Council Meeting #1

Monday, 15 October 2012

6:00pm, Price Center Forum


I.   Call to Order. [6:07pm]

II. Approval of Agenda. [6:08pm]

a.     Motion to approve. Motion passes.

III. Certification of representatives.

a.     New representatives asked to send in preferred email for certification purposes.

V. General Announcements and Public Comment [6:09pm]

a.     Rahul Kapadia—looking for people to serve on the Finance Committee. DPC expires October 30th.

b.     Shannon Muir—Organizing a Voter education event for October 25th, need volunteers to present on propositions and facilitate Q & A. Pizza provided. Looking for a legislative aide since the transition period is difficult to make the transition smooth for next year. Register to vote!

c.      Taylor Bright—October 16th, Happy Hour at the Loft in conjunction with University Center. Jazz concert from 5 to 7pm. October 31st, Fall Free for All with free beer, free food, beer pong and costume contest.

d.     Mat Jarvis—Previous service coordinator resigned and looking for a replacement as soon as possible.

Break for food [6:15pm]

VI.            State of the GSA and Graduate and Professional Schools

a.     Introduction of executives.

b.     Reviewed GPSES survey

c.      Revised governing documents of the GSA over the summer.

d.     Hosted orientation dinner for new graduate students—550 in attendance.

e.     Fall Free for All on October 31st

f.      Negotiation with University Centers and the Loft for weekly Happy Hours

g.     Partnership with San Diego Symphony for fundraising

h.     External  office

                                      i.     helped host UCSA Congress at UCSD

                                     ii.     Extensive effort to get out the vote and raise awareness of Prop. 30

                                   iii.     Lobbying post election to bring forth issues of graduate and professional students

                                   iv.     Scott is going to NAGS and will present next week.

i.       Finance closed the budget from the last fiscal year and updated current budget with rollover funds. Can be found on GSA website. Looking to streamline reimbursements and working on transparency.

j.       Academics

                                      i.     longer checkout periods for books.

                                     ii.     Continue to work with library in regards to policies and reserves.

                                   iii.      Rearrangement of physical science library.

                                   iv.     Judiciary branch to keep GSA accountable to governing by-laws.

                                     v.     Chancellor dissertation awards. 9 given out by division for outstanding dissertation.

                                   vi.     Tolerance workshops alongside faculty.

k.     Possible failure of Prop. 30 would lead to a midyear fee increase of 20% and a 15% reduction in departments.

l.       Professional school fee increases have already gone into action and will continue to increase.

m.   University Centers is running a $10 million deficit.

n.     Proposal for Visual Arts department to undertake the Craft Center in an effort to offset the costs and reopen the space

o.     Housing, minimize rental rates and emphasize need for housing.

p.     Transportation running a massive deficit.

q.     Proposal of online MA’s for the UC system.

VII.          Diversity [6:39pm]

a.     Resignation of John Alaniz

                                      i.     Higher enrollment of graduate students but lower retention rates especially among underrepresented minorities.

                                     ii.     As a result, rankings can drop.

                                   iii.     Summer projects: monitoring new VC EDI, bringing diversity to orientation, LGBT events

                                   iv.     Students of Color Conference, November 9-11

b.     Discussion of Bylaws for Diversity

                                      i.     Disorganization of cultural organizations, looking to condense organizations.

c.      Election of New VP Diversity

                                      i.     Nomination of Don Johnson.

                                     ii.     Candidate Johnson’s plans:

1.     Retention issues, organize a delegation for the Students of Color Conference

                                   iii.     Don Johnson elected as new VP Diversity for the GSA.

VIII.        Rep. Retreat [6:52pm]

a.     Mandatory, October 22nd 6pm in the Forum, will last about an hour and convene at Porter’s Pub afterwards

b.     External issues, Robert’s Rules, council procedures

c.      Remember to be certified and provide email

IX.            Introduction of Amended Governing Documents [7:00pm]

a.     Standing executive committee created at the beginning of the summer to update and revise governing documents.

b.     Committee decided to revise entire constitution instead of individual amendments. No positions changed, just revised for language, fluidity and consistency.

c.      Changed document available on website and sent out over the listserv.

d.     Motion to strike the old constitution and replace it with the updated one.

e.     Motion passed.

X.              Officer and Committee Appointments [7:07]

a.     Appointment of Jon Monk as Social Events Coordinator

b.     Appointment of Lara Bullock as Cultural Event Coordinator

c.      Appointment of Scott Guenther as Legislative Liasion for National Affairs.

d.     Appointment of Brian Griffeath-Loeb and Sayanan Sivaraman to the Finance Committee.

e.     Internal Appointments

                                      i.     Advisory Committee on Sustainability-  Margie Matthewson

                                     ii.     ARCHAC – Cory Stevenson, Micah Manary, Lindsay Freeman

                                   iii.     Campus Budget Committee – Rahul Kapadia

                                   iv.     Campus/Community Planning Committee – Lyla Fadali

                                     v.     Capital Outlay and Space Advisory Committee (COSAC) – Jeffrey Kwang

                                   vi.     Electronic Information and Communications Policy Committee (EICPC) – Nima Nikzad

                                  vii.     Grad Life Steering Committee (GLSC) – Emily Elizabeth Goodman

                                viii.     Mid-Coast Light Rail Transit (LRT) Work Group – Patrick Hennigan

                                   ix.     Office of Students with Disabilities Advisory Committee – Kris Nelson

                                     x.     Sports Facility Advisory Board – Robert Hill

                                   xi.     Student Conduct Regulations Review Committee – Kris Nelson

                                  xii.     Transportation Policy Committee – Jeremy Davis-Turak

                                xiii.     TritonLink Executive Committee – Rakesh Varna

                                xiv.     University Centers Advisory Board – Michael Porter, Michael Yu

f.      Academic Appointments

                                      i.     Academic Integrity Review Board – Jonathan Udoff, David Lee, Avery Sonnenberg, Sol Reyna, Natalie Elder, Lenore Rodriguez McCrory, Tsukasa Takahashi, Emily Pfeiffer, Behrang Asadi, David Pinzur, Daniel Freilich, Melissann Herron

                                     ii.     Community Standards Board – Jeff Kwong, Kris Nelson

                                   iii.     Course Material Fee Committee – Garo Bournoutian

                                   iv.     Program Review Committee – Karmel Allison

                                     v.     Education Initiative Workshop – Matan Hofree, Richard Tibbles

                                   vi.     Academic Freedom – Jonathan Okerblum

                                  vii.     Diversity and Equity- Jordan Haug

                                viii.     Campus and Community Environment – Ian Parker

                                   ix.     Educational Policy – Mitch Downey

                                     x.     Graduate Council – Jordan Gosselin, Mat Jarvis

                                   xi.     International Education – Kara Finzel

                                  xii.     Library – Kris Nelson

                                xiii.     Representative Assembly – Jordan Gosselin, Mat Jarvis

XI.            Call for Council Meeting #2 [7:13pm]

XII.          Adjournment [7:14pm]


Attendance: Mat Jarvis, Emily Elizabeth Goodman, Jordan Gosselin, Ash Arianpour, Rahul Kapadia, Taylor Bright, John Alaniz, Shannon Muir, Scott Guenther, Jon Monk, Jacqui Le, Lara Bullock, Roshni Chandrashekhar, Ian Parker, Christopher Ahn, Cory Stevenson, Dan Jacobsen, Ludovic Vincent, Michael Yu, Marty Flores, Shigeki Miyake-Stoner, Shokufeh Nourollahi, Chris Abdullah, Anna Wakeland, Jackie Ward, Donald Johnson, Carson Dance, Dan Frost, Brie Iatarola, Joaquin Contreras, Nima Nikzad, Russell Reas, Rakesh Varna, Garo Bournoutian, Travis Brayak, Shayla Melo, Sayanan Sivaraman, Joe Smalley, David Idol, Jorge Leal, Patrick Hennigan, Yutaka Ishida, Anthony Nguyen, Alexandra Tracy, Daniel Hoff, Jeremy Semko, Robert Won, Hossein Sadeghi, Ashley Juavinett, Jeff Dahien, Darcy Barron, Michael Rivera, Liam Kavanagh, Aung Myo, Natalie Forssman, John Ballard, Kathry Furby, Brandon Stephens, Lynn Waterhouse, Mattias Cape, Katherine Le, Jennifer Tseng, Crystal Zhoy, Danielle Ishihara, Amber Lundy, Aitor Lajarin