Jewish Studies and Other Scholars in Support of Prof. Peter Schäfer

[445 signatures as of 6/27/2019, 6:00pm]

As scholars in the field of Jewish Studies, we strongly protest the calumnies against our distinguished colleague, Prof. Peter Schäfer, that resulted in his forced resignation as director of the Jewish Museum of Berlin. This is shocking because the Museum serves as a major international center for education about Judaism and Jewish history. Having a scholar of his academic distinction as director is one of the Museum’s greatest achievements.

False accusations have been spread about Prof. Schäfer, and we are appalled that truth is no longer being upheld and that the reputation of a scholar devoted to Judaism would be smeared in public. This is outrageous, and we protest in the strongest terms.

Prof. Schäfer is the first and greatest scholar of Judaism to emerge in postwar Germany. After studying at Israeli universities, he created the field of Jewish Studies in Germany by establishing an institute at the Free University of Berlin and publishing numerous extremely important studies on Jewish history and literature in antiquity and the Middle Ages—books and editions that changed the field of Jewish Studies internationally. The students trained by Prof. Schaefer in Germany and, later in the United States, when he became professor at Princeton University, have had very important careers as teachers and scholars of Judaism around the world. Through his career, he has maintained strong and active ties with the Israeli scholarly community, where he is viewed as a great colleague and friend.

Prof. Schäfer is one of the most important scholars of his generation and is respected throughout the academic community. He is a scholar of the highest rank who also made an extremely important contribution to the revival of Jewish life in Germany in the postwar decades and to the fight against antisemitism. He has also worked tirelessly to promote a better understanding of Zionism and the importance of the State of Israel. Thanks to him, a new appreciation for Judaism and Jewish history has emerged among Germans, Jewish and Christian.

These are talents he brought as director of the Jewish Museum of Berlin, seeking to offer its many visitors an understanding and appreciation of the beauty of Judaism and the preciousness of Jewish life, including the State of Israel, where Prof. Schäfer is deeply admired and respected.

Gershom Scholem once remarked, “You don’t have to be an elephant to teach zoology.” Nor do you have to be a Jew to teach Jewish history. On the contrary, the great wish of members of the Wissenschaft des Judentums was to create a community of Christian colleagues with deep learning of Judaism. Prof. Schäfer has fulfilled that wish in great abundance and with extraordinary accomplishment; he is an ambassador of Judaism to the entire world. Let us thank him and honor him and stop these outrageous calumnies.

We demand a public apology to him from those who have spread lies about him.


  1. Susannah Heschel, Eli Black Professor of Jewish Studies, Dartmouth College
  2. Annette Y. Reed, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Skirball Department of Hebrew & Judaic Studies and Department of Religious Studies, New York University
  3. Shaul Magid, Professor, Dartmouth College
  4. Alana Vincent, Professor of Jewish Philosophy, Religion and Imagination, University of Chester
  5. Barbara Mann, Professor, Jewish Theological Seminary, New York
  6. Micha Brumlik, Professor en., Selma Sternzentrum für jüdische Studien Berlin Brandenburg
  7. Derek Krueger, Joe Rosenthal Excellence Professor of Religious Studies, University of North Carolina Greensboro
  8. Ranen Omer-Sherman, JHFE Endowed Chair of Jewish Studies, University of Louisville
  9. Froma Zeitlin, Professor Emeritus, Princeton University
  10. Noëmie Duhaut, Leibniz Institute of European History
  11. Joshua Shanes, Associate Professor, College of Charleston
  12. Hannah Holtschneider, Senior Lecturer in Jewish Studies, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
  13. Wendy Heller, Professor, Princeton University
  14. Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus, Rabbi and Professor, Wheaton College
  15. Ishay Rosen-Zvi, Professor, Tel Aviv University
  16. Christine Hayes, Professor, Yale University
  17. Daniel Boyarin, Taubman Professor of Talmudic Culture, University of California Berkeley
  18. Christina von Braun, Prof. Dr., Selma Sern Zentrum für Jüdische Studien
  19. Martin Kavka, Professor, Department of Religion, Florida State University
  20. Matthew Gabriele, Professor and Chair, Virginia Tech
  21. Shai Ginsburg, Associate Professor, Duke University
  22. Jeffrey Melnick, Professor, University of Massachusetts Boston
  23. Holger Zellentin, Lecturer in Classical Rabbinic Judaism, University of Cambridge
  24. Santiago Slabodsky, FRK Chair in Jewish Studies, Hofstra University
  25. V. Kerry Inman, independent scholar
  26. Esther Schor, Leonard L. Milberg '53 Professor of American Jewish Studies, Princeton University
  27. Michael Young, Humanities Librarian and Instructor of Art History, University of Connecticut
  28. Guillaume Dye, Professor, Free University of Brussels (ULB)
  29. Steven Weitzman, Professor, University of Pennsylvania
  30. Leora Batnitzky, Ronald O. Perelman Professor of Jewish Studies and Professor of Religion, Princeton University
  31. Tamas Biro, ELTE Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
  32. Lennart Lehmhaus, PhD, Freie Universität Berlin
  33. Daniel Barbu, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
  34. Jeffrey Shoulson, Professor and Vice Provost, University of Connecticut
  35. Gerbern Oegema, Professor, McGill University
  36. Ari Solon, Associate professor, Universidade de São Paulo
  37. Louise Fishman, independent scholar
  38. Anson Rabinbach, Professor, Princeton University
  39. Sander Gilmam, Distinguished Professor, Emory University
  40. Bill Rebiger, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
  41. Gary Rendsburg, Distinguished Professor, Blanche and Irving Laurie Chair of Jewish History, Rutgers University
  42. Charlotte Elisheva Fonrobert, Professor of Religious Studies, Stanford University
  43. Samuel Brody, Assistant Professor, University of Kansas
  44. Carla Sulzbach, independent scholar (formerly McGill University)
  45. Seth Schwartz, Lucius N. Littauer Professor of Classical Jewish Civilization, Columbia University
  46. Rainer Enskat, Professor, Seminar für Philosophie, Universität Halle
  47. Francis Borchardt, Associate Professor, Lutheran Theological Seminary Hong Kong
  48. Nora Rubel, University of Rochester
  49. Jeanette Friedman, Editor-in-chief, The Wordsmithy
  50. Julia Watts Belser, Associate Professor of Jewish Studies, Georgetown University
  51. Jordan Rosenblum, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  52. Andreas Lehnardt, Prof.Dr., Johannes Gutenberg University
  53. Jakob Zalman, Breunig, Doctoral Student, Indiana University
  54. Aharon Oppenheimer, Professor, Tel Aviv University, dept of Jewish History
  55. Martha Himmelfarb, William H. Danforth Professor of Religion, Princeton University
  56. Elliot Wolfson, Marsha and Jay Glazer Chair in Jewish Studies, University of California Santa Barbara
  57. Elliot Ratzman, Lawrence University
  58. Gerold Necker, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg
  59. William Chester Jordan, Dayton-Stockton Professor of History, Princeton University
  60. Anya Topolski, Associate Professor, Nijmegen, Netherlands
  61. Ora Gelley, Associate Professor of Film Studies, North Carolina State University
  62. Luca Arcari, Associate Professor in History of Christianity, Department of Humanities - University of Naples Federico II
  63. Yaacov Shavit, Prof. Dr., Tel Aviv University
  64. Zohar Shavit, Prof. Dr., Tel Aviv University
  65. John Gager, Professor emeritus, Princeton University
  66. Joshua Scott, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
  67. Catherine Hezser, Prof. Dr. Dr., SOAS, University of London
  68. Jodi Eichler-Levine, Associate Professor, Lehigh University
  69. Mark Geller, University College London
  70. Wendy Miriam Kural Shaw, Professor of the Art History of Islamic Cultures, Freien Universität Berlin
  71. Richard Steigmann-Gall, Associate Professor of History, former Director of Jewish Studies, Kent State University
  72. Ahmed Hewidi, Professor of Jewish Studies, Cairo University
  73. Jeffrey Veidlinger, Joseph Brodsky Collegiate Professor of History and Judaic Studies, University of Michigan
  74. ChaeRan Freeze, Professor, Brandeis University
  75. Allison Schachter, Associate Professor of Jewish Studies, Vanderbilt University
  76. François Guesnet, University College London
  77. Daniel Matt, Graduate Theological Union
  78. Jonathan Kaplan, Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin
  79. Elaine Pagels, Harrington Spear Paine Professor of Religion, Princeton University
  80. Stefanie Schueler-Springorum, Prof. Dr., Center for the Research on Anti-Semitism, Institute of Technology, Berlin
  81. Eric Alterman, CUNY Distinguished Professor of English, Brooklyn College
  82. Herbert, Borger, McGill University
  83. Carlos Fraenkel, James McGill Professor of Jewish Studies and Philosophy, McGill University
  84. Jill Hicks-Keeton, University of Oklahoma
  85. Loren Stuckenbruck, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  86. Stanley, Katz, Lecturer, Princeton University
  87. Ra'anan Boustan, Research Scholar, Princeton University
  88. David Lambert, Associate Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  89. Neve Gordon, Professor of International Law, Queen Mary University of London
  90. Daniel Stoekl, École Pratique des Hautes Études
  91. Sam Shuman, University of Michigan
  92. Shaye Cohen, Littauer Professor of Jewish Studies, Harvard University
  93. Pinchas Giller, Professor, American Jewish University
  94. Maria Sokolskaya , Universität Mainz
  95. Nathaniel Berman, Rahel Varnhagen Professor, Brown University
  96. Laura Colpachi, Mag., independent scholar
  97. Uffa Jensen, Prof. Dr., Zentrum für Antisemitismusforschung, TU Berlin
  98. Victor Caston, Professor of Philosophy and Classical Studies, University of Michigan
  99. Laura Levitt, Professor of Religion, Jewish Studies and Gender, Temple University
  100. Anika Walke, Associate Professor of History, Washington University in St. Louis
  101. Jonathan Henry, Doctoral Candidate, Princeton University
  102. Gil Hochberg, Professor, Columbia University
  103. David Stern, Harry Starr Professor of Classical and Modern Hebrew and Jewish Literature, Harvard University
  104. Natalie B. Dohrmann, Coeditor, Jewish Quarterly Review, University of Pennsylvania
  105. Na'ama Pat-El, Associate Professor, University of Texas, Austin
  106. Jacob Ari Labendz, Assistant Professor, Youngstown State University
  107. Sarit Kattan Gribetz, Assistant Professor of Classical Judaism, Fordham University
  108. Wilhelm Schmidt-Biggemann,  Freie Universität Berlin
  109. Jean-Sébastien Rey, Prof. Dr., Université de Lorraine
  110. Erich Gruen, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley
  111. Sasha Senderovich, Assistant Professor of Russian and Jewish Studies, University of Washington
  112. Miriam, Ruerup, Prof. Dr., Institut für die Geschichte der deutschen Juden, Hamburg
  113. Sam Shonkoff, Assistant Professor, Graduate Theological Union
  114. Alan Lelchuk, Professor, Dartmouth College
  115. Claire Class, Postdoctoral Researcher, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
  116. Deborah Hertz, Professor of History Wouk Chair in Modern Jewish Studies, Chair in Modern Jewish Studies, University of California at San Diego
  117. Karen Körber, Dr., Akademie der Weltreligionen, Universität Hamburg
  118. Marion Kaplan, Professor of Modern Jewish history, New York University
  119. Yaniv Feller, Jeremy Zwelling Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies, Wesleyan University
  120. Jason von Ehrenkrook, Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Boston
  121. Aaron Koller, Associate Professor of Jewish Studies, Yeshiva University
  122. Pablo Torijano, Associate professor, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  123. Amos Goldberg, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  124. Nitzan Lebovic, Associate Professor and Apter Chair of Holocaust Studies, Lehigh University
  125. Heather Garrett, independent scholar
  126. Mika Ahuvia, Assistant Professor of Classical Judaism, University of Washington, Seattle
  127. Mark Roseman, Distinguished Professor of History and Pat M Glazer Chair in Jewish Studies, Indiana University
  128. Lior Sternfeld, Assistant Professor of History and Jewish Studies, Penn State University
  129. Rabbi Dr. Oren Steinitz, ALEPH Ordinations Program
  130. Vincent Calabrese, PhD Student, University of Toronto, Anne Tanenbaum Centre for Jewish Studies
  131. Atalia Omer, Associate Professor of Religion, Conflict and Peace, University of Notre Dame
  132. Cass Fisher, Associate Professor, University of South Florida
  133. Elias Sacks, Associate Professor, University of Colorado Boulder
  134. David Zvi Kalman, University of Pennsylvania
  135. Gottfried Reeg, Dr., Freie Universität Berlin
  136. Lital Levy, Associate Professor, Princeton University
  137. Derek Penslar, William Lee Frost Professor of Modern Jewish History, Harvard University
  138. Anthony Grafton, Professor of History, Princeton University
  139. Riv-Ellen Prell, Professor Emerita, University of Minnesota
  140. Steven Ostrow, Professor, University of Minnesota
  141. Ute Frevert, Professor Dr., Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin
  142. Larry Derfner, Copy-editor, Haaretz
  143. Alon Confino, Pen Tishkach Chair of Holocaust Studies, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  144. Daniel Schwartz, Associate Professor, George Washington University
  145. Adele Reinhartz, Professor, University of Ottawa
  146. Liane Feldman, Assistant Professor of Hebrew and Judaic Studies, New York University
  147. Joseph Dan, Gershom Scholem Professor of Kabbalah, Hebrew University Jerusalem, emeritus
  148. Mikhal Dekel, Professor, City College of New York
  149. Marketa Kaburkova, Dr, National Museum Archive in Prague
  150. David Feldman, Professor, Birkbeck, University of London
  151. Michael Meerson, High School Teacher (Latin), J. P. Stevens High School
  152. Lynn Huber, Professor of Religious Studies, Elon University
  153. Leslie Morris, Professor of German, University of Minnesota
  154. Darcy Buerkle, Associate Professor/Chair, Dept of History, Smith College
  155. Galit Eilat, Meduza foundation
  156. Ben Ratskoff, University of California-Los Angeles
  157. Yaara Benger Alaluf, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin
  158. David Hadar, Hemdat Hadarom
  159. M Tong, Assistant Professor of New Testament, Interdenominational Theological Center
  160. Anat Matar, Senior Lecturer, Tel Aviv University
  161. Gregory Spinner, Teaching Professor, Skidmore College
  162. Seth Sanders, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in Religion, University of California Davis
  163. Sara Feldman, Preceptor in Yiddish, Harvard University
  164. Barbara Borts, Durham University
  165. Robert Kraft, Emeritus Professor of Religious Studies, University of Pennsylvania
  166. Leslie Oversteyns, International Jewish Center Belgium
  167. Emily Schmidt, Adjunct Faculty, Santa Rosa Junior College
  168. Kathy Wazana, Documentary Filmmaker, York University
  169. Evyatar Marienberg, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  170. Mark Leuchter, Director of Jewish Studies, Temple University
  171. Julie Klein, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Villanova University
  172. Martin Jacobs, Professor of Rabbinic Studies, Washington University in St. Louis
  173. Shamma Boyarin, University of Victoria
  174. Eva Mroczek, Associate Professor, University of California, Davis
  175. Lila Berman, Professor, Temple University
  176. Joan Taylor, Professor, King's College London
  177. David Greenfield, Bakersfield College
  178. Eric Levi Jacobson, Winter Term Faculty, Middlebury College
  179. Meredith Warren, University of Sheffield
  180. Maeera Shreiber, Professor, University of Utah
  181. Atina Grossmann, Professor of History, Cooper Union, New York
  182. Andreas Gotzmann, Prof. Dr., University of Erfurt, Germany
  183. Chana Kronfeld, Professor, Bernie Williams Chair, University of California, Berkeley
  184. Adam Becker, Professor of Classics and Religious Studies, New York University
  185. Tessa Rajak, Professor, Oxford University
  186. Esther Robbins, former lecturer at Princeton University
  187. Noa Roei, Dr., University of Amsterdam
  188. Alan Jay Weisbard, Prof. Emeritus, University of Wisconsin Law School
  189. David Skelton, Dr., Pepperdine University
  190. Jeremy Sher, Rabbi, Kanfot Ha'aretz
  191. Francesca Stavrakopoulou, Professor of Hebrew Bible & Ancient Religion, University of Exeter, UK
  192. Galit Eilat, Meduza Foundation
  193. Lawrence Wills, Visiting Professor of Judaic Studies, Brown University
  194. Richard Kalmin, Theodore R. Racoosin Professor of Rabbinic Literature and Culture, Jewish Theological Seminary of America
  195. Eugene Sheppard, Associate Professor, Brandeis University
  196. Chance McMahon, PhD Candidate, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  197. Ronit Stahl, Assistant Professor of History, University of California Berkeley
  198. Phillip Webster, Williams College
  199. Alison Joseph, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Jewish Theological Seminary of America
  200. Azzan Yadin-Israel, Professor, Rutgers University
  201. Raymond Person, Ohio Northern University
  202. Geoffrey Claussen, Elon University
  203. Bill De Keyser, Hebrew University
  204. Giuseppe Veltri, University Hamburg
  205. Hasia Diner, Professor, New York University
  206. Oded Zinger, Hebrew University
  207. Philippe Borgeaud, Professorat Emeritud, University of Geneva
  208. Daniel Bar-Tal, Professor, Tel Aviv University
  209. Elazar Elhanan, Assistant Professor, City College of New York
  210. Noga Wolff, Dr., Mala, College for Academic Studies, Or Yehuda, Israel
  211. Jonathan Judaken, Spence L. Wilson Chair in the Humanities , Rhodes College
  212. Stefanie Fischer, Zentrum für Antisemitismusforschung, TU Berlin
  213. Adam Sutcliffe, Professor of European History, King's College London
  214. Ien Jansen, Free University Amsterdam
  215. Yitz Landes, Princeton University
  216. Timothy B. Sailors, Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen
  217. Menachem Klein, Professor, Bar Ilan University
  218. Alon Confino, Pen Tishkach Chair of Holocaust Studies, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  219. Malachi Beit-Arie, Professor, Hebrew University
  220. Katja Stuerzenhofecker, Dr., University of Manchester
  221. Werner Eck, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult., Universität zu Köln
  222. Elisa Carandina, Maîtresse de conférences en Littérature Hébraïque Moderne, INALCO
  223. Michael Halévy, docteur ès-lettres, Center for the Study of Manuscript Cultures
  224. Ronald Hendel, Norma and Sam Dabby Professor of Hebrew Bible and Jewish Studies, University of California, Berkeley
  225. Batsheva Goldman-Ida, Curator of Special Projects, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
  226. Miriam Ruerup, Prof. Dr., Institut für die Geschichte der deutschen Juden, Hamburg
  227. Magda Teter, Fordham University
  228. Jonathan Gribetz, Princeton University
  229. Nils Roemer, Director of Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies, UT Dallas
  230. Patrick Koch, Dr., University of Hamburg
  231. Todd Hibbard, Associate Professor, University of Detroit Mercy
  232. Sidra DeKoven Ezrahi, Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  233. Dorothee Wierling, Prof. Dr., University of Hamburg
  234. Florentina Badalanova Geller, Professor, Royal Anthropological Institute, London
  235. Bernard Avishai, Visiting Professor, Dartmouth College
  236. Scott Ury, Dr., Tel Aviv University
  237. Kenneth Waltzer, Professor of History Emeritus, Michigan State University
  238. Heidi Ravven, Bates & Benjamin Professor of Classical and Religious Studies, Hamilton College
  239. Abram Epstein, independent scholar
  240. Shai Lavi, Prof., Tel Aviv University, Van Leer Jerusalem Institute
  241. Stefanie Mahrer, Dr., University of Bern
  242. Ofer Ashkenazi, Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  243. Robert Alter, Emeritus Professor of Hebrew & Comparative Literature, University of California, Berkeley
  244. Catherine Bonesho, Assistant Professor of Early Judaism, University of California Los Angeles
  245. Emily Gottreich, Chair, Associate Adjunct Professor, University of California, Berkeley
  246. Chaya Halberstam, Associate Professor, University of Western Ontario
  247. Arie Dubnov, Associate Professor of History and Max Ticktin Chair of Israel Studies, George Washington University
  248. Richard Bodek, Professor, College of Charleston
  249. Shana Sippy, Assistant Professor, Centre College
  250. Jeffrey Grossman, Associate and Professor and Chair of German, University of Virginia
  251. Philip Alexander, Professor, University of Manchester
  252. Adam Shear, University of Pittsburgh
  253. Leora Batnitzky, Ronald O. Perelman Professor of Jewish Studies, Princeton University
  254. Maya Soifer Irish, Associate Professor of History, Rice University
  255. Stephen Sheehi, Sultan Qaboos bin Said Chair of Middle East Studies, William and Mary
  256. David Seidenberg, Rabbi,
  257. Robert A. Harris, Associate Professor of Bible, Jewish Theological Seminary of America
  258. Lily Vuong, Associate Professor, Central Washington University
  259. Nils Roemer, Director of Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies, University of Texas Dallas
  260. Oded Schechter, independent scholar
  261. David Kaufman, independent scholar
  262. Karma Ben Johanan, Dr., Van Leer Jerusalem
  263. Benjamin Wright, University Distinguished Professor, Lehigh University
  264. Rivkah Glass, Doctoral Candidate, University of British Columbia
  265. Dorothea M. Salzer, Dr. phil., Institut für Jüdische Studien und Religionswissenschaft Universität Potsdam
  266. Stefan Rohrbacher, Prof. Dr., Institut für Jüdische Studien, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, Germany
  267. Evelyn Burkhardt, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
  268. Moshe Behar, University of Manchester
  269. Brian Klug, Dr., St Benet's Hall, University of Oxford
  270. Eduard Finkielkraut, M.A., Jewish Studies, FU Berlin
  271. Angela Roskop Erisman, Regional Director and Associate Faculty, Brooklyn Institute for Social Research
  272. Yonatan Miller, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, University of Toledo
  273. Michael Miller, Dr., Liverpool Hope University
  274. Ilan Baron, Professor, Durham University
  275. Rebecca Lesses, Associate Professor of Jewish Studies, Ithaca College
  276. Gadi Algazi, Professor of History, Tel Aviv University
  277. Sara Labaton, Shalom Hartman Institute of North America
  278. Joshua Schwartz, New York University
  279. Dana Eichhorst, FU Berlin
  280. Adrienne Krone, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Allegheny College
  281. Veronika Ambros, University of Toronto, formerly FU Berlin
  282. Eli Yassif, Professor, Tel-Aviv University
  283. Vadim Putzu, Assistant Professor of Judaism. Missouri State University
  284. Margaret Olin, Senior Research Scholar, Religious and Judaic Studies, Divinity School, Yale University
  285. Ingrid Lohmann, Prof. Dr.. Universität Hamburg
  286. Steven        Jacobs,  University of Alabama
  287. Ari Kelman, Professor, Stanford University
  288. Esther Guillen, PhD Student, McGill University
  289. Sara Roy, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University
  290. Klaus Herrmann, Institut für Judaistik/Freie Universität Berlin
  291. Adam Shatz, writer, London Review of Books
  292. Ellen Cantarow, Harvard University
  293. Judith Butler, Professor, University of California Berkeley
  294. Shari Rabin, College of Charleston
  295. Nancy Murray, retired
  296. Michael Zank, Professor of Religion, Boston University
  297. Steven Katz, Slater Professor of Jewish Holocaust Studies, Boston University
  298. Desmond Travers, Vice President, Institute for International Criminal Investigations
  299. Elsa Auerbach, Professor Emerita, University of Massachusetts
  300. John Womack Jr., Professor of History Emeritus, Harvard University
  301. Lawrence Davidson, Professor Emeritus, West Chester University
  302. Sharon        Weisser, Tel Aviv University
  303. Irene Gendzier, Professor Emeritus, Boston University
  304. Sarah Harel Hoshen, Director of Exhibitions (Emeritus), Museum of the Jewish People, Tel Aviv; Jewish Museum London
  305. Judith         Glatzer Wechsler, National Endowment for the Humanities, Professor Emerita, Tufts University
  306. Yael Fisch, University of Oxford
  307. Loren Spielman, Associate Professor, Portland State University
  308. Gershon Hundert, Professor, McGill University
  309. Samuel        Gordon, Rabbi, Sukkat Shalom
  310. Fred Albert, independent scholar
  311. Dawn Skorczewski, Professor of English, Brandeis University
  312. Ernestine Kahn, M.A., freelancer
  313. Deb Harrison, Graduate Student, Peace & Religious Studies, Claremont Lincoln university
  314. Tania Tulcin, PhD Candidate, Yeshiva University
  315. Rebecca Epstein-Levi, Postdoctoral Fellow, Washington University in St. Louis
  316. Elaine Hagopian, Professor Emerita of Sociology, Simmons University
  317. Yoni Nadiv, Yale University
  318. Emma Wasserman, Associate Professor of Religion, Rutgers University
  319. Ben Fleming, New York University
  320. Charlotte Hempel, Professor, University of Birmingham
  321. Tim Hegedus, Retired Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
  322. Jae Han, Assistant Professor, Brown University
  323. Alex Jassen, Ethel and Irvin Edelman Associate Professor of Hebrew and Judaic Studies, New York University
  324. Suzanne Schneider, Deputy Director & Core Faculty, Brooklyn Institute for Social Research
  325. Christoph Markschies, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult., Humboldt-Universität Berlin
  326. Joshua Blachorsky, Ph.D. Student, New York University
  327. Maxine Grossman, Associate Professor, University of Maryland
  328. Everett Gendler, Rabbi, Jewish Chaplain Emeritus, Phillips Academy, Andover, MA
  329. Matthew Rindge, Professor of Religious Studies, Gonzaga University
  330. Stuart Rees, Professor Emeritus, University of Sydney
  331. Laura Nasrallah, Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, Harvard University: The Divinity School
  332. Christian Wedemeyer, Associate Professor of the History of Religions, University of Chicago
  333. Bernard Levinson, Berman Family Chair of Jewish Studies, University of Minnesota
  334. Demian Halperin, MD, Ben Gurion University
  335. Yair Mintzker, Professor of History, Princeton University
  336. Liora Halperin, Associate Professor, University of Washington
  337. Jason BeDuhn, Professor of the Comparative Study of Religions, Northern Arizona University
  338. Krista Dalton, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Kenyon College
  339. Angela Kim Harkins, Associate Professor, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry
  340. Daniel H. Weiss, Dr., Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge
  341. Sophia Avants, Lecturer, California State University, Long Beach
  342. Ophir Münz-Manor, Professor, The Open University of Jerusalem
  343. Lutz Doering, Professor, University of Münster
  344. David Lincicum, Associate Professor, University of Notre Dame
  345. Anat Rimon Or, PhD., The Center for Academic Studies Or Yehuda
  346. Arnaud Bikard, Associate Professor of Yiddish language and culture, INALCO, Paris
  347. Peter Ashton, Royal Botanic Garden Kew
  348. Andrea Schatz, Reader in Jewish Studies, King's College London
  349. Katrin Kogman-Appel, Professor, University of Münster
  350. Johannes Wachten, Dr. phil., Chief Curator and Deputy Director, retired, Jewish Museum Frankfurt, Germany
  351. Kelly Murphy, Associate Professor, Central Michigan University
  352. Pavel Sladek, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague
  353. Shmuel Feiner, Professor, The Jerusalem Leo Baeck Institute
  354. Archie Wright, Associate Professor of Ancient Judaism, Regent University
  355. Daniel Picus, Oden Post-Doctoral Fellow for Innovation in the Humanities, Carleton College
  356. Farina Marx, Institut für Jüdische Studien Duesseldorf Germany
  357. Annelies Kuyt, Goethe Universität, Frankfurt
  358. Uta Lohmann, Universität Hamburg
  359. Yuval Evri, Early Career Fellow, Kings College London
  360. Elliott Rabin, freelance
  361. Irina Wandrey, University of Hamburg
  362. Marc Brettler, Professor, Duke University
  363. Stavit Sinai, Dr.rer.soc, Selma Stern Zentrum
  364. Grit Schorch, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  365. Jeremiah Riemer, Translator (German to English, including Jewish history), Free-lance
  366. Wout van Bekkum, Professor, Middle East Studies Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
  367. Robert Goldenberg, Professor Emeritus, Stony Brook University
  368. Mark Baker, Adjunct Associate Professor, Monash University
  369. Aubrey Pomerance, Jewish Museum Berlin
  370. Jonathan Karp, Associate Professor, Binghamton University, State University of New York
  371. Dániel Péter Biró, Associate Professor, University of Bergen
  372. Michael Swartz, Professor of Hebrew and Religious Studies, The Ohio State University
  373. Chaya Czernowin, Walter Bigelow Rosen Professor of Music, Harvard University
  374. Lincoln Z. Shlensky, Associate Professor, Department of English, University of Victoria
  375. Stuart Miller, Professor of Hebrew, History, and Judaic Studies, University of Connecticut
  376. Simon Schaefer, son of Peter Schaefer
  377. Sebastian Wogenstein, Associate Professor, Interim Director of the Center for Judaic Studies and Contemporary Jewish Life, University of Connecticut
  378. Michael Segal, Professor of Hebrew Bible, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  379. Sarah S. Willen        Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Connecticut
  380. Dr. Klaus J. Milich, Professor        Dartmouth College, Hanover NH, U.S.A.
  381. Charlotte Schallié, Associate Professor        University of Victoria
  382. Eduard Iricinschi, Postdoctoral ResearcheR, Ruhr University Bochum
  383. Shachar Pinsker, Professor, University of Michigan
  384. James Davila, Professor of Early Jewish Studies, University of St Andrews
  385. Jacob Harver, President        Knox
  386. Ursula Schattner-Rieser, Martin-Buber-Institute for Jewish Studies, Cologne
  387. Joel Berkowitz, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  388. Günter Stemberger, Professor Emeritus, Institute of Jewish Studies, University of Vienna
  389. Sara Parks, Assistant Professor in New Testament Studies, University of Nottingham
  390. Lilian Türk, Hamburg University
  391. Alan Wald, H. Chandler Davis Collegiate Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan
  392. Luz Diaz, Room 4 Resistance
  393. Yitzhak Melamed, Charlotte Bloomberg Professor of the Humanities, Johns Hopkins University
  394. Ruben Seroussi, Tel Aviv University
  395. Eric Meyers, Emeritus Professor of Jewish Studies, Duke University
  396. Gregg Gardner, Associate Professor, University of British Columbia
  397. Ronny Vollandt, Prof. Dr., LMU München
  398. Tal Ilan, Professor, Institut fuer Judaistik, Freie Universitaet Berlin
  399. Dmitry Shumsk, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  400. Dani Kranz, PhD, Carleton University
  401. Michael        Toch, Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  402. Natalie Zemon Davis, Henry Charles Lea Professor of History emeritus, Princeton University
  403. Esther Saoub, Middle East expert, ARD, German Public Broadcasting
  404. Yoav  Schaefer, Princeton University
  405. Annette        Winkelmann,  Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  406. Pete Tobias,        Rabbi, The Liberal Synagogue Elstree
  407. Susan Einbinder, Professor of Hebrew & Judaic Studies, University of Connecticut
  408. Susan Ashbrook Harvey        Professor of Religious Studies, Brown University
  409. Dina Stein, Professor, University of Haifa
  410. Caroline Walker        Bynum, Professor emerita, Institute for Advanced Study
  411. Robert Erlewine, Professor of Religion, Illinois Wesleyan University
  412. Curtis Hutt, Associate Professor, University of Nebraska at Omaha
  413. James Young, Distinguished University Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  414. Jonas  Rabin
  415. Oliver Dyma, Prof. Dr., KSH München
  416. Sina Rauschenbach, Prof. Dr., University of Potsdam
  417. Jason Kalman, Professor, Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion
  418. Yoav Schaefer, PhD, Princeton University
  419. Tamar Steinitz, Lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London
  420. Jonathan Stokl, Senior Lecturer in Hebrew Bible / Old Testament        King's College London
  421. Davide Mano, PhD, EHESS Paris
  422. Paolo Pezzino, Professor, Istituto nazionale "Ferruccio Parri" - rete degli istituti storici della Resistenza e dell'età contemporanea, Milano
  423. Aharon Oppenheimer, Professor, Department of Jewish History, Tel Aviv University
  424. Carlotta Ferrara degli Uberti, Lecturer in Italian History, University College London
  425. Frauke von Rohden, Dr., Saxon Academy of Sciences and Humanities
  426. Gerbern Oegema, Professor of Biblical Studies, McGill University
  427. Christoph Cluse, Universität Trier
  428. Naomi Koltun-Fromm, Associate Professor of Religion, Haverford College
  429. Stefan Siebers, Lektor für hebräische Sprache und Literatur, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
  430. Chiara Nencioni, Ph.D, Professor, Institute for Resistance and Contemporary history
  431. AnneMarie Luijendijk, Professor of Religion, Princeton University
  432. Lieve Teugels, PThU Amsterdam
  433. C. Versteeg, Faculty of religious studies & theology, Groningen, the Netherlands
  434. Wolf Gruner, Shapell-Guerin Chair in Jewish studies, Prof. Dr., Director-USC Shoah Foundation Center for Advanced Genocide Research, University of Southern California
  435. Inka Bertz, Jewish Museum Berlin
  436. Diana Pinto, Independent Scholar, Paris
  437. Amir Theilhaber, Zentrum für Antisemitismusforschung
  438. Hillel Newman, University of Haifa
  439. Amy-Jill Levine, University Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies, Mary Jane Werthan Professor of Jewish Studies, Vanderbilt University
  440. Deborah Achtenberg, Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Nevada, Reno
  441. Thomas Mueller, Prof. Dr. med., M.A. (Jewish Studies), Research Unit for the History of Medicien, Center for Psychiatry Südwürttemberg / University of Ulm
  442. Eric Ottenheijm, Assistant prof. Jewish and Biblical Studies, Utrecht University
  443. Annette Merz, Professor of New Testament, Protestant Theological University, Amsterdam & Groningen
  444. Jan Matthias Kronenberg B.A. M.Sc., Judaistik graduate, physicist, carpenter [independent]
  445. Christoph A. Hollender, independent scholar, Düsseldorf

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