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Rubric for Web Design

(0-11 pts)

(12-20 pts)

(20-25 pts)


No indentation.

Greater than 5 errors in the code

Some of the code is properly indented.

3-5 errors in the code.

Proper indentation of code.

Less than 2 errors in the code.

Multiple Pages

The website has 1 page.

The website contains 2-3 pages include the index page.

The website contains 4 or more pages including the index page.


More than 4 links and rollover do not work properly.

2-3 of the links and rollover images do not work properly.

All of the links and rollover images work properly.


Website is missing more than 3 links.

Website is missing 1-2 links.

Website contains at least a link to an email, a link to another webpage, and 4 internal links to pages.


No evidence of design principles in the website.

Website has a clear purpose but does not effectively use principles of design.

Website has clear purpose through use of effective use of visual hierarchy and accompanying design principles.


3 or more pages lack content.

1-2 pages lack content.

All webpages have been populated with content.

Paper Prompt

None of the prompts were addressed in the paper or paper not written.

Some of the prompts were addressed in the paper.

All of the questions in the prompt were addressed in the paper.

Prompt: Write a design evaluation for the layout of your website.  Justify your use of Visual hierarchy, Rule of Thirds, Balance, Color, and Texture and how they work together to communicate a clear purpose.  Explain any problems you had in building the website with HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, or Illustrator.  What would you do differently next time you build a website?