DeWayne Harrell is a FACILITATOR  
The statements below were written by individuals I have known throughout my career as an educator.

Liz Leonard
(Salem City Schools Employee)


“DeWayne helped make modifications to the library to help all students learn as individuals, as well as being a great role model and mentor.”

Samantha Schaffer
(4th grade teacher)


“In order to engage all learners, Mr. Harrell establishes station routines, where students can independently rotate through a variety of activities that spark their interests.”

Marcia Murphy

(former English Teacher)

“His (Mr. Harrell) lesson plans are organized and detailed to allow the special education teacher to assist in addressing the needs of the inclusion students.”

Kelley Bragg

(Special Ed. Teacher)


“Mr. Harrell was successful in motivating students at all ability levels, while providing instruction that offered students the opportunities to learn English skills, as well as computer skills.”