BYOD Parent Survey Results: Summary

November 4, 2015

Dear Community

Thank you to those that completed this survey.  

Below are screenshots from the Survey Monkey analysis.  Fourty three parents completed this survey.  We have updated our Other Information and Frequently Asked Questions document, available on the front page of our website to include answers to questions asked in this survey.

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4 - opportunity for comment regarding question 3.

If you do or do not support the introduction of a BYOD programme, please list your reasons.

We had 18 responses to this question.

Themes were:

  • Many supportive comments about introduction of a BYOD programme and benefits to learning.
  • See the logic in having one type of device to make it more manageable for teachers.
  • Some only mildly supportive but don't want to hinder school development.
  • Some parents commented that they don't want their child to spend too much time on a device.
  • Widespread agreement that it should not be used at interval or lunchtime
  • Need for ‘regular’ teaching of subjects as well.
  • Don’t want devices to take over the programme.
  • 4 respondents don’t agree with the concept of BYOD for Year 7&8
  • Will devices be available for those that do not bring a device?
  • Essential that digital citizenship and cybersafety taught.

Question 5

Question 6

  • Most suggest they will bring an iPad
  • Many talk about an iPad Mini
  • Some Year 8 parents will delay purchasing until they know what is needed in their childs Secondary School.
  • Like to have option to purchase through a supplier at a discounted price.

John Western