Tutorial Research

1. Review 3 - 5 tutorials on a topic of your choice (music, video games, cooking, technology, drawing, origami, skateboarding, etc) and evaluate each tutorial in the table below. Make sure each tutorial is created by a different person. Include at least 2 comments with reasons for each box below.

Make sure your answers are detailed and thorough and explain the reasons for your statements.

Tutorial Topic



List the things in the tutorial that would help you improve your skills. What did you learn by watching this tutorial?

What did the creator do well? Why was it good?

What was hard to understand? Why wasn’t it helpful?





How to Make Cinnamon Rolls

  1. Baking the cinnamon rolls is one of the most important parts & you need the follow the directions so they come out right.
  2. Dough should not be sticky. Add flour to make it less sticky.
  3. Ingredients & utensils needed for cinnamon rolls.
  4. Cinnamon rolls are easy to make and they only take about 20 minutes.
  1. She was very creative in the way she edited her video to make it more interesting. The editing saved time, and helped make the video enjoyable.
  2. The camera was steady and in focus. This helped us see what she was doing.
  3. She did voice over. This made the quality really high, and very easy to hear.
  1. In her voice over, she sometimes said “um” or stumbled over her words. This makes it seem less profession or that she’s not prepared or confident.
  2. Video quality could have been better, so it would be easier to see.


How To Make Booby Trap

1. I learned a new way to have fun with a loud bang noise to scare people. (A little prank.

2. I learned a new way of making things pop from other peoples hands.

3. I learned how to recycle balloons to make a trap.

1. This guy made the video with good explanation of how to make the trap and he was detailed. This made the viewer be cautious every step so the viewer won’t mess up.

2. This guy talked really clear that even in the clip made, the voice was really recognizable. This is good because the viewer can understand easily and the viewer won’t make mistakes.

1. The video quality was really bad and the camera wasn’t in one place. This isn’t good because if the camera isn’t on focus, it will be really hard to see the things that the guy did.

2. The guy was nervous and talked about something unrelated that sometimes I got lost. This is bad because the viewer won’t be able to concentrate on the trick but on the other things.


Water Bottle

1. I learned about how pressure goes together and the object splits in half.

2. I learned how to use the cutter. You need to be as far as possible from the blade and carefully circle around the sides of the bottle.

3. I learned how to recycle bottles in a fun way.

1. The voice was really clear and easy to understand. This is good because this made the viewer not annoyed because of the video.

2. The clip was really good and the camera was held in one place so it wasn’t wobbly. This is good because if the camera is steady, the viewer will be patient and watch the rest of the tutorial.

3. It showed an easy simple tutorial, then it showed how the prank works. This is good because after the guy tried the trick, he gave us time to make the trap.

1. The voice accent was hard to understand. This is negative because the viewer wouldn’t understand in a different accent so the viewer wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the video.

2. The video quality was a little gray so he could have improved on it. This is bad because if the screen is gray, it would be dark and hard to see what the guy is doing.



1. I learned how to use different kinds of utensils to make traps.

2. I learned how to prevent people from taking stuff.

3. I learned how to make a easy trap with various things and a useful trap.

1. The voice was clear and was really smooth. This made the video really quick but explaining easily. The clip went in a certain pace which made the viewer patient and calm.

2. It was really detailed step by step. This is good because you know what to do on every detailed part so it is a low chance to make a mistake.

1. The clip transition was very fast. This is bad because the viewer will not know when a new trap is coming and will get confused.

2. The guy talking was really fast. This isn’t good because the viewer won’t be able to keep track of the trap.



2. If this was your hobby, and you wanted to get better at it (by learning online), which would you choose and why?