FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 24, 2017 Contact:

To Whom It May Concern,


Whereas the campus community is experiencing mounting racial tension, putting the health and safety of brown and black students at risk and

Whereas The Evergreen State College administration has failed to indicate any plan of action for the protection of students of color on campus and

Whereas the College administration, specifically Andrea Seabert Olsen, has demonstrated anti-blackness in the pigeonholing, charging, and sentencing of two Black, trans, disabled students based on false, racially-charged allegations and

Whereas the Evergreen State College Campus Police, in a separate incident, kept two Black students detained over an unfounded claim of aggression until hours after midnight, conducted unlawful interviews, and contacted the students’ guardians illegally, without a Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) release or student consent and

Whereas students were assaulted by Evergreen Police Officer Timothy O’Dell over a false report made by professor Bret Weinstein on the morning of May 23, 2017, after students attempted to hold Bret accountable for a recent racist email he wrote and

Whereas the College administration has, without any student input, proposed changes to the Student Code of Conduct which would criminalize protests and disruptions on a federally-funded, public institution and

Whereas the labor for dramatic change in the institution has fallen on Black femme students, instead of paid administrators or other white bodies.

In response to these recent events, and the cyclical nature of anti-blackness and racism at The Evergreen State College, students are engaging in an ongoing struggle for equity on campus. Today at 1pm, students will be rallying in the Library lobby to formally present a List of Demands to College administrators as well as to show solidarity with the individuals whose bodies are routinely targeted by The Evergreen State College.

This is a CALL TO ACTION to show up in solidarity with students on campus; to report incidents of racial bias or harassment by or at The Evergreen State College; to submit claims to the Office of Civil Rights; and to contact College administrators to demand repercussions for ongoing incidents of anti-blackness conducted by students and faculty alike.

Who to contact:

The Office of President George Bridges -

Vice President of Student Affairs Wendy Endress -

Assistant to the VP for Student Conduct Andrea Seabert Olsen -


Those Who Are Not Often Heard