.」

「O-, Ou.」

 Mai-san moved one more step forward and―

「It's Kawai Mai.

 Are you my ojii-san?」

「Apparently so.

 I discarded my name when I became a Demon Lord―

 I'm now called the『previous Demon Lord-sama』.」

「What's a Demon Lord?」

 You've asked that now, Mai-san?

「What, are you not informed?

 This place is the demonkind country.

 And, I was the King. That's all.」

「I see.」

 Did you understand now?

 However, the conversation is awkward......

「Previous Demon Lord. Are you strong?」

「I became the Demon Lord because I was the strongest in this country.

 Still the strongest even now.

 Other than that, why don't you call me, jii-sama?」

「I'll call you that if you can win against me.」

「What did you say!?」

 Oi oi, are you going to talk with fists!?

 Within a moment, the two people's killing energy swelled out.

 Why did it become like this!?

「Oi, grandchild.

 How old are you?」



 Did you grow quickly because of the human blood!?」

「This is the first time in my life that someone told me that I grew quickly.」

 That's right.

「Onii-chan, step back.」

「Aya. But, but......」

「Don't worry!」

 When we stepped back a little―

 The previous Demon Lord and Mai-san both took a stance.

「Previous Demon Lord-sama, please don't act too rashly.」


 I won't take a 19-year-old baby seriously.」

「I'm already an adult!!」

 The shout of Mai-san became the signal of the fight's start―

 the two people clashed with each other.

[1] Translation konjac