N2N Insurance & Blue Cards Issues.

Public Liability & Volunteers Workers Insurance.

Advice sought from ACS Insurance Brokers,

Any team going out into peoples homes is covered by your Church’s Insurances if it is a recognised activity of the Church. Best way to do this is to minute, in a business meeting, N2N as an activity of your Church. And for a belts and braces approach, record the names of any team leaders. If this is done the team leaders Church carries the insurance burden.

N2N must provide an OH & S briefing for all workers.

Blue Card.

The homes we help may or may not contain children.

Advice sought from Commission for Children and Young People hot line (1800 113611)

Any Church team going into homes to do voluntary household jobs DO NOT require Blue Cards. This exposure to children is classified as co- incidental contact with Children. But we must not offer to do baby sitting or child minding or any other child based activity.

Matthew Bolte

Issue on 6th May 2011