Bronyville Episode 133 - Friendship Doesn’t Need to Fly

Time : Saturday, Noon PST

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Welcome to Bronyville! This is Episode recorded on December 14th , 2013. I am your host Apple Cider





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Topic Time! -


Episode Discussion: The Many Faces of Miss Harshwhinny ... 

Video: Season 4, Episode 5: Flight to the Finish -- Be warned: you will be brought to tears by cute Scoot. An excellent first entry for Ed Valentine!


Good evening, Bronyville dating help.
In just one week from taping of this episode, I will have been on my first date in 8 years.

Starry have said in the past that one should just be confident and that will help.
My problem is that I have a tendency to over think things and the 4 hour train ride with nothing to do, on the way there gives me lots of time to think. So help.
what do one bring for the trip? When going across the country to meet a cute girl, who is into scifi, anime, cosplay and has this weird idea that Rarity is best pony, a girl who one has only chatted with online for half a year.
Also what to do ?
starry what did you do when when AC lived 4 timezones away? we have been talking about going to a museum or maybe the zoo.

Twisted Haywire

P.s. a really good handling of the subject i today's episode, and now we know that scootaloo don't live all the time in the cardboard box under RD's house, but has a room in a house with Pegasi style architecture on the front.

Hey there Cider and Sandy Middy. (And guests I suppose...)

Ordinarily this would be the Place where I write A letter to the fandom telling them to stop whining about Daring Don't and just enjoy the new Pony, but I'm actually With them on this one, That Episode was a mess.

So Instead I want to talk about something I noticed in the Season Opener that nopony else seems to have picked up on:

Pay close attention to the way Princess Celestia talks about the Summer Sun Celebration:

Princess Celestia: I must admit that it is wonderful to actually be looking forward to the Summer Sun Celebration.

Twilight Sparkle: What do you mean?

Princess Celestia: For my subjects, it has always been a celebration of my defeat of Nightmare Moon. But for me... [sighs] It was just a terrible reminder that I'd had to banish my own sister.

Twilight Sparkle: I guess I never really thought about it that way.

Princess Celestia: But now it has become a wonderful reminder of her transformation back into Princess Luna, and our happy reunion.

And Later:

Princess Celestia: Citizens of Equestria, it is no longer with a heavy heart but with great joy that I raise the summer sun. For this celebration now represents not the defeat of Nightmare Moon, but the return of my sister, Princess Luna.

It sounds to me like this is the First Summer Sun Celebration since Luna's return, but if that is the case that means that the entirety of seasons 1, 2, AND 3 all took place within a single year. If so, this is a huge plot hole! Even if we ignore the placement of the seasonal episodes and say that they are not in order, That still means that Twilight went from total friendship n00b to princess in one year.

What do you make of this?

Sincerely: Page Turner

PS: Oh yeah, This week’s Episode was Pretty Good...

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Dear Princess Celestia,

Ho geeze, we’re still kinda behind aren’t we. We’re going to catch up soon! We just need to provide Mbulsht with some money to get a few more cans of soda/pop! Anyway, we pulled in duders from BronyState to talk about the goings on with their service as well talk over some Scootasode. Did you know that Scootaloo does not live in a box under Dash’s house? I know! Fanon ruined!


Apple Cider

PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.

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No outro this week! We’ve had to make cutbacks!