Copiah-Jefferson Regional Library offers archival and genealogical searches for patrons and guests outside of the library’s immediate service area.  Patrons and guests within the library’s immediate service area may access archival and genealogical materials by visiting their  local library branch.

Research is limited to indexed materials only.  Researchers can review the library’s indexed material selection via the library’s online catalog, located on the library’s website at The online catalog offers the additional advantage of providing researchers with an overview of materials available throughout the entire Longleaf Library Consortium.  

Requests are answered in the order in which they are received.


Remote researchers are enabled to conduct their own research to identify materials of interest through perusal of the library’s online catalog.

Research to locate or identify living friends or relatives is not included in library research due to privacy laws.  Library staff members are strictly prohibited from providing this type of information.

There is a limit of 3 indexed materials per request.

The library reserves the right to discontinue or disregard requests from professional genealogists, fee researchers or other individuals who attempt to use our reference services for monetary gain or from patrons who utilize these services excessively.

Format of Requests

Specificity of Requests is important to a successful query.

Who?                List the name or variation of the name

What?                Indicate the type of information needed

When?         Limit the request to a specific period of time

Where?        Limit relevant locations to avoid similarities to another person,

place, or thing

Why?                List any information that will help make the search results more

pertinent to the specific research goals

How?                List the (up to) 3 indexed materials for analysis

Example of a specific acceptable request:

Who?                     John D. Bassett - also as John David Bassett or J. David Bassett

What?                any reference to this name        

When?         1920-1925

Where?        anywhere in Copiah County

Why?                trying to determine if in this area at this time

How?                1. Stringer Funeral Home Records 1922-24

2. 1923 Lions Club Vertical File

3. Copiah County Board of Supervisors 1925 Vertical File

Example of a vague request that may be returned for more information:

Who?                John Basset

What?                anything you have

When?        anything

Where?        Copiah County

Why?                family member

How?                anything you have available

How to Submit a Request


The library does not mail photocopies via standard mail.  Copy+scan or copy+fax services are available.  For an overview of fee rates, see ‘Fines and Fees‘ in the online policy manual at

Fees must be pre-paid before the library staff provides distribution of the photocopies.  Acceptable payment forms are cash (not recommended), money order, or cashier’s check.