Music Export Ukraine created a collection of resources and information on how the music industry can help the people of Ukraine fight back and defend their freedom.

How can YOU help?

Donate funds to support the Ukrainian military, internally displaced people, and refugees!

- support the Ukrainian Army. You can transfer money to the following accounts:
🇺🇦 National Bank of Ukraine -
🇺🇦 Come Back Alive Charity -
🇺🇦 Monobank -
link (accept payments from the card of any bank in the world)
🇺🇦 Phoenix Wings -
link (non-lethal equipment for Ukrainian Army)

- support the people:
🌐MEU Support Program  -
🌐National Bank of Ukraine -
SOS Ukraina - link 
🌐Music Saves UA -
🌐World Central Kitchen
 - link
🌐UNICEF USA - link

You can read and find more funds here: 

  1. Help with accommodation abroad  - link 1, link 2.

  2. Send humanitarian help - link
    You can
    send things to Nova Poshta Global international warehouses, and they will send them to those who are in need in Ukraine! The warehouses are located in the USA, Poland, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey. Details - link. 

  3. Spread on your social media latest news/photos and videos from Ukraine/links to trusted funds/ link to this file. Your voice matters.

  4. Find the nearest demonstration, show your support, and condemn Russian aggression. Look up for  protests in your area; 

  5. Send emails to your politics representatives, you can find drafts in different languages and some contacts via this link.

  6. DDoS attack on websites of the Russian government and Russian sources of fake news (make sure to enable VPN first).  

Verified Sources and Trusted Media to READ and SHARE:

📰 News with latest updates:

✅ Official Sources:

Localized versions of this document:

🇷🇴 Romanian - link